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Avatar_f_tn Dear desmarae, Both arimidex and tamoxifen work in different ways to decrease estrogen and the purpose of this is to treat or prevent estrogen responsive breast cancer. Arimidex blocks the conversion of androgen hormones (mainly stored in the bodies fat tissue) to estrogen, and used in only women who are post-menopausal.
Avatar_n_tn Hi Sandra, Granulosa cell tumors produce estrogen and estrogen levels are a good marker to evaluate for recurrence. I am not aware of any studies showing that estrogen causes these tumors to grow. I have pasted a very nice review from emedicine below. best wishes Background Three major types of ovarian neoplasms are described, with epithelial cell tumors (70%) comprising the largest group of tumors.
Avatar_n_tn I completely agree with Loiloi - and the Yasmin. I hear your reasoning with the estrogen vs. androgen/testosterones, but, alas, it isn't so simple. First, how old are you? I'm assuming 20s b/c of previous birth control use. Try the Yasmin, also, try a prescription of Spironolactone - is works on virtually every female (sorry guys). You can get it from your doctor, a derm or gynecologist. Keep us updated and let us know how it works out.
477746_tn?1254788147 It should be of interest that the area of the brain that contains pain information called the periaqueductal gray has both androgen and estrogen receptors (10). It could be speculated that since T can convert to estrogen the activation of both T and estrogen receptors has a synergistic effect compared to estrogen alone. T is currently being researched as a pharmacological means to reducing pain in patients with rheumatoid arthritis.
Avatar_f_tn So, both ovaries are actually producing similar levels of testosterone. I also saw a medical endocrinologist (vs reproductive one) yesterday and she's running various tests to try to see if this could be Cushing's or any other endocrine/thyroid/pituitary based causes. She also mentioned possibility that perhaps my PCOS-related insulin issues might have triggered ovarian cells to shift to the testosterone production somehow.
Avatar_n_tn In order to suppress them and get best results, you need the estrogen patch. You WILL OVULATE THROUGH THE PILL. The pill is not enough to suppress your active ovaries. I start the patch right after ovulation, keep it on for 2 weeks, go off for 3 days, then start stims. 5. Baseline exam should have E2 less than 30 and at least 8 antral follicles all about 5 mm. You don't want a leader follicle for sure...make sure they're all less than 7 mm.
Avatar_n_tn Thus such conditions as pregnancy, or estrogen and androgen therapy and certain drugs, do not affect the FT4, but will the T-4. From time to time we will need dose adjustments, therefore we need to have Labs done and see doctor at least once a year after we have been stable on the same med. dose for a full year. However until that time, and in the beginning, it will be every 6 weeks to 3 months.
Avatar_n_tn this is a duiretic that blocks the androgen from overactive adrenal glands.... a side effect of this is that it clears up oily scalp/face...... i was on this too.... tried it the 2nd time because i didn't want to go back on accutane..... i believe this and a combination of everything else helped.