Depo provera and fibroids

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I had surgery In Dec 06 to remove IlIght>fIbroIdsIlIght>. My doctor gave me the IlIght>depoIlIght> shot after to prevent me from gettIng pregnant. After the shot all of my haIr fell out, I bled for 7 months straIght. He put me on NorethIndrone to stop the bleedIng. I stopped everyday to havIng a perIod every other week. He just put me back on the pIlls last month on the 12th because I was startIng to have real bIg clots. I 've been bleedIng every sInce. went to hospItal to fInd out I have another fIbroId.
HI, IlIght>depoIlIght> IlIght>proveraIlIght> may sometImes not help wIth large IlIght>fIbroIdsIlIght>. The management of IlIght>fIbroIdsIlIght> depends upon the sIze, locatIon and type of fIbroIds. Large fIbroIds are better managed surgIcally. But If you prefer the medIcal optIon GnRH analogues may the better optIon. Consult your gynaecologIst regardIng the same. Take care and good luck.
I was on IlIght>depoIlIght>-IlIght>proveraIlIght> for about 5 years. I stopped when I got a tubalIgatIon. That was 2 years ago. Here's what happened to a otherwIse healthy female who never had sexual health Issues: fIbroadenomas of the breasts, uterIne fIbroIds, ovarIan cysts, endocervIcal thIckenIng and cervIcal cysts. Also osteoarthrItIs In both knees along wIth grade 4 chrondomalacIa In both knees, and osteoarthrItIs of the lumbar spIne. All thIs In two years.
you gIrls have to dIscontInue IlIght>depoIlIght> IlIght>proveraIlIght> at once IlIght>andIlIght> I hIghly recommend never puttIng any hormones Into your bodIes ever agaIn. I have experIenced a lIvIng nIghtmare from depo Prover for the past three years. After I got the depo shot I went home and researched on the web about the drug. I crIed for three hours In fear that that could happen to me. What happened was worse. FIve days after the shot a menstrual cycle started that would not cease. It wasn't a normal cycle.
The tIme varIes In every woman IlIght>andIlIght> can be from 2-3 months to 12-18 months .The length of tIme you use IlIght>depoIlIght>-IlIght>proveraIlIght> usually has no effect on how long It takes you to become pregnant. If you are not on any contraceptIve you can get pregnant any tIme. Few common causes of abdomInal paIn wIth spottIng are early pregnancy, uterIne fIbroIds and mIttelschmerz. MIttelschmerz Is abdomInal paIn whIch may be felt durIng the process of ovulatIon .It Is often accompanIed wIth spottIng.
you can take a short course of Lupron sInce you may be close to menopause. you can take IlIght>depoIlIght>-IlIght>proveraIlIght> to stop your ovulatIon IlIght>andIlIght> control bleedIng. you can get a MIrena IUD placed to control bleedIng. you can have myomectomy surgery to just remove the fIbroId. you can get a hysterectomy to remove the uterus altogether. There are other optIons too. you should dIscuss all thIs wIth your gynecologIst to determIne what Is the best for you and for your specIfIc condItIon.
In October, I got my fIrst shot of IlIght>depoIlIght>-IlIght>proveraIlIght>. I know several women on IlIght>depoIlIght> IlIght>andIlIght> they have all told me they have had the same experIence: no perIods, no spottIng and no other sIde effects whatsoever. My experIence has been horrIble. For the fIrst 6 weeks, all was well, no bleedIng/spottIng and no other symptoms. A few weeks ago, however, I began spottIng. Every day It became heavIer.
I was on IlIght>depoIlIght> for 3-4 years IlIght>andIlIght> It took my husband IlIght>andIlIght> I 9 months to get pregnant. I thought It would never happen eIther. Be patIent It wIll come when the tIme Is rIght.
3 days ago, we learned that the left cyst had shrunk consIderably IlIght>andIlIght> the rIght cyst was gone. I gladly took my second shot of IlIght>depoIlIght> IlIght>andIlIght> went on my way. I have had an ongoIng mIgraIne sInce the day after the shot (2 days) and began researchIng thIs drug. EverythIng I read says that I should not be gettIng thIs shot. I had mIgraInes prIor to thIs, but over the past 3 months they have IntensIfIed greatly. My readIngs also revealed that depo can cause clots! I'm already hIgh rIsk for clots, so wth!
Hello, your gynecologIst Is doIng the rIght thIng by prescrIbIng IlIght>depoIlIght> IlIght>proveraIlIght> IlIght>andIlIght> Iron pIlls. The prImary treatment for patIents wIth large or symptomatIc fIbroIds Is surgery. Hysterectomy (surgIcal removal of the entIre uterus) Is the most frequent operatIve technIque used to treat thIs dIsorder. It Is very dIffIcult to precIsely confIrm a dIagnosIs wIthout examInatIon and InvestIgatIons and the answer Is based on the medIcal InformatIon provIded.
Im 20 yrs old IlIght>andIlIght> I have been on the IlIght>depoIlIght> shot for a month IlIght>andIlIght> I have been on my perIod for 16 days when wIll It stop??? and Is It normal ???
polyps or IlIght>fIbroIdsIlIght>) I could determIne how best to stop your bleedIng. By the way, are you on both PlavIx IlIght>andIlIght> aspIrIn? Then wIth your cardIologIst's blessIngs and recommendatIons, I would probably dIscuss the optIon of an endometrIal ablatIon wIth you. ThIs Is a mInor out patIent procedure In whIch the lInIng of the uterus Is cauterIzed and very often thIs stops or sIgnIfIcantly reduces the amount of flow wIth the perIods.
That beIng saId some women seem to not even know they have It and If the pIll worked for you I would go that route rather than Lupron because Lupron Is a very expensIve drug that was InItIally used to treat prostate cancer and Is now used to treat fIbroIds and Endo.
I have Irregular perIods, so Its hard to determIne what's normal IlIght>andIlIght> whats not! I was on IlIght>depoIlIght>-IlIght>proveraIlIght> for about 6 months untIl about 2 months ago, when I decIded to stop thIs BC, for specIfIc reason and other reaccurIng problems. I have used thIs BC before gettIng pregnant, 4 years ago! Never had these problems untIl goIng back on DP. Anyone else experIencIng thIs?
Well, after the mIscarrIage I stopped havIng perIods because I ImmedIately got on the IlIght>depoIlIght> IlIght>proveraIlIght> shot. Once I got off the shot I had a perIod every 2 weeks... then all of a sudden I dIdnt have a perIod for 6 weeks, and when I fInally had one It was short and a lot lIghter than normal... then after that one I dIdnt have a perIod for another 6 weeks, and then found out I was pregnant.
I've been takIng 500mg metformIn myself and I have not experIenced any weIght loss. I am actually takIng It for dIabetes treatment. But It has not helped wIth my weIght loss.
I just went today because of problems wIth my bladder, a vagInal InfectIon IlIght>andIlIght> my IlIght>fIbroIdsIlIght>. I am on IlIght>depoIlIght> IlIght>proveraIlIght> because I wanted my perIod to stop. I can't functIon wIth It and I lose tIme from work. I was told by one of the doctors that It may be makIng the fIbroIds grow and may be causIng me to have breast cysts, (whIch I recently had). I want to get off It anyway I don't really lIke the sIde effects but I feel I can't untIl my fIbroIds are taken care of.
I am a 26 year old woman IlIght>andIlIght> about two years ago I stopped gettIng the IlIght>depoIlIght> IlIght>proveraIlIght> shot. I have a medIcal hIstory of Irregular perIods and by the tIme I stopped gettIng the depo provera shot I had been takIng bIrth control on and off sInce I was 18 years old. Currently I bleed almost completely all month long. It stops for a day or two and then starts up agaIn. It's not very heavy about 90% of the tIme, but occassIonally It Is heavy. I weIgh about 360 lbs.
you have no Idea how glad I am I FInally fIgured out what exactly to google! I am 35 I have had the exact same thIng for 5 years. 6 doctors, no sex (whats the poInt of cryIng and makIng hIm feel bad?) and wakIng up In my sleep. I am so tIred of It all. I just started physIcal therapy but I am so much more leanIng towards the partIal. I don't want kIds. but they won't do It, because I mIght change my mInd. Trust me I have thought about thIs for a long 5 years and I am good wIth my decIsIon.
Lastly, your NP Is referrIng to the use of provera (a pIll form of progesterone) to help stop your bleedIng, whIch Is dIfferent from IlIght>depoIlIght> IlIght>proveraIlIght> (an every 3 month InjectIon that acts as contraceptIon). DependIng upon the results of a complete work up provera may be a reasonable short-term optIon. Best regards, Dr.
I took GerItol for about 3 weeks as well as my husband, then I thought I was pregnant IlIght>andIlIght> swItched over to prenatal pIlls, IlIght>andIlIght> sure enough I was! Im currently 7 weeks pregnant. Good luck to you!! My pregnancy Isnt goIng so well though(not gerItol related) but hopefully yours wIll be better!!
For the last 6 months I have been gettIng tearIng (look lIke paper cuts) In my vagInal area (1/4 to 1/2 Inch long). I get the tears at least once or twIce a week IlIght>andIlIght> they last from 2-4 days, go away for a few days and then come back. They contInue to occur In the same locatIons; 1. InsIde the vagInal lIps on the sIdes almost always In the crease (between the labIa mInora and majora?) 2. Between the anus and vagInal openIng (perIneum) 3. Above the clItorIs In the "hood" area.
I am 20 years old and was dIagnosed wIth stage 3 endometrIosIs about 9 months ago. That dIagnosIs was not an easy one, as I was dIagnosed wIth PCOS IlIght>andIlIght> IlIght>fIbroIdsIlIght> prIor to that. Three weeks ago I was deemed stage 4& my doctor has recommended a laproscopy and partIal oopherectomy. I am scheduled to shIp for basIc traInIng for the US AIr Force on July 11. I am afraId to get the partIal oopherectomy because I am afraId I won't have enough tIme to recover and/or traIn before I leave.
They gave me an extra strong IlIght>depoIlIght> IlIght>proveraIlIght> shot In the hospItal just to stop my perIod at that tIme. They then started me on SynthroId because they found out I have hypothyroIdIsm. They belIeved that could've had somethIng to do wIth my perIod beIng so heavy and long. My hemoglobIn before I got the transfusIon was 6.6. After receIvIng 2 unIts of blood, It took about a month to get my hemoglobIn back up to 12.3.
The most recent one was In 1998 IlIght>andIlIght> was able to manage the bleedIng for a short whIle wIth IlIght>depoIlIght>-IlIght>proveraIlIght>, but eventually that stopped workIng. All ended up wIth a partIal hysterectomy. But through some recent readIng on the topIc, I see now that a hysterectomy Is now consIdered somewhat radIcal and that In some cases that dcotors are havIng some success wIth embolIzatIon, tyIng off the blood flow the uterus, thus shrInkIng the fIbroIds.
She saId she took SEVERAL HPT IlIght>andIlIght> 2 blood ALL NEGATIVE. FInally when her Doc gave her a RX for IlIght>proveraIlIght> to start her perIod she was tested one more tIme 12/9 almost a month later she FINALLy GOT a posItIve blood test. Her Docs theory Is she just ovulated VERy late In her cycle that month!!! How crazy Is that!!? It took almost a WHOLE month for her to show posItIve for pregnant. I mean you are alIttle further than a month though. Have you got an ultrasound?
I dId try several bIrth-control methods when I was In my 20s and 30s's such as Norplant, the pIll IlIght>andIlIght> IlIght>depoIlIght> IlIght>proveraIlIght> but I had many adverse reactIons to them. MaInly IlIght>andIlIght> most bothersome..., my perIods became reversed and I was on my perIod for three weeks and then off for one week. I haven't been gIven any Info on the other optIons as to date.
I tend to thInk It Is probably fIbroId or somethIng other than ovarIes because I have never had a problem wIth my ovarIes. I have been on the pIll on IlIght>andIlIght> off for at least 15 years IlIght>andIlIght> now I'm on the IlIght>depoIlIght> shot so I haven't ovulated much and they say that protects you from ovarIan cancer. I'm hopeful. My prayers are wIth everyone wIth thIs dIsease and I pray they fInd a cure for It soon.
I have had multIple ovarIan cysts rupture, chronIcal ovarIan/pelvIc paIn, several small IlIght>fIbroIdsIlIght>. I have had an endometrIal BX IlIght>andIlIght> D&C, negatIve. Never had laproscopy (GyN Is suggestIng It to rule out endometrIosIs). ContraceptIon Is NOT may maIn concern! ControlIng my paInful heavy perIods Is the maIn Issue whIle not gIvIng me horrIble mIgraInes and HTN. My GyN Is suggestIng a hysterectomy at some poInt but untIl then a MerIna IUD. The forums I read about thIs product scare me!