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Avatar f tn I am 34 weeks pregnant, doctor told me yesterday that my cervix was very thin for 34 weeks and today I have noticed cervical pain that has gotten worse throughout the day and now I am able to time the pain every 15 minutes. I don't think they are contractions though. The pain is a little bit above my pubic bone and just feels like a sharp pain for about 5 seconds and then stops. I also noticed that I had spotted once while going #1 but the blood was only on the toilet paper.
1274271 tn?1453265765 yesterday i went in for my scheduled appointment and they hooked me up to the monitors and i had 1strong contraction and one small contraction in about 20 minutes. Today i noticed them every 15 minutes and im hoping they get stronger by tomorrow. This process is soooooo long!
Avatar f tn Only if they get stronger and are timed evenly apart. For example you have one every 10 minutes apart or every 5 min. Apart. If it's on and off and one is 20 min. Then next is 10in. Then 15 apart.
Avatar f tn Keep an eye on it. ... They usually do start every half hour and t then decrease to every 15-20,10 minutes, etc. If they're getting more painful, longer and closer together you know it's the real deal. Good luck and best wishes!
5615074 tn?1378320440 I have been having contractions that actually hurt now but they aren't anywhere near close together probably 15-20 minutes apart. Is there anything I can do to get some relief? I can't take a bath because my daughter will want in lol.
Avatar f tn If they come every 10 minutes and not every 10, then 15, 20, then it's false labor. Try drinking water and laying on your left side and timing them.
Avatar n tn I had something similar happen except my little one decided to break my water 15 minutes before they were to be sending me home, 5 hours and 15 minutes later I had a 7 lbs 19 3/4 inch bundle of joy in my arms
2091483 tn?1350242858 So come to find Out i am having contractions they are about ten to 15 minutes apart and they are not happening all The time What should i do i know i am asking a lot of questions but i am a ftm and have no one to talk to or ask
Avatar f tn my stomach tightens up and i get pain down in my pelvis area and it kinda feels like i have to go poop (sorry tmi) it comes about every 10-15 minutes and lasts about 20 or so seconds.. is it contractions? if so, what do i do!? i'm supposed to be getting induced tomorrow at 6am.
2177836 tn?1355177477 I've been having tight sharp pains on and off since yesterday at 11am. They lasted all day about every 30 minutes till 2am and finally stopped. Started again at 6 am for about an hour and than stopped. started once again at 9 and had them about every 15 minutes, the last couple of ones were times at 10:49, 10:53, 10:58, and 11:08. I get up and walk around to see if they go away but I still feel them while walking or even standing.
Avatar f tn They last for a few hours and are anywhere from 15 to 8 minutes apart and are somewhat painful, but haven't progressed yet, so I think its just our bodies preparing for labor.
Avatar f tn I stand up and I feel like a bowling ball is weighing down my lower abs. I start getting contractions every 10 or 15 minutes, but not regularly.
Avatar f tn So I am having contractions every 15 mins for 1 to 2 mins each. My water still hasn't broke. How long should this go on before my water breaks? I don't think I could do days of these contractions they hurt so bad.
Avatar f tn I was up all night with contractions, i am 31 weeks, they got as close as every 15 minutes, that went on for hours before they eased up, this is my third baby never had this before should i be concerned it's a sign of having him early?
Avatar f tn So, drink small bits of water/gatoraid every 15 minutes. I know that during my deliveries I always need Zofran for nausea and vomiting. It will be over soon hon. If you feel horrible----- call your doctor. they dont' want you to get dehydrated.
Avatar f tn Since I have been up this morning (a little after 6) I am pretty sure I have been having contractions about every 20 minutes... They are a little bit of cramping and then tightening of my whole stomach. With my first daughter, I never went into labor. My question is Do contractions come at exactly the same amount of minutes apart? They're all just about, so I'm wondering if it is because they are still farther apart or if it is because they are not "true" labor contractions...
8296126 tn?1397531968 I was in labor for 5 days with my son, Having contractions anywhere from 3-15 minutes apart and they were painful contractions so I couldn't feel him moving at all.
800427 tn?1324949319 then i got my 5th one about 15 minutes after the 4th one which would put me at 5 contractions last 20 seconds each in about a 55-60 minute period. i remained in bed and drank my water and had about 3-4 more of the sharp stabbing pains in my vagina but no more contractions. after an hour of laying in bed and no contractions i decided to get up and start doing things (dishes, laundry...etc.) while bouncing back and fourth to the computer ..the usual. that brings me to now...
Avatar f tn My contractions started out with just my tummy tightening, which would last a minute or two and then it would go soft again, then about 15-25 minutes would pass and it would happen again. It did that for like 2 days and it was very noticeable, not painful though.
Avatar n tn But the one consistent thing they told me is taht the contractions need to be regular. like 5-10 minutes apart consistently. i have quite a bit of contractions... one comes, the next can be 6 minutes later, then 10 minutes, then 5 minutes, etc. once they get on a more regular cycle, then make sure you give yourself enough time to get to the hospital.
1346429 tn?1303878454 I have been having painful contractions 15 mins apart for almost 12 hours.... They just stay 15 mins... O well I want the lil guy to wait till the weekend at least so then he will be full term... The pain is getting irritating tho.... Cant wait to get checked on wed....
Avatar f tn Been in same position had premature labor stopped at 33 weeks and been having contractions and everything since. But I've been checked every appt. I was 3cm 60% effaced Monday and still there yesterday morning. I would ask your doctor when they plan to check yoyr cervix if they don't want you going past 3cm. But it sounds as if you might be having BH instead of contractions which don't do anything. I get regular contractions about 3-5 hours a day about 10 minutes apart.
177465 tn?1288242063 I do have some good news! I am now having contractions again! They have been every 15 minutes lasting for about40-50 seconds each. The last one was only 7 minutes ater the one before but wasn't very strong. That doctor's office pissed Max off and he wants out to yell at him! lol I also must say that my dh is so wonderful! His job is in graphic designing and engineering. Actually the company he works for makes body bags and bags for medical workers and his part is to do the logo's.
Avatar n tn No real heartburn, no vomitting, not even nausea. Some times as often as every 15 minutes, some times, hours between. I have taken maalox and such, seems to help for awhile. Severity ranges from as low as a 2 and as high as a a 7 or even an 8. I have had constant diarreah. Food doesn't irritate, in fact, sometimes helps. The most bothersome thing is it is actually causing alot of discomfort, as well as a back ache at times. I have no blood in stools. I am perplexed.
7122105 tn?1407106699 What I have been timing I have been having them roughly every 6 minutes for like 15 seconds and they are not painful at all...just really tight and uncomfortable. My son is still moving too..not crazy moving, but subtle moves here and there. Also the tightness is my whole stomach and not specifically my lower abdomen.
Avatar f tn I think I had about 15 of them in about 40 minutes! I was soooo scared! My husband was at work a half an hour away and my 13 year old brother is here for a visit and I had a 4 year old in bed sleeping. The baby's room is all set up but is a mess because of the painting that isn't finished and the house was messy and I'm just not completely prepared. So those contractions really threw me for a loop.
Avatar f tn Could be the once or a few times, like a huge stich on each side on my belly. It goes hard for 10-15 minutes at a time. Does this mean it's getting closer to D day or normal? Because my dates don't add up and I could give birth towards the end of May- up to the end of June. I'm so nervous? What if I pop too early? Anyone been through this?
363110 tn?1340924019 I'm 15w as of yesterday and about an hour ago I noticed I was cramping REALLY bad... and within 10 minutes they were coming every 2 minutes. I realized it was dehydration and contractions from it. I've always had problems drinking water and had a few bh ctx when pregnant with TJ because I got dehydrated from HG. I drank 40oz of gatorade and they are easing up.... but it's being complicated by my back pain also.
Avatar f tn they take up from 10-15 minutes and last 50sec according to my contraction timer....
Avatar f tn well all day I've been having them at first the were painful last about 15-20 min. Every hour and now they're down to 10 minutes long every 20 minutes apart . but they're not as painful as before .. Is that normal !?