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Avatar f tn Do you have any history of high blood pressure, or heart disease? If so, you may want to just play it on the safe side and get checked. In the very least, give your PCP a call and explain the symptoms. It very well is likely nothing to be concerned about, but it is always better to err on the side of caution when having these kinds of symptoms. Also, are you diabetic? Zyprexa can increase your blood sugar, and although you have only been on it briefly...
Avatar f tn I wish to God my doctor would have never put me on it. I just need to get through the withdrawals and don't want to get addicted to other drugs trying to get off this one. It is a struggle and I have read that many people go through withdrawals as long as 4-5 months.
Avatar m tn The outpatient doctor however didn't agree and wanted her on 30 to 40 m.g.'s zyprexa and that is where we were headed ,listening to her prescription. She also wanted her to go off Ativan cold turkey - no weaning.My daughter didn't respond well to that and everytime she tries to go down on the dosage now .5m.g. a day (very small amount) she gets closer to catatonic.
Avatar f tn Weight gain can be a problem with all antipsychotics and Zyprexa has a high potential of this but everyone responds differently to each medication. From what my psychiatrist told me all antipsychotics increase the seizure threshold but if she has a seizure disorder her psychiatrist should be following up with the doctor who treats her seizures.
Avatar n tn Now I make all my own choices and make wonderful choices, except when I decide to get off Zyprexa. Exactly why I do it is a mystery. But, for everything I love and dream of and desire to be (me), I need to never do it again.
Avatar m tn And if they're high your doctor may switch meds or take you off zyprexa. So sorry to hear about the loss of your baby!
Avatar n tn It's been horribly agonizing. I was never on a high dose (1.25 mg/day) but it was high enough to not be able to quit cold turkey (tried 4 times). I worked with my pdoc and had my wife on board and tapered over 5 weeks and finally, when I was down to 1/4 of a 2.5 mg tablet twice a week, cut the strings. I'm currently on day 17 and this past weekend was simply hell. I can't describe it. On any day I can experience panic, anxiety, depression, feeling like a zombie all within a couple hours.
1353720 tn?1414506724 And it's good your marijuana is medical marijuana, so you won't accidentally get some laced with PCP or LSD. Zyprexa certainly isn't the only med out there. Also remember that abilify isn't really a stand-alone med, it's approved as an augmentation for depression for those whose meds are working but just aren't working well enough. By itself, I'm not sure it's shown much promise. Continued good luck in your experiment.
Avatar n tn Take the zyprexa at night before you go to bed. try do get into the same routine every night. Do you mind me asking what your diagnosis is for to be taking the zyprexa? It is a mood stabilizer. I am bi polar so I also take celexa for the depression side of bi polar. Message me if you need to talk some more. I will be more than happy to share my med experience with you. You might wnat to check out the dperession or the bi polar forum.
Avatar f tn They can be reasonably weel in the morning and see shape-shifters in the afternoon. With Zyprexia you get a zombie 24/7. And there is a high mortality associated with Zyprexia for reasons that are unclear. Zombies make fewer demands on the nursing staff. Secondly, one cannot assume the dementia is due to the Parkinsons. It could be Alzheimer's or multi-infarct dementia. Or even nutritional dementia. What you can do about this is something else.
Avatar n tn You do not need an anti-psychotic drug like zyprexa for partial complex seizures. In fact it clearly says DO NOT GiVE ZYPREXA TO PEOPLE WITH A SEIZURE DISORDER!!!!!!! No wonder she hallucinated. The best thing I found is Klonopin to reduce my seizures. I take 10 MG a day but you can take as high as 20 MG a day if necessary although that is about the top limit. Tegretol is a stronger drug with heavy side effects. You have to take heaps of it to control temporal lobe partial complex seizures.
874521 tn?1424120397 Zyprexa is still on the market. There was just a concern at the time that the company under reported the rate at which it causes diabetes. That issue has been addressed. All atypical antipsychotics can cause diabetes, Zyprexa being the one with the greatest potential.
Avatar f tn You'll do fine with it short term but if you intend to take it long term then make sure to keep your weight in check and what you eat and get regular sugar level and cholesterol tests as out of all of the atypicals Zyprexa is the most likely to cause diabetes from long term (not short term use) but it can be monitored for and prevented.
Avatar f tn My fiancee currently takes 5 mg Zyprexa at night, 20 mg Paxil daily and 50 mg of Atenolol twice daily. He also has sleeping problems. Lately he has been experiencing extreme weakness and we are very concerned. Don't know if it's the sleep loss or the Atenolol as he did have a cardiologist tell him that his dosing of Atenolol daily was quite high. Any insight would be wonderful!!
1082697 tn?1260068216 i work out several times a week and i am on a high fiber diet. i guess i am the only patient the doc has had that zyprexa has gotten peppey on it. all her other patients get sleepy on it and have to take it at night . i have to take it in the morning. my body reacts so different to meds. i know sleeping pills do nothing for me. thanks so much for replying.
1082697 tn?1260068216 in fact i have so much energy now. i tend to get into deep depression so bad i can hardly get out of bed. i have been taking the zyprexa for about 4 weeks now. the doctor put me on since my citalopram needed a boost. the med i take is vicodin. and i wanted to get off it anyway. i take 3 a day. but now i do not need them. i have noticed my blood pressure is way up since i have gone on the zyprexa. only side affect.but i also started smoking again.
Avatar n tn You definitly want to talk to your dr about the zoloft because that can make you a little manic sometimes. Do you get full blown manic or do you get hypo-manic? Do you get euphoric or dysphoric? If you were having an episode and then you suddenly stopped the zyprexa that zoloft might have just made you get too high. then you must have just crashed. but you say you feel better with the zyprexa right? Well I just wanted to write because I go through this a lot.
Avatar m tn My psychiatrist has tried me on ambien, lunesta, Ive' even used 2 lunesta and I DO NOT GET SLEEPY! I've done research on sleep disorders, zyprexa withdrawal, etc. and a lot of information states that zyprexa withdrawal can cause insomnia. However, is this the same as not feeling sleepy? Its been a month and I haven't been tired and whats even wierder is that i wasn't tired when i got back on the zyprexa after stopping it for 4 days. I am wondering if i am ever going to be sleepy tired again.
Avatar f tn I am without invega now for 2 days and placed on zyprexa taken so far 2 days. Can anyone tell me when I will feel better. I am exhausted, listless, get dizzy When standing and terrible nausea. No appetite. I also have ideas of reference in my Psychosis. High anxiety. He also put me on cogentin for uncontrollable muscle Movements of my tongue rubbing my teeth all day. This is day 3 and it's still happening. I guess it's a lot of mental strain changing all these meds at once.
Avatar n tn My doctor says I might want to just go back on the zyprexa but it has really bad side effects and I gain a ton of weight on it and since my blood sugar is already high I would probably develop diabetes. Any advise? Do I just get through withdrawals (which is hell) or do I go back on zyprexa and see if it helps or go ask for something else. Anyone been in a similar situation? I'm really missing my family and haven't been able to care for my 9 month old son. Any advice would be much appreciated!
Avatar n tn He is on his second antidepresent called Elavil and now they are wanting to add Zyprexa to be taken with the Elavil. Lots of other sides but these seem to be the worse at the moment. Going into his 5th month of treatment. Pretty much a struggle the entire time. Today first day back to work in weeks. Viral counts almost undetectable, however the ALT and AST remain above the 150's. Much more to say but for now just needing feedback on this new drug they want to try.
1082697 tn?1260068216 now i hear bad things about zyprexa. i can get past the weight gain, but not the sleepiness it can cause. i am afraid to take it. i know it is an antisycotic drug or how ever it is spelled. i am just thinking about throwing out all of my pills and living with this anxiety and depression. i guess the new thing now is take this drug if an antidepressant does not work. i can hear it makes you a zombie. is all this true? has anyone had good luck with this drug?
Avatar f tn He just came home yesterday from a 3 week stay in a mental hospital. The first day he was there they started him on Zyprexa. By the time he came home they were giving him 10mg 3 times a day! I had no idea how high a dose this was. When I took the prescription to the pharmacy they wouldn't fill it without talking to his doctor. They said the dose was excessive. I found out that this is the dose they would give to a 300lb adult, not to a 45lb little boy.
Avatar m tn how do you react to benzodiazepines? does it cause you to become mentally unstable? if not, you could consider doing Oxazepam once or twice a week (in doses not above 20mg), if your doctors agrees with this. I'm a lifelong anxiety suffer, and have recently used oxazepam the first two days of school to break the ice, and it works wonders. you make a good relaxed first impression on people, and they treat me nice afterwards - even while sober.
Avatar f tn I read in the parkinson syptoms about how thay beleiave low dopamine to be responciable for why people with parkinson have trouble walking and I was on zyprexa which one of the more serious effect can be on you brains abilty to produce dopamine or something and the leg problem started with zyprexa but was getting better over time till now since coming off zyprexa.
Avatar n tn He spent 10 days in our local hospital and had to be transferred to the state facility due to lack of insurance coverage. (they only would pay for 10 days) He is given 1500 depokote and 30 mil of zyprexa now for about 15 days.
Avatar n tn which is a rather scary side effect of the antipsychotics. I've been told to monitor my temperature and get to hospital if it goes up too high...I'm not sure if my symptoms are a result of the drugs or something else...In the initial stages of this illness, I had a few bizarre fevers in the space of 3 weeks. This leads me to think that I may have some kind of autoimmune condition such as lupus. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't terrified, but I'm trying to remain positive!
Avatar n tn this is the longest I have ever been stable in my entire life.It didnt happen over night. I have lost most of my initial weight gain I got from the zyprexa and I am continuing to loose more weight by following th plan I have laid out for you. It works.Be patient and give it time.Most meds take 4 -6 weeks to get their full impact going. Dont give up and talk to your doc about trying something else.