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it started yesterday when i wasnt sure if i had a bad neck or ilight>soreilight> ilight>throatilight>, when i pressed my ilight>throatilight> it hurt and i have a bit of a stuffy nose, i dont think it is going to break out into a major cold and i dont think it is a sign of pregnancy. i do not know what the spotting was, if it was implanation bleeding it would or happenned around when my period would be which is not due until the 27th. The spotting happenned 2weeks after the last period and last about 3-4days.
5dpo-Vivid dream, heart burn, pee smell, tingle in feet can't sleep, migraine, side cramping 6dpo- peeing a lot, vivid dreams, ilight>soreilight> ilight>throatilight>, feel like getting flu 7dpo- bags under eyes, ilight>soreilight> ilight>throatilight>, cry on commercial, irritable 8dpo-breast sore/heavy, bleeding gums, nipples darker, feel hot but no fever, woke up stomach growling 9dp- cramping above pubic bone, super tired, Nipples sore, headache, bottom gums swollen, Light headed 10dpo- right side cramping, weird smell, cereal taste like beef je
With my son and with this pregnancy i had a ilight>soreilight> ilight>throatilight> and headaches. Kinda cold like ilight>symptomsilight>. it only lasted about a week....now i feel hungover constantly!
i would like to hear about everyone's ilight>earlyilight> ilight>pregnancyilight> ilight>symptomsilight> before they got their BFP! i love comparing! i am 6 DPO and hoping! Thanks Ladies!
While they might indicate it, they can just as well be from something else. The only ilight>symptomsilight> i had in ilight>earlyilight> ilight>pregnancyilight> were ilight>soreilight> breasts, fatigue and massive nausea but all women are different. Have you taken a pregnancy test recently?
Mostly i experience a lot of wooziness and extreme exhaustion and i almost feel like i have a cold...congestion, occasional ilight>soreilight> ilight>throatilight>...stuff like that but i know i don't have an actual cold. i also just quit smoking like 2 weeks ago and that's been hard on my body. So my question is i guess....is this stuff normal this early or is something wrong? This is my first pregnancy so i'm kinda in the dark.
and also i have been told by the doctor to take ilight>earlyilight> HPT to determine ilight>pregnancyilight> as ilight>earlyilight> as possible. i have had a chemical pregnancy which doctor suspects was due to low progesterone as my BBT is always in the lower range than normal with a cycle of 25-26 days. So the sooner i know i am pregnant the easier it will be to keep the baby. i read many women's stories of rashes very early in pregnancy. Since this thing never happened to me before i started making assumptions.
pain during sexual intercourse; pain or tenderness around eyes and cheekbones; ilight>soreilight> ilight>throatilight>; stuffy or runny nose; thick, white vaginal discharge with no odor or with a mild odor; tightness of chest or wheezing; weight gain Less common Crying; depersonalization; false or unusual sense of well-being; hoarseness; mental depression; paranoia; quick to react or overreact emotionally; rapidly changing moods, mild feeling of sadness or discouragement that come and go apparently you are experiencing
Every month i have symptoms like breast tenderness,tiredness,digestive problems,bloating and twinges in lower abdomen for about a week prior to my period.All of these ilight>symptomsilight> resemble ilight>earlyilight> ilight>pregnancyilight> symptoms.Since i have been ttc,it becomes very difficult for me to understand during the two week wait.Kindly share your opinions.
my period finally became normal andfor aybe the past four months i've been feeling sick i've taken pregnancy tests all came up negative.
i'm near enough 6 weeks pregnant and i've been feelin really sick just lately but yesterday and today i've had flu ilight>symptomsilight> i've got a ilight>soreilight> throat, temperature, runny nose, headacke and i'm really drowsy, is this bad news?
Anyway, i think i have been having some symptoms of pregnancy but i'm not sure.
Girl257 ilight>Symptomsilight> come and go in ilight>earlyilight> ilight>pregnancyilight> and period like cramping is completely normal as long as it isn't too painful. it should just be a dull achy kind of cramping. Don't just assume that you are going to miscarry, that is no way to think, try and be positive.
i have taken who knows how many hpt and all have been negative i have had all of the ilight>symptomsilight> of ilight>pregnancyilight> (ilight>soreilight> tender discolored nipple and breasts, moodiness, nausea, im exhausted all of the time, my stomach is hard and huge) but do not know if it could be my body messing with me or if i really am pregnant. so i went to take a blood test and i got the results back which were negative. i do not know what is going on right now with my body.
Don't discount the fact that you could have a stomach bug, in which case you would need to be cautious about not becoming dehydrated. Do you have any other ilight>symptomsilight>? Headache, ilight>soreilight> ilight>throatilight>, fever???
i had risky sex 2 months ago that i thought was high risk but 4 weeks ago i had another unsafe sexual encounter which i didnt think was high risk but i guess i havent been thinking right having any kind of unprotected sex, other then with a steady monogamous partner, anyway about 14 days after the last exposure i had ilight>soreilight> ilight>throatilight> and fever that lasted two days then a week and a half later i had swollen groin lymph nodes and reocurring light fever, i got tested it was exactly 26 days after that l
Every time i've thought i was pregnant, i get a textbook set of ilight>symptomsilight>. However, when i was pregnant for real, i didn't have so much as a ilight>soreilight> boob until 2 months in... i bet if you stop convincing yourself you're pregnant, your body will follow suit!
So i was sitting here thinking that it may be really helpful if we could post some of our ilight>pregnancyilight> ilight>symptomsilight> that we have been having so far and if there is anything that helps your symptoms. i am sure we could help each other with some helpful tips and maybe calm some of our fears. So here goes. i am 6 weeks today (approx). i have been having some nausea for about the past week or so. i found that it really helps if i keep something in my stomach.
Were the symptoms i got last week just PMS symptoms or could they have been implantation cramps? 2. Did i take an EPT test too ilight>earlyilight>? 3. Are my severe flu-like ilight>symptomsilight> an ilight>earlyilight> sign of pregnancy? 4. Would it be too early to take a blood test tomorrow ( it would be 11 days after sex ) . 5. i keep having watery vaginal discharge gushing out . is this a sign of a period coming? i heard that people who are pregnant have this as one of the symptoms ?! Please help me.
i personally know dozens of women who have had spotting/bleeding in ilight>earlyilight> ilight>pregnancyilight>, though i myself have not. Some of your ilight>symptomsilight> sound flu/cold problems, though symptoms in general are misleading and don't mean too much overall. Have you taken a pregnancy test at all? if not, i would say now would definitely be a good time to use one. Make sure to use first morning urine and a pink dye test is recommended. if this is negative, (or positive!
So today, UTi ilight>symptomsilight> gone, i'm still running hot temps in evening, have slightly ilight>soreilight> ilight>throatilight>,watery mouth, very thirsty, fatigued.. i don't think i'm pg, i have never been pg in my life except maybe fantasy symptoms but never actually confirmed with any PG test. i"m running slight fevers, like between 98.8 and highest 99.4-- feel warm all the time. BBs not sore, no cramping.. period is now late esp given what had to have been OV pains.
( i have had flu like ilight>symptomsilight> in ilight>earlyilight> ilight>pregnancyilight> before, but usually closer to when AF is due or shortly after i have missed it. i wish you tons of luck w/ your BFP!!!
it is now 2 weeks later and i have had a ilight>soreilight> ilight>throatilight> for about 4 days and yesterday noticed swollen , ilight>soreilight> lymph nodes below my ear and below my jaw. i have drainage/a stuffy nose at times, and was sneezing a lot at the beginning of the cold. Also, i had mono close to a year ago and after coming out of the hospital with that, i developed a cold sore on my cupids bow, and it just now came back with this cold.do these symptoms sound like the early ones associated with HiV? Or just.
really doesn't mean anything anyways, anything viral was going to run its course in 1-3 weeks on its own even without treatment. it's the ilight>soreilight> ilight>throatilight> time of the year. really no reason to think a std. cover your bases for peace of mind and go from there so you can move on :) encourage your former partner to seek out a full work up on her own too - sounds like she's a little "messed up" at the moment.
it has been known for an egg to implant as early as 3 days, so they could very well be ilight>pregnancyilight> ilight>symptomsilight>. im 8DPO and having the same ilight>symptomsilight>. you should find this link helpful http://www.countdowntopregnancy.com/earlypregnancysymptoms/chart_dpo.php?
Now i am over 10 days late, i have back ache, stomach pains, butterflies in my stomach, and headaches. All the signs of ilight>pregnancyilight> as well as ilight>soreilight> boobs. i have taken 2 ilight>pregnancyilight> test and both came out negative, went to the doctors and they checked to see if the coil is in place and it is. i am just not really sure what to do, and am pretty freaked out. if anyone has any advice please help me!!!!
i am experiencing the same exact thing as you, with additional ilight>symptomsilight>. Doctors cannot figure out what it is, my ilight>throatilight> always croaks, as if air is trying to escape, chugging a hot 7-up used to make me belch and relieve the symptom, but it's not working anymore. While i was at the ER, i drank a small cup of water, just sitting there, my throat started croaking (gurgling), the ER doc was baffled. i also have an enlarged thyroid, which may be trapping air in my throat.
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