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874521 tn?1424120397 The medication website as well as full prescription information of any medication has the full side effect profile (by FDA law) including adverse side effects (ones that are clinically rare) and that's the best way to learn the exact facts.
Avatar f tn ****************** Hazy, as you can see by the above (brief) description on the site, your Doctor is really the only one that can let you know what you can or cannot mix with Zyprexa, and also, if any weird side-effects occur, you should call your Doctor immediately, so that you can discuss this. I would think that discussing w/ your Doctor whether you can take Zyprexa with Ativan, is a must, since he/she would know best.
Avatar f tn Essentially, what we want is a drug to give him at bed time that will help keep him calm and help him sleep so he doesn't try to climb out of his hospital bed (now in the home) causing another fall. What would be suggested for this purpose with the least possible side effects. Also, very occasionally he becomes agitated during the day due to some bizzare thought in his head. When this occurs, what would be suggested for an "as needed" medication.
341205 tn?1195768670 Hi, It is common to have such side effects with Zyprexa.
Avatar n tn Since then we have found that Risperdal caused severe side effects before reaching a therapeutic (working) dose, and Zyprexa, the second med used in an attempt to deal with delusions and hallucinations, is not working yet (we are at 6.25 mg/day at this time). Because of the sensitivity to the anti psychotics (although we need to give the Zyprexa more time), the psychs are wondering whether my wife does not have some other sort of dementia, and the name Lewy Bodies was mentioned.
Avatar m tn Here in the states, due to stroke increase risk, Zyprexa is not recommended for those with dementia related psychosis, which my mom has. Clonazepam's side effects and long-term effects look pretty scary, behaviors my mom already exhibits and that we don't want aggravated. I will ask her doc tomorrow morning.
Avatar f tn I do not think Lithium effects the sex drive. I could be wrong, but I have had no major side effects from it, just a little shakey in the beginning! Hope this helps.
Avatar f tn These type of anti-psychotic drugs have never been tested on children so the long term side effects of children using this drug are relatively unknown. My brother was put on this drug when he was younger and has suffered from extreme weight gain and facial tics. The tics never go away - even with stopping the drug. Risperdal is not usually used for PTSD or ADHD as it is an anti-psychotic. What symptoms is your son having that the Risperdal is supposed to be treating?
Avatar n tn But i have really been thinking about withdrawling from it. Because i am really worried about the side effects of antipsychotics, and i have to just keep taking them. I know that withdrawling from antipsychotics can cause withdrawal symptoms. And how long would the withdrawal symptom insomnia usually last? My question is can withdrawling from antipsychotics such as Risperdal cause memory loss and permanent brain damage in the long term? And that is what i am really afraid of.
Avatar n tn I had to come off most of those due to side effects. They say no addictions to any of them, but I swear I felt like a drug adict coming off the last one that I took. I refused to take them again. I felt like I was in withdrawl coming down off that last one, couldn't figure out what was wrong with me. I haven't been on meds for a while and have been debating going back to see a doctor and getting back on them because things are so bad right now for me.
4415577 tn?1354233736 I have advanced tardive dystonia and some clinically complex aspects of tardive dyskinesia that I am under study for that can effect the mental processes that they are working further to treat and research. Its essential to understand adverse side effects of medications are those that are clinically rare and may show up statistically (such as neuraleptic malignent syndrome). Its also important to understand that schizophrenia if untreated over time does cause brain deterioration on its own.
Avatar n tn Since then (and I am now 25) they have prescribed me pretty much everything under the sun with no noticable effects with the exception of the side-effects such as excessive sleeping and weight-gain. The only medication that did work for me slightly was something called hydroxyzine. A mild anti-anxiety medication which for some reason they stopped giving to me! Please note that I am not a psychotic I dont have any kind of thought disorder or delusions :).
212753 tn?1275076711 I have been on antidepressants for 11 years because I have had a terrible time getting off them. My mother went into dementia and I was her only offspring, plus I had been through a terrible divorce and 30 yr. marriage to a man who was alcoholic and bipolar. She is helping me come off the antidepressants and I will not return to that other doctor. Already i am feeling better/more energy/feeling like I am out of the fog. Thanks for inquring. Take care.
Avatar n tn about? : Thank you. : RS tardive dyskenesia and dystonia, dementia, loss of muscle control, neuroleptic malignant syndrome = Haldol is often used in small doses (a milligram or a few) to control agitation in patients who have had disabling strokes, or in some demented patients (for example, Alzheimer's). It is not uncommon. Yes, it is also used for schizophrenia. Haldol (and many related drugs, all of which are called neuroleptics) block the action of dopamine in the brain.
1450639 tn?1284923584 my mom(62 yrs) has schizophrenia illness, she talks to herself often, arranges things very frequently in the house e.g.- keeping spoons, plates, cushions, shampoos, empty containers in certain order or re-arranging all of the above time to time. When asked to stop doing it she tells me that if she doesn't do it then their could be problems. Apart from this she talks about marrying guys who're less than half her age, sometimes imaginary characters or sometimes a neighbor's son.
Avatar n tn Sorry to hear about your mother. Most of the symptoms you are telling me are not prominent side effects of neurontin. We have seen changes in weight and fatigue as the most prominent symptoms. Why is she on neurontin, as it is not a medication we generally use for neuropathies without paraesthesias of pain. What is the dose? as most medication side effects are dose related? How long has she been on neurontin, as early on in the initial dosing, side effects are more pronounced.
Avatar n tn is there any antidepressant that really works? that doesn't have major side effects like feeling so anxious and tightness/heaviness in your chest? that doesn't affect your libido? that doesn't increase your appetite? that makes you feel normal.....it's been a long time since I've felt normal.
723341 tn?1232341853 I don't know of many medications used off label as antipsychotics except for Zofran which I am on which is used as an off label experimental antipsychotic but has too many side effects for me to personally reccomend but I'd be interested to know which one you are on.
Avatar f tn The medicines that were around had much more serious side effects. The options I had when first diagnosed were Lithium, Haldol, Stelazine, and ECT. They used to seriously overmedicate and mental health advocacy was unheard of. When I gained more and more weight on Lithium, the doctors said my sanity was more important than my physical health. I put on 100 lbs. in the first year, which I've never shed. That did not help my mood or sanity whatsover.
Avatar n tn I take 1 Vistaril at night, no side effects or issues with it- helps me sleep....... but reading these posts makes me think I should quit that!!!! Best to all and these crazy drugs we are on- I have found a lot of supplements that seem to work really well.