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Avatar_f_tn I was having some Braxton hicks contractions when I was 31 weeks pregnant and they were every ten minutes, (even though I drank plenty of water & rested) turns out I was in premature labor, they had to stop contractions and I had to stay in the hospital for 3 days.
Avatar_f_tn Well now they seem to be about ten minutes apart so I guess that means they are slacking off?
2091483_tn?1350242858 So come to find Out i am having contractions they are about ten to 15 minutes apart and they are not happening all The time What should i do i know i am asking a lot of questions but i am a ftm and have no one to talk to or ask
Avatar_f_tn The suckish thing is that they aren't getting much closer together or more intense.
Avatar_f_tn Mine didn't get closer than 10 minutes in between . Ever.
800427_tn?1324949319 i just had two more painful (but not too painful) ones 20ish seconds long...10 minutes apart. and now one more as i am typing about 16 minutes after the last one. is it time to go in? or do i just stay in bed and stop doing chores?...another sharp vagina pain just happened ( i think those hurt more than the contractions but are much quicker at like 10 seconds) please help...trying not to freak out DF isnt home and he's so much better at the contraction thing than me!
Avatar_f_tn Laying on side doesn't help... They're consistently 20 minutes apart, I slept semi ok through the night, waking up a ton.
Avatar_n_tn well,i been having contractions well i think tthey are contractions about every ten mins, but its just been intense pain in my lower back, what should i do?
Avatar_n_tn How far apart should ur contractions be? I have been having contractions every time I use bathroom and sometimes when I stand or walk around to much but my OB said that's normal. Well I am already 2 cm as of Monday but ten min ago when I used the bathroom I cramped for a min and then my back started to hurt bab for like 3-4 min. Is this a contraction?
Avatar_f_tn Why they sent me home I dont know. Im still having contractions every ten minutes apart. They got stronger this morning. They told me not to come in til they are 2-3 mins apart since Im so far along.
12275041_tn?1435519065 My contractions with my first was cramps and they went from ten minutes to 2 minutes for hours up until I got the epidural
Avatar_f_tn So I've been in labor (I think) since ten this morning and it's now after midnight. My contractions have been anywhere from 7 minutes to 20 and have been getting more and more painful throughout the day. My doctor said not to go to hospital until they are five minutes apart for a hour... Did anyone else experience something similar? How long did it take to get to that five minute marking period? Help!
419158_tn?1316575204 I was told before 33 or 36 weeks (can't remember which) to come in if they were ten minutes apart and after 36 weeks when they are 3-5 min apart. If you're only 25.6 weeks, and you're having more than four an hour, I'd go get checked, and stay off your feet as much as possible. I was working a lot of hours as a waitress, always on my feet, that's why I had so many, I got my hours cut back to four a day at twenty five weeks, and I was supposed to take breaks and sit every so often.
290018_tn?1240369468 My new midwife told me theother day that it's okay if I have about 20 a day because that's what on average I get but if they hurt and are ten minutes apart to go in! It's not just me either ladies, I checked with all my friends and theirs were not painful either....are you all sure this isn't ligament pain??
Avatar_f_tn Try timing them, I downloaded free app that times them, if they get less than ten minutes apart or too strong I'd call and check in with your doctor. Good luck.
1878414_tn?1339124045 keep timing your contractions, and let your OB know when they get down to about 5 minutes apart on a regular basis, your water breaks or you lose your mucus plug. good luck to you... sounds like you will be holding your beautiful baby before you know it!
Avatar_f_tn Sounds like contractions to me as a rule of thumb they say to wait until they are ten minutes apart and uncomfortable enough you cannot talk through them or your water breaks
Avatar_f_tn Ive been contracting every ten minutes since i went to bed now its five minutes apart and just had my bloody show. This is my 2nd baby should i go to the hospital now???
Avatar_f_tn I've had contractions for over a week off and on. All you can do is time them. My Dr wants them less than 7 minutes apart, more than ten an hour, growing in intensity. Mine usually go for an hour then just stop. Frustrating at 38 weeks!
Avatar_f_tn My mother n law were timing them they was ten minutes apart. than they stopped . every since then my baby putting pressure on down there. I feel tightening and then I don't . than she goes right back down there. what is happening to me ?
Avatar_f_tn I'm a repeat csection as well and I actually went to the hospital two weeks ago actually 36 weeks because I was having contractions 5 minutes apart for 3 hours. They gave me 3 shots to stop the contractions and said if the third shot didn't work then they were going to keep me and do my csection in the morning.
Avatar_f_tn Not dialated, but when I went in today the machine was reading the contractions about every ten minutes and of course I have been in tears all day because I am hurting. And my blood pressure was 172/88 which is really high for me. So finally he gave me procardia and is having me come back in Tuesday to see if it helps. Unless my contractions get 7 min apart or less of course. I mean I have been having contractions since 15 weeks, very strong contractions since 30 weeks and now 32 weeks. FINALLY!
Avatar_f_tn so idk.. everyones contractions are different!
2089807_tn?1348066348 everytime I stand up or move alot I have a few contractions, spaced out pretty good but there still there. A few minutes ago I had two that were three minutes apart and lasted alot longer than the others have and had another one four minutes later just a second ago. They aren't painful but I can definitely tell their happening because my whole stomach gets rock hard and its shape even looks different, just like the ones last night when I was on the monitors.
Avatar_f_tn I think your suppose to call your doctor when they are 15-20 minutes apart..I was 15 days late with my 1st one. Definitely don't rush it baby will come when it's ready..
280369_tn?1316705641 If they get to be about 8-10 minutes apart call the doc....if they get to be 5-7 minutes apart go to labor and delivery. Oh wait I see the last you updated your page you were 37 weeks so if you DO go into full blown labor now the baby should be just fine :) Keep an eye out for other signs....if you start feeling crampy like diarhea crampy or actually HAVING diarhea or loose stools that can be a sign. Watch for any red tinged mucus when you go to the bathroom...
435139_tn?1255463991 then rushed to the ER (I was told to come in if they were 10 min apart) only to find out that BH contractions can actually feel like REAL labor contractions, and to have them conveniently go away right after I arrived. I still got checked out, and that stabbing pain, yeah...had that for at least six weeks. I heard it called a "dilation pinch". Don't know for sure what it was, but I do know it's quite uncomfortable...good luck!!
151154_tn?1208134182 Try to eat or drink something. I was having contractions last night every ten minutes for about an hour and a half. I was excited but then I ate a PB&J sandwich with milk and they went away. In my childbirth class she told us if a change in routine stops them it's not real labor.
242143_tn?1215473908 you will no, they told me ot go to the maternity ward if i was having contractions 6 in ten minutes, and it was very hard to tell because on the monitor it was not hiugh for contractions but i did not have alot in the front, i had them all in the back, back labor.