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and I have no idea how long I will have to be off work with the amount of time i have been in pain since the surgery and the incision pain I don't see myself going back on saturday which would be one week even though it was laproscopic. any ideas on usual recovery time for ovary removal.
I had a laparoscopy on Monday and they just fitted a coil to try and deal with it hormonally which I wasn't at all happy with and expected to be scheduled for hysterectomy - apparently, this is not possible for me as it is so extensive - I don't know how true it is or whether they are fobbing me off and putting off the inevitable. Any further info would be appreciated. Good luck for your op - you should be feeling much better by Christmas.
What type of hormones are you taking? Are you on Premarin? Or on any other synthetic hormones? Or on the vaginal ring? or the Vivelle patch? Estratest? Bioidentical Progesterone? And, what about testosterone, either gel or cream, which we women can use "off-label" but some formulas can be put on the cliteral/genital area and work wonders regarding the issue you mentioned.
I had a hysterectomy at age 45 due to a benign tumor on my left ovary as well and fibroids. This was done in October 2011. The surgery did provide pain relief from the painful periods, and constant fibroids, but 9 days after my surgery I started with a major depression that has not gone away. After having my bloodwork taken, my thyroid was hypo active and that was corrected.
Hi! No kidding you're on the right side!! (there's a story there for later about the hyster site). Well two threads you can check out if you have strong eyes and lots of time...."hormones after hysterectomy" 04/13 and "Mary53 or DebiR...help with hormones" also the same date I believe. You will find other references to other posts as you read too. For what it is worth.... I started worrying about this waaay before my hyster in Feb.
One new technology that didnt exist for your mom , is called the DaVinci Robotic assisted hysterectomy its the highest tech way to get a hyster..leaves less scaring lowers healing time and allows for extreamly precise incisions so small that would have been almost impossible for surgeon without,,,,it is the mthod I had for my hysterectomy...
When I had breast cancer, I didn't hesitate having mastectomy. Even though it may be the best thing, i have reservations about this hysterectomy/ovaries removed. I had chemo, on Tamoxifen, but am very concerned about the additional changes this may cause my body and mind to have.....I am constantly reading and know I may need to adjust quite a bit, and will do what's needed, but I am so worried about the quality of my life as well; sex, mentally, skin and hair, bones.
painful) so Dr did a DaVinci Robotic assisted hysterectomy..( true defenition of hysterectomy is removal of uterus) (removal of tubes and ovaries is salpingo-Ooperectomy) ...anyways my ovaries hurt alot cause of cysts and I had several trips to Er before finding a new Dr who would take my ovaries out..My one ovary was "good" the other was smothered in endometrial tissue had cysts, and was attached to bowels...
2 weeks later I returned because the amount of green discharge had increased, accompanied by a fever of 100 degrees and become worrisome. They ran blood work at the time and said my white count was 26,000, but was, again, nothing to worry about. No antibiotic, nothing. Against my better judgment, I accepted this and went on home. Less than 2 weeks after that, I began having terrible lower abdominal pain that eventually drifted to the right side. My BP dropped to 87/63, my temp was 102.6.
How quick? Like my dr says I can go back to work in a week??? Has anyone had this done? If so.. how did it you recover?
Due to the economy, my husband had to take a job out of state and I work full-time and also raise my developmentally disabled adult daughter. I was afraid of having another bad bleeding "incident" and was extremely anemic. I thought a partial hysterectomy was just my uterus, leaving the ovaries intact and just found out that my doctor took my cervix also. She never once told me that she was going to do that. She in fact, pushed to take the ovaries, but I told her no.
I will be having a partial hysterectomy, maybe full, depending out what was seen with my ultrasound of my ovaries. I have a herniated rectum, probably from being constipated so long, and a prolapsed bladder and uterus. The uterus and cervix will be removed, ovaries, if needed, and then the bladder and the rectum will be repaired as needed. Mesh will be used to sling the bladder up where it is supposed to be. I will also be have a little bit of plastic surgery down there.
Lots of times people gain weight after surgery because they are less mobile and more sedentary. It's time to get moving! Talk to your doctor, get off the weight loss supplements, and start concentrating on diet and exercise! Good luck!
Will be in hospital for 2 days then home and off of work for 6 weeks. I am hoping to go back to work after 4 on light duty. Have to wait and see as I do not want to rush and hurt anything. I just hope that I can find some hormone replacement therapy that will work for me. Any suggestions ladies???????
I haven't gained any weight but that's because I have CONSTANT unbearable nausea. I've been off work for 4 months. I need help cleaning up the apartment or doing groceries. I'm just not myself and I hate it. I have tried melantonin, it didn't work for me. Some say that if you get it in the liquid form, it can help but makes you a little more groggy. The health food stores also have natural meds that can help.
I had a partial Hysterectomy and two weeks after I've been having alot of pain on the leftside of my abdomen and my back. The pain doesn't go away even with narcotic medicines and the doctor says everything looks fine. Also when i get up and start walking the pain gets worse and worse. The only time it doesn't hurt that much is when I'm laying down. Also I feel on my left leg because the pain is so bad. Need answers please.
So here I am let me see 3months out since my hysterectomy. I have hot flashes mainly at night but I havent woken up drenched. I am not on any supplements since we want the endo to regress and not "feed" it anymore. I am having a ct scan in a few weeks to see how things look and then Ill have OP surgery to hopefully remove my stent in my ureter(that things such a b!tch), I havent been moody and I am loving being mainly pain free.
Getting your hormones under control can be very hard to do after a hysterectomy. I personally would think about using the testosterone. It does look like you need more estrogen. Yes, I have heard of several women on this forum who have thyroid problems either before or after the surgery. How are you doing on the synthroid? It's important to keep on eye on all of your levels, not just TSH. Did they check that along with FT3, FT4, and antibodies?
Sorry I did not get back to you sooner. I have a few days off of work (no computer at work) and I have not had much time to get back on here once I have gotten home... just finishing up some paper work and such (I am a teacher)... dog walk... dinner... exhaustion :) you know the deal... Anyway, all I guess I can say is send some positive thoughts my ways regarding spouse/sex issues. I honestly don't know if this will ever be resolved.
I had a full open Hysterectomy about 12 years ago, when I was 36. I was on HRT for 9 years. I couldn't start for 18 months after the surgery due to severe endometriosis. I went off HRT for no particular reaosn other than I felt OK w/o it. Now I am having what I think are hot flashes at night. My thyroid (which I have had trouble with since I was 18) is all off, I have swollen lymph nodes for 2 years. Can you go through menopuase symptoms anyway??
My mom passed away due to ovarian cancer (12-6-07). I have a beautiful DD that was conceived via IVF, took lots of fertility meds. I was with my mom during one of her consultations for OC. Her oncologist asked mom about her daughters (there are 3 of us). When I explained to the oncologist about my IVF and fertility meds, he looked me straight in the eyes and said, "When you are finished having children or before you are 40, get a hysterectomy, ovaries and all.
It would be advisable to pull in a extra general surgeon as well as your gyn, its alont of work for one surgeon and then it would decrease you time under anestesia,. I understand the need for hysterectomy, the mass on the spleen ( which could be scar tissue, anything) , Yes I think the idea of a bowel resection is really pushing it. Get another opinion on that and all issue but especially that, Why does he think this is necessary.
My mom had to have a bowel resection when she had her hysterectomy. Her surgery lasted over 4 hours and they had to call a general surgeon in to work on her bowels. She has been fine ever since. I also had a hysterectomy and had endometriosis. I did not have any bowel issues and my surgery was less than 2 hours. I had a gyn/onc. do my surgery. They have 3 more years of surgical training and are better at removing the endo and of course cancer if that it a concern.
especially if I am away from the site from time to time. I don't have a computer at work, and sometimes I am doing prep work at night (I teach) but I had a few days off over the past few weeks so I was on here more regularly. I was afraid, too, but I think I am figuring it out. I got into trouble when they lowered my estrogen dose and raised my Progesterone.
My advise is to get a REPUTABLE SURGEON, WITH A DEFINITE diagnosis and insist upon vaginal or lap assisted to avoid triple the pain, hospital stay, time off work and avoid the physical deformity you may very well be stuck with. LIFE SCORES are tremendously lower for TAH and NO LONGER THE RECOMMENDED ROUTE vs. TVH and LAVH.
I went off BC 5 1/2 years ago have been having problems with my period ever since. At this point I have bled for 63 days straight. Some days are light and spotting, some are normal and a few have been heavy. I have some days where I 'flood' and then a few hours later I'm better and back to light bleeding or spotting. I saw my family doctor about a month ago for my annual exam and everything came back normal including the bloodwork for thyroid and anemia.
I am 40 years old and 3 weeks ago I had a hysterectomy where they took everything but my right ovary. It turns out I had Adnomyosis and was full of fibroids even tho nothing showed up on previous testing. I am glad I made the right decision to have the surgery but now my mood swings are off the charts and I feel like I'm going crazy and losing control. I also suffer from panic disorder that I had under control without meds up untill now.
I'm starting to think that from all the years of agony it might be best to get a full hysterectomy which might happen anyway depending on what they find when they go in. Just not sure what to think about any of it? My last surgery the doctor knicked a large vein and didnt seal it properly, long story short I had two surgeries and lost all my blood volume, now I cringe at the thought of going back in..
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