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you can have sex one day and not have conception take place till another day. sperm can stay alive for awhile. its easier to determine when your due by your lmp.
My tracker on here shows a due date of 4/21. When I went to the dr the first time, the nurse practitioner was almost spot on to the wame date. I got my first ultrasound between 7 & 8 wks. The tech also confirmed a due of 4/21. When I met with the dr at 10wks, she said ok I see 4/21 so we are going to say your due date is 4/22 from here on out no matter what any future ultrasounds say. Why did she add a day? Which one should I really go by?
If your average cycle length is 28 days from day 1 of a period to day 1 of the next period, you would be at about 19 weeks pregnant and your due date would be May 14, 2009. I agree that you should have seen a doctor by now if you have not. It would be time for an ultrasound, at the least.
A dr usually wont change a due date over a week difference in growth or even two weeks but they have to go by baby since sperm doea live in you for several days up to a whole week even.
For my first child I had an irregular period so I had an early ultrasoundthat determined my date of conception and then my due date was based on 40 Weeks after that. Anyone that can clarify this for me? Am I 3 Weeks because I conceived 3 Weeks ago, or am I five Weeks because of the date of my last period?
I know the day, give or take a day or two before that. I used 11/28 and just typed it into a pregnancy calendar. It gives me the date of 8/21/07, so that is the date I'm using. But my BhCG was kind of high going by that date. Maybe twins! Who knows...
Because everyone goes by the first day of the last period, everyone isnt technically pregnant for the first part, the first part is when your cycle begins and is when you body is doing the prep work for a possible pregnancy... it also make sence to go by this date as most women know when they had their period last but very few know the actual date they ovualted...
I went for an ultrasound on the 23th April 2013 and the gestational age of my baby was 13 weeks 2 days with a due date of 27 October. Am really confused because that puts my conception date at the 2nd of Feb. On the 13 June, i had another scan and the baby measured BPD =49.7, HC=170.4 and Ac= 147.2 Can someone pls help calculate when conception was likely and the accuracy of the ultrasound. I have been given a due date of 27th of October.
If they go by the ultrasound then my baby is measuring small for lmp dates.
No. You didn't get pregnant in October.
I'm due the december 28th. If she doesn't come by long will they let you go past your due date?
I, too thought I was due around November 13th based on my LMP on February 6th but when I had my ultrasound the baby was only measuring (or gestational sac that is) at 5 wks 1 day so now my due date is November 24th. Apparently I ovulated late...I go back in 2 weeks for another measurement!
I have always been jealous of those women who were able have a few weeks or even months of pregnancy go by unknowingly. Must make it go by so quickly!
My due date is october 15.. I know that will change though! Congrats everyone!
Oh wow! Yep this is our surprise baby. Our son is 6 and we really hadn't planned on anymore.
Only a doctor can tell you by either doing s blood test to check your hormone levels or a scan. They do normally date it from your ladt period though. Some women dont have signs until their further on. I hope this helps you.. Congratulations!
Due September 26th with 104 days left and this is my 3rd pregnancy I have a 7 year old son and 6 year old daughter and expecting another boy!
my due date is oct. is everyone else anyone showing yet?
I'm due June 12th. Definately starting to feel much better now that I'm moving into the 2nd trimester.
I was hoping ill be scheduled at least one week prior to due date. Im tired,still working and have hardcore pregnancy symptoms. Backache,pelvic pain,contractions, it hurts to stand up,to work too long. Sights!! Thanks everyone for replying!
When you say DR gave you due date do you mean by Ultrasound. Cuz your LMP and Dr's due date are different by a good amount. However on ultrasound did it match the due date from them ot LMP? ? Cuz with mine its a good 2 week difference. Thier Due date was Dec 17th putting me at 12 weeks. But yesterday on t he ultrasound she said I was 10 weeks and Due Dec 30th. Im confused how I could have ovulated 2 weeks late!! But the ultrasound doesnt lie! Im confused by this.
The 2nd due date they gave me for him, which was by my lmp, not u/s, is the actual day he was born. I will wait and see what they measure baby at at my next u/s appt when I will be 13 weeks by lmp.
You count from first day of your last period so you would be 8 weeks along now and due date would be April 14th, same as me :-)
They're going by the day of your first period, and you're going by your ovulation date. Usually the u/s does go by the first day of the woman's last menstrual period. Hope this helped some!!
Well with my first I went 1 day before his due date. with my 2nd I had him at 38 weeks, with my 3rd I went 2 days past my u/s due date but it was about a week before my calculations according to my LMP. this time around and I am expecting to go with in the next week or so, for various reasons. But as BabyBlue said your baby will come whenever s/he desides to. I used to think that there was some kind of pattern with these kinda things, but nope.
A friend of mine is pregnant and although she had a period that lasted three days she said her doctor calculated the due date by the period before is this correct? or does the calculation have to be made from the three day period?
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