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Other than migraines I am in good health. Sometimes I wake up because my knees hurt. They feel really tight like I need to pop them. When I was younger I use to pop them easily and the tightness would go away. Now I have a hard time popping them. It will wake me out of a sleep and I can’t get comfortable. The next morning my knees will be sore. Can you help me?
The muscle burns when I move my leg in certain directions (lifting up the knee, pulling it toward my chest, dragging it outward, rotating it outward) and feels like it is just below the knee cap and to the right. Any suggestions on how to help this? When I lay down I have no pain and just as I'm relaxing the knee will spasm and I'm wide awake again.
In my sleep I started feeling pain in my right knee(on the exterior side(lateral part) of my knee more exactly). When I woke the pain was so intense that I couldn't walk with that leg. I had a hot bath and applied Diclofenac. I left for college and the pain was pretty big, but it started to disappear with time(by time I mean hours). The pain becomes intense again if I go down the stairs. More info -I'm 21 years old -there are no swellings -din't have any previous injuries to the knee.
I started out with leg pains and what not and now it's my hips and my legs. When I sleep I have to rotate between my right and left sides because my hips and legs hurt so bad!!! It's no fun!
In my sleep I started feeling pain in my right knee(on the exterior side(lateral part) of my knee more exactly). When I woke the pain was so intense that I couldn't walk with that leg. I had a hot bath and applied Diclofenac. I left for college and the pain was pretty big, but it started to disappear with time(by time I mean hours). The pain becomes intense again if I go down the stairs. More info -I'm 21 years old -there are no swellings -din't have any previous injuries to the knee.
The burning and stinging can get so bad I want to scream. I can't sleep at night because I can't lay my knees on the mattress. If I sit in the recliner and put pillows under my knees it helps but I still get no rest. I haven't had any trauma to my knees. The doctor says it's arthritis but I just can't accept that diagnosis. Even staying off my feet does not relieve the pain.
The problem is occationally when something rubs against my knee the pain is intense! It feels like I have a really bad scrape there. I can rub and touch my knee but it does not hurt then. I can't imagine what is going on!!! It is so strange to have something that hurts so bad with no other signs. My husband thinks I might have chipped a small piece of bone off one of the bones and it will hurt until the body gets rid of the chip. Any ideas?
has been aching, and won't relax to the point where he can't sit comfortably or sleep. The pain is increasing to the point now where his leg feels weak when he stands on it and walks. I was trying to rub it last night, and it felt like there was a knot there. Suggestions?
There wasn't anything specific that I did to my knee but from then till now I have had a lot of problems, it hurts to run and even walk sometimes, its also uncomfortable most nights to sleep and to drive amongst other day to day things, kicking my leg out and locking it out hurts a lot whether it is to something like kicking a football or nothing and also when I push off to jump. its feels like the pain is coming from behind the kneecap.
I'm a side sleeper and I'm not a happy camper when I have to sleep on my back. Oh, and when I finally went to the doc..I found out I did have arthritis. I always take a hot shower before bed and that helps.
I't really scares me when I experienced knee pain on both sides one night..I really don't have an idea why that happened to me,,I dont have idea either what to do coz' I really can't sleep that time..What is it..please do tell me..and best thing to do..thanks!
I get a very sharp take your breath away knee pain when I get up from sitting. Sometimes when I am walking up or down the stairs. Only one time did I feel it when I was turning over in my sleep and it would wake me up. I am a 45 year old female. 5ft 5 inches and weigh 106. I do have osteoporosis and had several surgeries on my right hand for trigger finger and DeQuervains. There is no swelling in the knee and some days maybe 2 days out of the week.... my knee feels ok.
it isn't so much as pain as it is they just act like they will fail me The first time I had this problem they told me I had taken to many pills... pain killers -- I been told I have weak - I don't see new Knees helping me... ????????
For the past several days I have been suffering with severe knee pain that begins when I go to sleep. I wake up in the middle of the night multiple times with shooting pains throughout my legs, but mostly in my knees, and keep having to readjust my position until I can fall asleep for another half an hour. When I do finally wake up in the morning, my knees are incredibly stiff and painful (usually one is worse than the other, but it's not the same one each day.
First, I have to start by saying I have had chronic knee pain since I was 9 years old. At that age I began experiencing sharp pains in both knee joints. The pain was localized to the knees, with pain more often in the left knee, just under the knee cap. During this time, I also noticed what I describe as a "shifting" knee (in which the femur would slide laterally), as well as frequent knee dislocations (as often as once a week).
My knee will twist and the pain is mainly directly right below my knee cap then will radiate throughout my knee and ache for a while. The pain I get when it twists is almost a stretched stabbing type pain if that makes sense. It feels almost unstable. I have swelling that comes and goes. I still have discoloring almost like a bruising that comes and goes. Most nights the pain will keep me awake. I take 800mg of Motrin but it doen't help.
I felt much better the next day even though still had the severe knee pain. I am going to try to rmake myself post if I feel I am going to have a meltdown. (Hopefully I will not have one again) This site has been a godsend. Friends can be supportive but it is not the same as others who have experienced this crazyness.
I was recently diagnosed with arthritis in my Right knee. I am 34 years old and was wondering if there is anything I can do for it and my back. A Doctor I saw in PA said they will not do anything for my knee because I am to young. I was told to just quit walking up or down hills and steps.(at the time I lived in the Mountains of PA in a Cape cod style house. So that was a little hard. Plus I have 2 kids. 12 and 8.) I have just moved to a 1 floor house in FL and the pain is worse sometimes.
excercise is STILL extremely difficult due to pain levels and my knee sometimes locking up. i am also unable to sleep with a blanket over my knee at night, otherwise it disturbs my sleep. i have had about 3 mri scans, 1 ct scan, numerous xrays, and 1 ultrasound. i've seen upwards of 10 orth. specialsts, all of them had told me that nothing had shown up on the scans and that they didnt know what the problem was even though it had obvious swelling and discolouration.
Hello cowbuzz and welcome to the Pain Forum. Sorry to hear of the knee pain. I have not had that type of surgery but my Father-In-Law has. He struggles with his knee for a year after the replacement. In that year, there were many days that he was in a great deal of pain. It has been about 5 year after the initial surgery and i would say that just in the last couple of years has he not complained about the knee.
I was given,vicodin, etodolac for inflamation and pain, can't remember all the names, anyway when I came down here to North Carolina, I was taking oxcycodone, which seemed to help some. I had a hard time walking, could'nt squat anymore, so in order to pick anything heavy up I had to bend from the waist, (which I know is the wrong way), had a very hard time carrying anthing because of weakness in the arms. my knees usually felt like someone kicked me in them, and gave out many times.
For example, if I try to get on my bed with my left knee bearing wait I get pain and a feeling of knee wanting to give. 5.If I stand too long then I get pain. 6. Getting up after sitting for awhile and my knee is 'stiff' and takes a bit to work out the pain. It will hurt going down the stairs. Getting up after a nights sleep it's fine. 7. Pain seems to be in back of knee and on left outside of knee. 8. Have noticed little swelling and bruising. Just a bit but nothing huge.
Although the pain doesn't show up when I poke or touch my knee, I can duplicate the pain when my knee is slightly bent and I press below the knee cap and rub to the painward side while still pressing. I almost thought it was a chipped bone at first, but now (because of the above) I think it is a collection of fluid and the pain is from the fluid trying to migrate to an area of muscle or tissue that doesn't want to separate. Some of you may be aware of how powerful hydraulic pressure can be.
this doesn't tell me why the popping, snapping pain is occurring on the inside of my knee. I can't take any more ant-inflammatories, My stomach is killing me.
I know that he had to graft bone and put in two screws. The incision is large. The pain is in the shin and inner knee the most. When I lay down (my standing time after 10 min on crutches causes me so much pain) my leg gets overly achy and the pains are so intense. I am trying not to take pain meds 3 weeks post op but the bone area hurts so bad it's making me sick. I'm feeling improvement in at least getting around in the house on crutches but don't last long before pain hits.
I was put on a higher dose of Lithium to control my depression, and within 5 days I've had grinding knee pain. I also suffer from arthritis of my L5, which rears its ugly head a couple of times a week. My psychiatrist said my back pain is anxiety (bull puckies) and has sent a note to my GP not to prescribe me ANY pain meds. With the new pain, I'm confounded on what to do.
I take 800mg of Motrin 3 to 4 times a day and am now bruising. I can't wear a bra, I hurt when I drive or cough because the pain is to much. And believe it or not I have found that if I drink anything with caffeine or eat chocolate, I feel as though someone is stabling me with a knife. I feel like I'm going to go crazy. I do smoke and have cut down to only a few a day. I have stopped at different points, but the pain continued. Have you ever come across these symptoms??
About two months ago I started to feel a numbing stinging pain in my leg when I slept. I would have to roll on my side but after a while now whatever I do it stings and burns all night. Mainly in the muscle above my knee. I temporally stopped my exercises but it did not help. Now its stronger than ever keeping me up at night and having back aches now as well.
Every morning and every evening I feel like someone has just broken my bones around my knee. I had pain when I bent my knee before the surgery but nothing compared to this. I am not a whiner when it comes to pain but this is very very difficult and had I known it would feel like this I probably would not have done this and definitely not doing the holiday season. Reading these post both help and scare me .
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