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Avatar n tn Was is the recovery time for a hysto., how will I be out of work, etc. The dr did say it would have to be a total hysto and could not be done vaginally, because of the large fibroids. Is it possible I could come home the same day or the next morn.?
Avatar n tn It cannot be done vaginally and will be a total hysterectomy. Has anyone had a total hyst. and what is the recovery time, hospital stay,What about HRT? I appreciate any info.
Avatar f tn I firstly hope this will resolve the issue but am a little scared in case it dosent and going through surgery for nothing. What does this operation involve and also what is the recovery time. My GP has been fantastic but we both think enough is enough. Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.
1510783 tn?1290099907 Have your husband pick up some movies and magazines for you. Before you go in the hospital cook some food that can be frozen and popped in the microwave. We'll be here for you every step of the way.
782368 tn?1244858067 One new technology that didnt exist for your mom , is called the DaVinci Robotic assisted hysterectomy its the highest tech way to get a hyster..leaves less scaring lowers healing time and allows for extreamly precise incisions so small that would have been almost impossible for surgeon without,,,,it is the mthod I had for my hysterectomy...
473883 tn?1322856638 I'm having Da vinci Surgery for my hysterectomyso my heal will only take about 4 weeks and i will only have to stay overnight in the hospital. This year has been so horrible been in and out of the hospital all year first my gallblander removed and my uterus,tubes and overies so i will only have major oragans left..
Avatar n tn I experance breakthrough bleeding from time to time that i call spotting but is actualy like having a normal period for a day. I am dealing with pms and period problems 4 out of 4 weeks. my older friend said i might be a candidate for this procedure. I personaly love the idea of having it removed if it will offer even some relief. i am 25 with 3 kids. i am done having children. what are the odds my dr will let me get a hysterectomy? I have good insurance!
Avatar n tn I had a hysterectomy on June 9th and only stayed in the hospital one night. My surgery was a vaginal hysterectomy with assisted laprascopy. The dr. wanted a 2 night stay but I was anxious to get home. It took me a good 6 weeks to feel more myself but still had several infections, bacterial, vaginal, yeast. It was frustrating. I have four kids of my own and did not expect the recovery time to be the 6 weeks that everyone kept telling me.
Avatar m tn Hi, I ended up having a complete hysterectomy but in two parts I begged my Dr to remove my ovaries when they where taking my uterus out, I had andenomyosis (uterus becomes real large and sponge like..painful) so Dr did a DaVinci Robotic assisted hysterectomy..( true defenition of hysterectomy is removal of uterus) (removal of tubes and ovaries is salpingo-Ooperectomy) ...
Avatar n tn I vaguely remember leaning my face into the nurses chest so they could do the spinal, but I remember nothing else. I was able to sit up in the hospital bed using my stomach muscles on the second day! Didn't have to use my arms to pull myself up. I also no longer have pain when I have to pee!! I have never been able to go longer than an hour between potty stops so this is a new world for me. I actually have experienced a full bladder now and it DOESNT HURT! I have never known this feeling!
Avatar f tn I'm not in the same boat but my mother in law just had a full hysterectomy due to cervical cancer. She stayed in the hospital only one night and was up and walking about the next day. I think you can pretty much expect your recovery time will be similar to that of a regular C-section. The C-section is the more major of the two procedures. However, the fact that you're asking on this forum troubles me.
566073 tn?1219438419 I found the first surgery to be more taxing on my energy and harder to recover from, but I knew what to expect from the first surgery so I think that helped. I knew to make sure and walk as soon as I could in the hospital, and to take the pain medicine they offered it does help healing better. Everyone is different though, but I found the hysterectomy a breeze compared to first surgery. I'm sorry for your diagnosis. Take care.
1809377 tn?1316523928 No taking stairs, heavy lifting or sex during that time. It's hard to say how long you will be in the hospital. Maybe 2 to 3 days. Make a list of all questions you have and take them to your Dr to answer. We're here to help and support you any way we can.
2012515 tn?1353879125 Bless you Sarah, I needed to hear this somewhat goodnews as I have only heard stories from my mother, mother in law and a cousin(52) so they were all older and had to stay in hospital longer etc. Once again, Thankyou and many blessings are wished for you especially through your journey!
Avatar n tn I ordered it from amazon and read it in the hospital after my surgery. For me, knowledge is calming. That said, it is unlikely your mass is a fibroid in that location. Unfortunately, masses that size are more likely malignant postmenopausal rather than premenopausal. But don't lose hope..it could still be benign. I have seen many on this board have benign outcomes when it looked malignant by textbook standards. I am 37 and was dx with stage 1a last July.
308998 tn?1233708502 recommended the total hysterectomy as I have several fibroids. The main Dr. (this is a teaching hospital - I've never had so many people in the room!) said it will extend the surgery by an hour and she didn't really offer an opinion other than to say if it is cancer they will take everything and do staging etc. They did say taking the uterus and cervix wouldn't really extend my recover time. What do you guys think?
Avatar f tn I had surgery a few weeks ago, and being sick before the surgery and then the recovery time I have gone backwards so much! So in a few more weeks I need to force myself to get up and start again. I know, the begining is so hard because you just don't want to and laying on the couch watching tv. is so much more fun! LOL If you don't like exercising, maybe just a nice walk with your kids or your husband, a friend, or even alone. I like to take my music with me and walk in the evenings.
Avatar n tn I had a lap. done three weeks ago, and I was in the hospital for 5 days. As everyone else is stating, no lifting over 10 pounds,stairs one at a time, and lots of rest.
Avatar f tn Please don't do anything to hurt yourself or you will end up back in the hospital in bad shape. Unfortunately you will not be in any shape to participate in that drive. I wish you all the best and hope you'll keep us updated.
Avatar f tn You will be sore and it is a bit difficult to start the bowel process after an laparotomy because everything has been stopped for a time. You will do fine though! In my opinion, thinking about an upcoming surgery and waiting for it to happen is much harder than the actual recovery. I had to leave my two young kids and was also upset about that. You won't be able to go home the same day with a laparatomy. It is usually about a 3 day hospital stay.
Avatar n tn I even suggersted that I had Peritonitis, but was told to think happy thoughts! Finally, day 5 in the hospital I felt my bowel really "Go" whilst on the toilet. I felt a ghastly rush & a bursting sensation & the pain dropped me to the floor & my left leg went numb. Luckilly for me a friend happened to visit shortly thereafter as staff seemed to think that Panadol would reduce my temp & Morphine would take care of the rest.
Avatar f tn Regarding your surgery, I suggest you speak with the surgeon who will perform the surgery about what to expect in terms of how it will be performed, length of stay in the hospital, need for post-op pain meds, potential complications, recovery time and how you will be followed thereafter. Best regards, Dr.
Avatar n tn I haven't been where you are; but I want you to know I am trying to relate; you are not in a good place, but you will find your way; don't give up. There are many women out there who can,and will, offer help and advice; wait for them to read your post. My heart is with you and I just might cry myself to sleep tonight with you; please find a positive place to rest; you must find Peace.............that is where your strength will come.
Avatar f tn rectocele and cystocele in less than ten days. What does all this mean, how long will I be in the hospital, and how long will recovery take, approximately? I know we're all different and circumstances will dictate the exact amounts, but if you have had these three procedures will you please share your story? What was it like before, and after? Tips and suggestions will be greatly appreciated! Thanks for sharing!
1222892 tn?1312152424 So I went and got my second opinion and due to the severity of my endo he also feels that a hysterectomy would be best. If I just had it removed it would come back every time and I do not want to keep having surgery. So I have decided to have a complete hysterectomy on May 12th. Will be in hospital for 2 days then home and off of work for 6 weeks. I am hoping to go back to work after 4 on light duty. Have to wait and see as I do not want to rush and hurt anything.
Avatar n tn Last time she went to see the doctor ( this Onc works closely with the best Gynecologist in that hospital) the doctor was qiuite happy about her attitude towards her situation. The other docs, top surgeons themselves, in that hospital who are all believers also said Mom's attitude - they actually mean faith - is helping her more than anything else. BIG THANKS.
Avatar f tn but this is no doubt a very serious surgery as all above have stated 3 days is too soon to not be in pain...when my mother had her hysterectomy in the 70s she was in hospital atleast a week. Now a days women get pushed out too soon. Yes its good to get up and walk. But I think one extra day would be good. normal recover to feel somewhat decent is 6-7 days..full as in going back to work, sex ..both with drs, permission is usually 6 weeks.
Avatar f tn I'm having a partial hysterectomy done laproscopically in January due to Adenomyosis. Can anyone offer any advice for pre-surgery preparation and post-surgery recovery?
212861 tn?1204635152 It is very possible to get out of the hospital in 3 days. My first operation I was out in 21/2 days after a laparotomy and the second I had a roommate who had a hysterectomy who was out in 3. You can be out of bed the day of or the day after surgery. The sooner you get up and move the better off you are. Good luck with your surgery.
Avatar n tn I have not had a hysterectomy. I do know that many women have mentioned http://www.hystersisters.com/ as good place to go for information on the procedure as well as preparation and aftercare. Good luck to you.