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1809377 tn?1316523928 I am seeing my GYN tomorrow to make an apt to have a partial hysterectomy. I have seen a lot of the posts out there, but I would like to know what I can experiece post up... recovery time... discomforts... how long will it take for my body to get back to my new normal self, how long it will take for me to have sex again (it's been over 5 months)!!!
Avatar f tn My doc has suggested I have a partial hysterectomy (due to heavy periods and fibroids and constant anemia) and now as the date for it is getting closer, I'm getting cold feet. I've been reading on different websites that there's a good chance that even if it's a partial hysterectomy, I will start going through menopause within a couple years. Can anyone who has had one confirm this or share their experience with this?
Avatar f tn I will be having a partial hysterectomy, maybe full, depending out what was seen with my ultrasound of my ovaries. I have a herniated rectum, probably from being constipated so long, and a prolapsed bladder and uterus. The uterus and cervix will be removed, ovaries, if needed, and then the bladder and the rectum will be repaired as needed. Mesh will be used to sling the bladder up where it is supposed to be. I will also be have a little bit of plastic surgery down there.
Avatar f tn I'm having a partial hysterectomy done laproscopically in January due to Adenomyosis. Can anyone offer any advice for pre-surgery preparation and post-surgery recovery?
Avatar f tn I had a partial hysterectomy just under 3 weeks ago, and i was just wondering how much walking is too much? I am only going for short walks at the moment, but feel i would be able to go for longer walks, but am afraid i might push myself too hard. any advice would be helpful, thanks.
Avatar n tn I had a partial hysterectomy on 1/13/05..because i was experiencing bleeding that lasted 2-3 weeks at a time..not that it was heavy all the time or that i hurt constantly..but my emotions and moods were one big roller coaster... i couldnt take birth control pills to control it because i have Raynaulds Syndrome.. and auto-immune disease which is increased if you take hormones such as estrogen. I had a thermal ablation surgery done a few months prior to my hyst but it only made things worse.
Avatar n tn But you would be a good candidate for a partial hyster. Its called a super cervical hysterectomy. Or the uterun ablation (novasure). Most women aren't like me and will have their period stopped after the novasure procedure. I was one of the select few though. Luckily I have great medical insurance. hehe But at 25 I don't suggest you get a full hysterectomy done because there are cases of where females vaginas have collapsed.
1510783 tn?1290099907 What can I expect in regards to pain, recovery time and emotions. I've had my tubes tied for 4 years so I am fine about not having any more children. My doctor is not sure if she has to cut me or go vaginally. I am a little nervous and scared about this major procedure. Any feeback would be greatly appreciated. I am 38 years old.
473883 tn?1322856638 Its been forever sice i've posted on here well this is whats been going on last november i had a D&C found out i had pre cancer cells again just like 2008 so i started prometrium full time for 6months but started having lots of pain in my right side so in april went to dr did ultra sound everything normal the lining was not thick at all so in june I had another ultra sound found out i was 5 weeks prego then M/ced 2weeks later.
Avatar n tn What can I expect if I have a partial hysterectomy? What is the recovery time/time out of work? Can it be an outpatient procedure?
2041808 tn?1329935368 Should I go ahead with the partial hysterectomy? I am concerned I know it doesn't cause menepause but my dr said could cause hot flashes ect. Just not sure which choice is better. Obviously leaning toward ablasion. If anyone has had this procedure please help me out. Thanks in advance...
Avatar n tn I had a partial hysterectomy in March with a bladder tack, rectocele and interocele. Eventough I had more than 1 surgery, I was only hospitalized 2 days. I then had the ovaries removed on 9-20 and I feel great but still have minor pain and still very tired. Take it real slow. Get alot of help around the house. You will think your doing good and then the lack of energy will hit. It takes weeks for you to get back to where you were before.
Avatar f tn Write these questions down so when you see the surgeon he/she will be able to answer them. The recovery time will depend on how invasive they are with the surgery. Are they leaving your ovaries?
Avatar f tn But, your doctor can give you a better idea of the time frame. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!
Avatar m tn I just had surgery on Friday to remove a 9 cm ovarian cyst on my left ovary and remove my right ovary and tubes. I just had a partial hysterectomy 14 months ago and left the ovaries and tubes - big mistake with hindsight. I was having a lot of pain and discomfort, and was supposed to have removed laporascopically. The doctor got in and spent over 2.
Avatar f tn 2) Can both - fibroid / uterus and gall bladder be removed at the same time? How will it affect the recovery period? 3) What would be best option - total hysterectomy (uterus, cervix and fallopian tubes) or partial (uterus and fallopian tubes only)? 4) Can we wait till August to do the operation - doctor is worried about the statement - "Prominent flow voids seen along the anterior and posterior aspect of the fibroid suggesting increased vascularity" and degeneration in the middle.
Avatar n tn I just had a repair in combination with a laparoscopic partial hysterectomy. I am on day 3 post surgery and off all pain meds except the Motrin 800 which is more to reduce swelling. I would not have done repair if my hysterectomy was not medically necessary even though it was bothersome it was not life threatening. Overall not in much pain from the repair.
Avatar n tn I know how upsetting it can be to have a partial hysterectomy, because I had one at the age of 25. It has turned out to be one of the best things I have done for myself. I hope you will be able to keep both of your ovaries. Please keep us posted.
Avatar n tn How long will it take for you to recover from a partial hysterectomy. I had mine a week ago, I feel like I am able to work already but I'm afraid that going back to work at one is not good for me.
274158 tn?1276350787 It's so much less painful and your recovery is half the time of the open version. Less chance of scar tissue forming too.
222282 tn?1210168539 Hi, "Depending on the type, duration, and location of the ureteral injury, surgical treatment may range from simple removal of a ligature to ureteroneocystostomy. The most common surgical treatments for ureteral injury are simple removal of a ligature, ureteral stenting, ureteral resection and ureteroureterostomy, transureteroureterostomy, and ureteroneocystostomy" "If tissue ischemia or a partial transection of the ureteral wall is suspected, a ureteral stent should be placed.
Avatar f tn I had a partial hysterectomy this last November. I still have my overies and tubes. I'm not sure about the bleeding. My Dr. told me that I need to come in and see him right away if I ever have bleeding because they close you up so nothing can get in or out. Maybe it might not hurt to get a second opinon? About the mood swings, I hear ya! lol Before my hyst. I had really bad PMDD about a week before my period. I still have that, but not as bad. My Dr. put me on an antidepressant and vit.
Avatar n tn I have a FLAT stomach and right know i look to be about 5 months pregnant. I am not exaggeration. They said recovery time will be about 2 weeks, well they haven't been exactly honest with the rest of the info so I'm not sure when i will feel better.
Avatar n tn Is this pain normal at this time in recovery or should I be concerned that it may be something else? If it is normal, how long is the typical recovery?
Avatar m tn If I still need to do some that it will be a laparoscopic hysterectomy recovery time is 2 weeks versus abdominal hysterectomy 8-10 weeks recovery time. God Bless you both and anyone else that's going through this!
Avatar n tn Hello everyone, I had a partial hysterectomy about 8 years ago. I noticed everytime I have sex with my boyfriend, my vagina smells different. I douche and I take warm baths. I douche maybe once or twice a month. I am wondering if I am having this odor because I don't have a menustration anymore. Before I had the partial hysterctomy I never had a problem with having a vaginal odor. I went to the doctor my pap test are fine. Do I need to douche more? Please Help! Thank You!