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Alright I do respect her body and her. I treat girls very respectful. I was raised right like a true gentelman. Ally past relationships lasted over 2 years. The thing is I never broke up with the girl and the girl never broke ip with me. It was always the girls parents that did. I really do care about her. She treats me right. If I see a guy flirting with her I'll say something or she will. (she is really beautiful and lots of guys would be lucky to date her).
And if this isn't PCOS, what else could high testosterone mean? I have 2 little girls and I've had one m/c in between them. I'm just shocked that my body is acting crazy and I haven't been able to lose the weight (50 lbs to go!). ANY info... please!!!
I have been tested for various labs, my testosterone tests out high at 865 total, and high bioavailable...I've seen endocrinologists,etc and everything they test appears high normal...I am also physically fit, a body builder, drink rarely, don't smoke...I am absolutely perplexed...I used to be a raging animal sexually and it is as though it has simply shut off. It also effects my ability to maintain and achieve erections. I thought it could be low testosterone...but apparently not...
I have been a joke in school, in college... and no one wants to interact with me. I heard testosterone shots help u with more masculine characteristics. So should I tke it???
Diabetic on Janumet (Januvia and Metfromin 50/1000 2x daily) I have PCOS in a severe state. I have not had a period in 8 years. Not even Provera can induce. My testosterone is 387 as of last week. Last years reading was 197 ng/ml. My estrogen is minimal. My ovaries are enlarged with a thickened stroma including many cysts. I have one adopted child but no biological. I am the poster child (according to my gyn) for Turners Syndrome. Short (5'1" 230 lbs.) no neck, secondary ammenorhea.
I am having the exact same problem, I am a 17 year old male who has completely lost interest in any sex what so ever, I've always been attracted to girls and of about five months ago, my interest has completely dropped, I've been diagnosed with OCD a long time ago, I also went through a period of losing a lot of friends and a relationship went horrible before this all started, my friend had also came out of the closet to me and asked if I was gay about a month or two before I started having thes
I haven't had my blood test to check my testosterone but I suspect it will be in the six hundred range . I suggest to anyone to have your testosterone level raised with bio similar steroids. Oh by the way it lasts six months .
Since you told that he is having late puberty, it is evident that he is in the growth spurt stage and during this stage most of the testosterone produced is getting converted into estrogen which helps the growth process. I suppose this the reason for his reduced testosterone in the body and you need not worry about it. After his pubertal growth is completed, his testo. level should get back to normal. I suppose, he does not take any steroids for his athletic gains.
my sister has that . and she is 215lbs. before she was diagnosed she was 135. she can not lose weight if she does she gains it back. she has one daughter 12 and has been trying for 10 years to get pg. however she wont take anything for it. they tried to get her on bc and skip around to get pg but she wont do it. her periods are so missed up. she maybe has one ever 6 months. she gets lots of hair on her face. ..
I thought I must be gay at some point and experimented, but that didn't help things, although did reaffirm my attraction to girls only haha. I am grumpy a lot, and I have to lay in bed for hours before I fall asleep, no matter how exhausted I am. I constantly feel like theres a fog in my mind like I have to take time to sort through what Im trying to say.
He suggested I take these Testosterone boosting supplements for 3 months and to tell me if I see any improvement. I'm putting my trust in these testosterone pills the urologist gave me. Its called Testosterone Undecanoate 40MG. I'm taking 3 pills twice a day with food...so 6 pills total. But at the same time I get the feeling he doesn't want to tell me something..that it might not work. Anyway I was just wondering what other people's opinions are about this...
am a 51 year old male. I was very active until disability. I walked very long distances, lifted weights, did kendo and kenpo. low alcohol use no recreational drugs. boring medical history Entering my 30s I slowly got more and more aches and pains, but still very active. By age 36 I had terrible body-wide pain, mental confusion & memory issues, exhaustion.
and one of the things they measured was testosterone levels. At this time my testosterone level was in the high 400's. He gave me a urology referral. Can propecia be the cause?, 2) Although testosterone level of 305 is normal on the charts....can it be abnormal for me?, 3) If I try testosterone, will I become dependant on it for life? 4) Is there a way to have my body make testosterone more naturally?
I didn't know I had a problem until I went to college (I was never with a girl in High School). I joined a Fraternity at a big school and this past year was my first year living in the fraternity house and we constantly have girls over throughout the week. This past semester I've been with three chicks and all of them I couldn't get hard enough for me to penetrate them and some of these chicks are HOT and I couldn't satisfy them.
i used a cream for a month and actually got the testosterone a little too high. skip ahead to last december and all hormone levels she tested were in normal ranges except for low TSH and high T3----but this was after i had been changed to 60 mcgs of armour. my TSH levels have been low most of the time over the last 3 years---except when that doctor kept lowering my thyroid meds till he got the TSH normal----and made my thyroid too low.
Hey hold your head up high and enjoy your bump. I was stuck feeling ashamed of being single, preg plus mum to 4 girls. I hid my bump until I could hide it no more. I didn't tell my kids for ages. The dad wasn't interested yet I walked past him every day. I felt like crap. All the horrible symptoms lingered. I wasn't enjoying my bump. I decided to share my secret little by little and I noticed I started to feel better in myself. I even started buying a few bits after my scans.
Hi Guys, I have a very high sex drive means my body needs alot of sex in order to ***. For me its normal to have a *** 4 to 5 times a week. Its not that something i want but its something the way how my body works and which i dont like. Q1: Is it normal for some of u guys to have that high sex drive? Q3: How many times a week would you normally *** on average? Q2: Anything in terms of food, pills, herbals that i can take to reduce my urge?
i dont have the greatest diet in the world (high sodium and fat in proportion to other nutrients). have been supplementing with centrum performance off and on for a couple years. i also have a job where i sit for long periods of time (i am a computer programmer). i am not very active away from work either. been experiencing the buzzing for 4 weeks now. today seems to have been a calmer day. it seems the less i think about it, the calmer it gets.
In my clinical experience, men who are suffering from sexual problems including ED and PE (premature ejaculation) refrain from having regular sex with their partner because of the constant fear and anxiety of experiencing these problems during sex and disappointing their partner. They still have a high sex drive - so they use porn in an attempt to remove some of the sexual frustration.
Giggy-I feel your numbers must be high. It's getting detected in hpt. Did you stop all your meds? Esmie-this wait is killing me too. 6 days to go..:( I have no symptoms at all. Cleto-keep us posted with your work work results. Risa- don't give up. This season is bad.lots of cold around. Take lots of rest and drink lots of fluid. Hope you will get better soon.
i tested my blood, sperm, and urine and the only abnormality was a high psa level. my dr said it is very rare and is that high in 40/50 year old. i did a biopsy for prostate cancer and my dr said that everything was ok. after the biopsy, i waqs back to normal. however, the dr didn't know what was wrong and said it was an infection that went away. he didn't explain how it went away, and he told me to take vitamins and drink water. this was in september.
He said that the scans don't show any cause for this to be happening and it looks like it is curving in rather than the bone thinning in that area. At this point it isn't affecting my brain, so he wants me to repeat the scans in October and come back so he can see if there are any changes. Keep in touch if you find anything out about yours. and feel free to send me a message in my inbox - I have a watch on this post and my inbox and I recieve an email whenever anyone posts to it.
the blood work showed I have a high Prolactin rate (30) when the normal is a 1 for a guy...also, my testosterone levels are lower than a pre-pubecent girls, even though I have been wearing the androderm patch for years...also, they said I have a mild cardiomyopathy due to my ejection fraction of my heart being around 40%....I have lost 25 lbs in 27 days...(now down to 186) even though I am eating more food than ever before...
I ended up not having sex in high school and finally did in college with the help something called Papavarin. This is a self injection that goes in to the penis. And yes, it is uncomfortable. But just like all of you - the embarassment and stress will make you do just about anything. As a young teen, I was like any other with uncontrollable urges. I would get hard as rock erections but always had somewhat of a complex about size.
I have a feeling that the chronic masturbation has caused an imbalance of some kind of chemical or hormone in my brain. I have had a simple testosterone level check and they found my T to be in normal range but DHEA to be very high. Is the masturbation causing me the anxiety/panic episodes? if so, why and what can i do (other than quitting sex/masturbation) to stop it?
But that's not ALOT, I think maybe 4 partners, all with protection. I have a high sex drive, and would be happy with 4 times a week or even more. But he is happy with much less. I initiate sex about 95% of the time. It has always been this way. He rejects me a lot, although he says it's not me. When we do have sex, he sometimes loses his erection. Even when he doesn't, it's usually not a full erection (if there is such a thing..). He also ends up having to take breaks sometimes.
but i guess thats what you get when your a senior in high school and you have a boyfriend which your being sexually active with. but i go to the doctor in june so hopefully its just an irregular period or something..
The TSH is high-normal, would repeat to confirm and consider testing for Hashimoto's (check TPO antibodies). This would not, however, cause a high testosterone. There is some increase risk of hypothyroidism (high TSH) in women with PCOS which would explain the acne/hair changes & high Testosterone. An endocrine evaluation may be in order to see if there is anything else going on (doubt pituitary, but this is a remote possibility).
Hi im a 25 year old male and i cant control my sex drive, i have been having sex since i was 14 and since i was 16 i have been having sex 5-8+ times a day, usually with only a few minutes gap inbetween an also masterbating 6+ times a day since the age of 9 and it's ruining my life.
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