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Avatar m tn Be careful with sports drinks, the might help you gain weight but they contain either a lot of fat and sugar or harmful sugar substitutes and lots of artificial ingredients that can be harmful as well. Eating added protein in your meals and weight training will add muscle, but if you just want to gain any kind of weight eat a lot of simple carbs. They will turn quickly to sugar and add fat to your body and are unhealthy, but you will gain weight.
Avatar n tn Once you gain weight - no matter how or why you gained it - it's weight you have to lose like any other weight. You'll have to exercise, maintain a certain caloric intake based on your activity level, etc. What's wrong with your sex drive? Are you sure it's a physical thing and not something psychological that's driving you to make certain choices? See your doctor and get some hormone level testing. Perhaps you have really high levels of testosterone.
Avatar f tn That is all of the weight I lost plus more from my pregnancy in March. In my pregnancy I also had impressive water weight gain (more than 30 lbs.), high blood pressure, and preeclampsia. I had a c-section in March. I have had my tonsils and adenoids out, sinus surgery, and gallbladder surgery. I have also been diagnosed with GERD and am on protonix for that. I also take Microgestin FE 1/20 (1-20 mg) (75 mg) and concerta (ADHD) (36 mg) 2 a day.
Avatar n tn Yesterday I went to his office and he reviewed the results carefully. Luckily, I do not have PCOS. The blood work only revealed high levels of testosterone (although still within the normal range). I have noticed that my libido is usually pretty high. That does not bother me, quite the opposite :). My main problem is facial hair (upper lip, sideburns, and some chin), as well as increased body hair. I know that without it I would be a happier person.
Avatar m tn I literally lost most of the weight from the upper body. Now I am trying to gain weight. Someone adviced me to takeup meal supplement like mass gainer which will provide high carb and protein to bulk up in couple of months and after that I can stop using it. I go to gym everyday. However, there is no luck in gaining upper body muscle. I was having chubby cheeks, but now I look gaunt with narrow bony shoulders, sunken cheeks and eyes.
Avatar n tn m trying to gain weight to see if that will raise the T3 level. Meanwhile, I was wondering if there would be any merit in checking my cortisol level - especially since my DHEAS is also high. Could there possibly be a pituitary involvement? Thank you.
Avatar f tn It can be very easy to blame the weight gain on the hysterectomy but hysterectomies do not cause weight gain by themselves and thats a very true fact! If u have heard that they do well thats just a myth!! Look it up and do your research! Dont let the fear of gaining weight stop you from having a surgery that could change your way of life tremendously or it could even save your life!! Most women are very happy they had their hysterectomies.
Avatar f tn I have had some basic tests for my thyroid over he last two years because of sudden weight gain and they all came back normal. I finally saw an Endo. My concern with the weight gain is that is started at age 37, as a steady gain of about 2 pounds per month. I am a healthy eater and have a very active lifestyle and never weighed more than 115 pounds (only 130 pounds when pregnant 10 years ago).
Avatar f tn I feel completely exhausted and drained all the time, freezing cold, lower legs edema to the point that the contact of my clothing hurts, weight gain, weight gain, and some more weight gain. I dont have the energy to complete really important things. My hair started shedding. Changes in my vision and decreased ability to concentrate/focus.
Avatar f tn Side affects over the last 8 years have included unexplained weight gain, loss of libido, ED and some hair loss in his eyebrows. He was immediately put on Dostinex, beginning with .5mg/twice per week and gradually worked up to 2mg/twice per week. After 6 week on the medicine, his Prolactin was down to 145, so the Dostinex is working! His ED is nearly gone. Because his Testosterone was still low (originally it was 92) and after 6 weeks on Dostinex, it was up to 125...
Avatar f tn My reasons for weight gain/difficulty losing weight are severe insulin resistance and hypothyroidism. My hip to waist ratio is 0.96 due to high insulin. Insulin is a powerful fat storing hormone. This is the number one cause of high hip to waist ratio.
Avatar m tn The symptoms I have is.. fatigue, dry skin..weight gain or hard to maintain weight. But Im not sure if is my diet that is causing this T4 not to convert. to T3. I read that this conversion process needs carbs, and I do Low Carb diet. If I increase and start eating carbs, I blow up and gain easy. Then maybe I'm eating to low in calories and this is why my T3 is low. But if I increase calories, I gain weight too. This is frustrated.
Avatar m tn Honestly this might be a completely misguided thought. BUT my first thought is maybe the amount of female hormones she's taking needs to be decreased since she's no longer got the testicles producing testosterone. I really don't know but might be worth asking the dr about. Second is she on something such as the depo shot? Those kind of hormones are known to cause weight gain. Also extreme weight gain will decrease your sex drive.
Avatar n tn m okay with the cream but am afraid of the weight gain with the steroid. Wt gain, fatigue, excessive napping & decrease in congnition & memory are a few of the reasons I sought medical advice in the first place. If I am lacking in natural steroid production, is it less likely that oral steroids will cause wt gain??? I am 5'1" & 175lbs. I need to loose wt to improve my health, not gain....May seem a little vain, but wt gain is my biggest concern.
Avatar n tn After many years of symptoms(low pulse, sensitivity to cold-raynauds, weight gain, thinning hair, dry skin, FATIGUE), doctors finally noticed TSH was high around 5. After these doctors visits, I have been taking simivastin for cholesterol, 50mcg levothyroxine, and 1mg finasteride for about a year. I asked for finasteride as 42 year old male, didn't know if thinning hair might be genetic or thyroid. also diagnosed with fatty liver with high liver enzymes . Since , my TSH is now at 2.
5838296 tn?1375195204 The only thing that was abnormal was my slight deficiency in Vitamin D and I have a high Testosterone Level of 104... so she referred me to a Endocrinologist which I will go to at the 20th of this month. To make sure I do not have cysts on my ovaries. From what I have read only I might have POCS. However I will see what the Endocrinologist says and what he recommends to do next.
Avatar m tn High cortisol also causes a lot of pain and many of us have been diagnosed with fibro... high cortisol makes you gain weight. All that - I would think Cushing's, cyclical Cushing's etc. - and doctors can think that is rare etc.
Avatar m tn d change your split and do about 1 hour a day. After an hour of heavy weight training, your testosterone will lower, and cortisol will raise to give you energy. Cortisol screws with insulin, and raises glucose levels. So if you eat a revovery meal after with carbs, and that cortisol is still in your systems, it will spike blood sugar.
Avatar n tn Was wondering if anyone out there has a confirmed high testosterone level and if removing a cyst on the ovary will change those levels. I have had a "cyst" for 10 years that I am removing because it keeps fluctuating in size and is now causing other symptoms. My whole ovary may be taken, but my hormones have neve been right anyway. Most doctors have just left it alone with followup U/S but I have had thinning hair and pain in the ovary, and now pain in my back on that side.