Symptoms of high testosterone in children

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Avatar n tn they require a Dr. referral. I thought about testosterone replacement but with estradiol so high I wonder if I could have an aromatase deficiency and increase my testerone would increase my estradiol. I read about aromatase inhibitors which may be the answer. I should say that I'm in my mid 30s, obviously male, and rather overweight. Could you please tell me how bad or how out of range my estradiol level is?
Avatar n tn Signs of PCOS Multiple ovarian cysts Irregular or absent menses Infertility Acne Obesity or inability to lose weight Excessive body or facial hair (hirsutism) Insulin resistance and possibly diabetes Thinning of scalp hair Velvety, hyperpigmented skin folds (acanthosis nigricans) High blood pressure Polycystic ovaries that are 2-5 times larger than healthy ovaries.
Avatar f tn I found out in 2019 I had low testosterone (0.6) and high SHBG (134), still same numbers as of June this year. Back in 2019, A doctor prescribed me AndrolGel. After a week or two into the treatment I had insane heart palpitations, high BP’s, dizzyness, sweating, headaches, the works pretty much. After a month or two of ER visits and doctors telling me it’s not the AndrolGel, I stopped it. Told me everyone has testosterone in their body speech. My dosage was 1 sachet of 2.5gm 1% twice a week.
Avatar n tn I have a very high sex drive but have no interest in dating anybody. It's annoying me and I would like to get rid of it. What can I do to crush my sex drive?
Avatar m tn my bangs are getting very thin...and my moods are very high and low. i have had 3 children. any insight as to what might be causing all of this?? I ofcourse am going to the dr. but would like to know if anyone else has experienced this?
Avatar m tn general weakness of the body, lack of physical strength, lack of mental clarity, maintenance of muscle mass and strength, maintenance of bone density and strength and libido and erection frequency.Though not directly reated to pain, the muscular mass is not maintained. Without this hormone, infertility, lack of libido or erectile dysfunction, osteoporosis, penile enlargement, height growth, bone marrow stimulation, reversal of anemia and even appetite stimulation are all affected.
Avatar m tn I have a shopping list of symptoms so here we go, i have pain in the right side of my lower abdomen and groin sometimes in my right testicle it also radiates around to my lower back sometimes, i sometimes have rubbery lumps in my ejaculate, i suffer from constant nausea, i have been diagnosed with GAD and i recently returned an abnormally low testosterone result. My Dr has had a ct scan of my abdomen and pelvis but this was normal.
Avatar m tn I am 49 male.I have 2 children. Having good relation with spouse.Last year in August all of sudden I felt the cold in AC & shrinkage of Pensis. Since then I consulted 3-4 doctors. My testosterone level was low. Doctor prescribed Multi-vitamin tablets, injection to improve testosterone level.I am in regular contact with Doctors but nothing improved. The pensis is small, non active & hardly erect.Sometimes feeling pain on the top-middle side.
Avatar m tn I have noticed an improvement if feeling of wellbeing, but still have some symptoms of low testosterone. A few months ago I took a blood test because I developed gynecomastia and was having some erectile dysfunction here are the results: Dhea(NL) 458ng/DL Ref range142-1410 Testosterone, total (DSL) 346Ng/DL Ref range 190-1037 Estradiol (DSL) 32 PG/ML None given Cortisol 14.
Avatar m tn Generally, a high level of free T suggests some possible issues with liver or pancreas like a fatty liver or a sustained high level of insulin, both individually causes a reduction in SHBG levels produced by the liver. In your case an SHBG of 16 is in the lower range of 12 to 54 nmol/L, though within range. In this context, I also find that your glucose level is high at 104, which could suggest a higher average level of insulin presence.
Avatar m tn Right before I found out I was late and therefore pregnant, I took some tests with my doc resulting that I had high level of testosterone. Does anyone else have it? Does it affect negatively a pregnancy?
Avatar f tn If your body is too high in estrogen and not quite high enough in progesterone, the above symptoms can result. You are producing both, but maybe not in a good balance. Check your body type also. Fat put on in the upper back usually means too much cortisol. Love handles usually means too much insulin is being stimulated. I'm just showing you that many things can cause your symptoms. And medications can also cause problems, as can birth control pills.
Avatar n tn Generally people do not develop myopia until they are into adulthood. Myopia in young children is an indication of some underlying health condition. I know your opthamologist said there is nothing wrong. I would get a second or third opinion - including one from a natural/alternative practioner. Myopia in very young children is generally caused by inability of the eye muscles to focus for reasons that are not well understood if understood at all.
585708 tn?1247192813 They say my thyroid blood work is on the high end of normal but because I have very low testosterone they are wanting for that to go up (with Andro-Gel but may switch to injectable) before they go for the thyroid, to see if there is a change with normal testosterone, In my opinion. He did say that the thyroid numbers may be too much for me and cause symptoms, but can't do anything until the testosterone is up.
Avatar n tn ” We at Life Extension suggest that men maintain their free testosterone in the range of 20 to 25 pg/mL of blood.35 Others with expertise in this area believe free testosterone as low as 15 pg/mL is adequate.36 Conventional blood labs, on the other hand, say aging men are alright with as little as 6.6 pg/mL of free testosterone in their blood—an absurdly low level!
Avatar m tn High testosterone levels in women are often caused by PCOS (Polycistic Ovarian Syndrome). This is a benign condition which results in irregular or missed periods, excessive hair growth on the face and body and so on. Extremely high testosterone levels can also be caused by androgen-secreting tumors, located in adrenal glands. These are usually benign but in rare cases may also be malignant. Please keep us updated! Best of luck, E.B.
Avatar n tn Yesterday I went to his office and he reviewed the results carefully. Luckily, I do not have PCOS. The blood work only revealed high levels of testosterone (although still within the normal range). I have noticed that my libido is usually pretty high. That does not bother me, quite the opposite :). My main problem is facial hair (upper lip, sideburns, and some chin), as well as increased body hair. I know that without it I would be a happier person.
15695260 tn?1549593113 Recent research has proven one risk for our children to have Autism and that is high levels of estrogen in the womb. For a very long time, the cause has been widely unknown and that this factors in is an important development in autism research. Prior studies had already implicated higher uterine concentrations of male sex hormones -- androgens -- in increasing the odds and now researchers and doctors have more information to better understand autism.
Avatar f tn ve had no prior history of hormone imbalances, PCOS, etc. No increase in growth of body or facial hair. My IgG and IgA have been low for approximately 3 months consistently. My cortisol was high as of 2 months ago but hasn't been retested. The last month or so the fatigue has increasingly gotten worse to the point its hard to get out of bed and function properly. I've also been having issues with gaining weight and chronic UTI's.
Avatar f tn Hey! My blood tests show that my testosterone is too high, though I don't know what is causing this. My doc wanted to say it is pcos but my estrogen levels are ok. And I'm very thin. Although I am breaking out from sugar and too much processed food, so maybe it has something to do with insulin intolerance? No one in my family has this problem. So what should I do, which doctor to turn to?
Avatar m tn Whereas the diets high in protein, or the diets high in polyunsaturated fats, both reduced testosterone levels in a pretty much dose dependent manner. The researchers also saw that the higher the dietary fat intake, the higher the testosterone (diet containing mixed fats). b) The data of the study above is consistent with the results that are seen in vegan/vegetarian studies. Vegetarians eat lower amounts of dietary fat, and their PUFA/SFA ratio is higher than what is seen in most omnivores.
Avatar n tn So, is it possible high testosterone could cause low libido? It would seem not - but... in thinking of something being out of balance, who's to say the same symptom could happen?