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4173517 tn?1350602301 zoloft/sertraline is an SSRI that can cause mania to bipolars. Rule no 1 don't ever take any antidepressant except associated with a mood stabilizer or an antipsychotic. If your doctor put you on zoloft alone and he said you have bipolar disorder, then I am afraid you should check his degree. I am SURE he is is not a doctor at all, let alone pdoc. Zoloft is one of the strong SSRI of course effexor is worse especially in withdrawals but zoloft is also bad. It's only 10 years old.
Avatar f tn I'm not so sure about how SSRI meds like Zoloft might effect the elderly, but this behavior sound serious and I would contact her doctor immidiatly. You may want to taper her off the Zoloft.
Avatar n tn One type made me very alert so i would not lie down the whole night so I stopped taking them all). Now I am taking 150mg Zoloft and 5mg Valium. I have taken this for about 6 months. I still have difficulty sleeping but the zoloft makes me feel much more positive about it all and I accept that I can't function as well as I used to. The problem i am having is greatly decreased appetite.
Avatar f tn kcdem here to do my weekly zoloft bashing. I hate zoloft....... it caused me horrible insomnia. if an ssri is correct i think you will have very few if any side effects and gradually feel better. 20 years ago when they first came out that was the norm. for some reason now these horrid side effects are to be tolerated and it is normal to take benzos to ride out the effects until our bodies can tolerate it. i dont buy it. i think it is lazy doctors and drug companies pushin that line.
Avatar m tn My mom is 85 and has been taking zoloft and paxil for depression and anxiety attacks. I have noticed recently that she doesn't smile as often and her conversations are limited. Does anyone have any comments on the side effects of taking these two drugs together? I was wondering if she is being over medicated.
Avatar f tn Hello sir! My disease is panic and deprasion My used items zoloft & effexor .... Now not working zoloft and effexor Next to it is effexor/zoloft without prozac Plese help me!
Avatar n tn I am asking this question about my mother. How does zoloft effect the elderly. The doctor increased her dosage to 100mg from 50mg. She appears to me to be more depressed and has said that she has thought of sucide. I have read somewhere that zoloft can have adverse effects in the very young and the elderly. Is this true? I believe I can see a difference when the zoloft dosage was increased.
Avatar m tn I was on Lamictal and Zoloft for pst 9 months and gained 24 lbs, extremely tired, etc. Doctor has recently changed me to Keppra (500mg) and Zoloft (100mg). Not sure this is the right combo for me. Any suggetions? I seem to have mad mood swings, sleepy all the time. Would Wellbutrin help? THANK YOU FOR ANY HELP!
Avatar n tn My questions is the interaction, if any, documented with taking both Sertraline 50 mg po QD and (potential) Lunesta 1mg QHS? I have been taking the generic of Zoloft 50 mg for around 10 years. I've always had trouble sleeping and am post-menopausal. I've been contemplating the usage of non-benzodiazepines for a while now and am leaning more and more toward taking one. I have a mild h/o mitrovalve prolapse and once had an allergic reaction to Paxil CR.
Avatar n tn Other anti depressants such as Zoloft, Remeron and Paxil seem to be effective in elderly patients with depression. Remeron seems to be the most commonly used drug in elderly patients with depression and weight loss. I would recommend that she talk to her doctor about other available options. Sincerely HFHS-M.D.
803381 tn?1237921077 Her Dr. switched her to Zoloft thinking it would help with OCD and socialization issues. This caused a 4 day break from reality. Once all her meds got back on track, and Zoloft was replaced with Paxil again, things got better. She still had some hallucination and delusion issues, but she was mostly OK. Then she fell and broke her hip. Post surgery, she had no grasp on reality whatsoever. She started coming back around after a couple of weeks. Her Dr.
Avatar n tn The prescriptions you are talking about are Zoloft and Tradazone. Those are standard anti-depressents. However, I personally know about Aricept because I tried it for tardive dyskinesia and had a pretty poor response. My grandfather was prescribed Aricept for age related memory loss after a cardiovascular impairment. He couldn't tolerate it either. That doesn't mean at all its the wrong medication generally. Its just it has a fair amount of side effects for some people.
Avatar f tn I am now my elderly parents only living child. So now I have my special needs son, my elderly parents and have to help with my brothers kids . I thought I was handling everything okay, but upon one of my many 3 hour trips to go help my parents go through my brothers house/belongings I had to pull over because my heart was racing so unbelievably fast I didn't want to die behind the wheel.
Avatar n tn As an answer you can say 'don't know'! It's been 8 days since my question about Amitritpyline - any comments by anyone? Also a question on same - can one wean off Amitriptyline to a SSRI without leaving a gap between. This site says yes, my doctor (a G.P) says No.
Avatar n tn what are you doing!? don't ever mix ambien with Lorazepam, xanax, zoloft or any of the likes! There are interactions between these drugs Central nervous system- and/or respiratory-depressant effects may be additively or synergistically increased in patients taking multiple drugs that cause these effects, especially in elderly or debilitated patients.
Avatar n tn Strange thing is, im on Zoloft and other than constant coldness, I feel great, which makes me suspicious of it being just anxiety.
Avatar f tn My only cardiac risk factor is severe anxiety ongoing for 10 years - this is relatively well controlled by zoloft but I have always had frequent episodes of tachycardia, palpitations and white coat syndrome (usually my BP is normal but under severe stress it reaches 150/95) My question is why this has happened and what has caused the new hemiblock? Can I exercise as normal? Does this put me at risk for future heart problems such as more serious heart blocks?
Avatar f tn Elderly Mom on Zoloft and Risperdal by Tinkerbell920, 4 minutes ago My mom is 93 years old and about 95 pounds. She very thin and frail and her memory has decreased rapidly in a few weeks. She suffers from depression, and is (without meds) obsessive-compulsive. Without meds she had a horrible temper and would argue about every little thing. Extremely stubborn and independent. Now she is in a nursing home after numerous falls, and never adjusted until a psychiatrist was brought in last year.
Avatar m tn said she was on it too long ,and put her on Prozak first then Zoloft ,,and shortly after that she had to go in the hospitol she was in hell ! Horrible thoughts of suacide, terrible depression ,,all of it.. All of a suden she supposedly has Anxiety disorder ..so now she is on klonapin,cymbalta,remeron ,ambien,xanax,and darvon , and is not getting any better!!!! ,My question is.... Do you think the stopping of the Elavil caused this traumatic experience ?
Avatar n tn Immediately after he went into a depression over what happened and his sudden change in routines. He was taken to see a psychiatrist who put him on Zoloft. His condition over the last 2 weeks worsened and has turned into a psychotic depression. Initially he was having paranoid delusions about his former coworkers trying to frame him for things he might have done wrong in his career. All his statements were very irrational.
Avatar n tn later, the seizure theory was in doubt, but he continues on the Dilantin. He was started on 100 mg. of Zoloft a few days later when it was decided that depression was part of his problem. My concern is that my Dad is being over-medicated because while no one has made a definitive diagnosis of exactly what is wrong with him he is getting quite a large initial dose of Dilantin, and he has not been the same since whatever happened to him the night he ended up in the E.R.!!
Avatar n tn I took an antihistamine(claratin) and broke out in hives! I tried zoloft and celexa for anxiety and depression and had horrible reactions. The only thing i've been able to take is prozac, starting out on a tiny drop dosage and working up to 10mg. after being off it for a year, I fell into a terrible depression. I hate taking any meds at all -- i tried exercise, St. John's Wort ( broke out in hives), etc.
Avatar n tn For only a fews days each, I've tried ambien, some over the counter meds, zoloft (I become very anxious and was takened off after 3 days), zyprexa (4 days, but I went off it on my own because I was getting a new doctor.). For a week, I've been off everything; my suggestion and okayed by my new psychiatrist. Thanks!
1787135 tn?1315012183 After that, I was put on several medications (at different times, of course), which included Wellbutrin, Lexapro, Celexa, Zoloft, and Prozac. None of these seemed to have any lasting effect. At 18, I was hospitalized and diagnosed bipolar. I have always experienced extreme highs and lows consistent with bipolar disorder, as well as anxiety. Over the last year is where things have gotten worse. My "normal" mood is either anger or depression.
Avatar n tn Calling the ambulance, getting strapped to all their heart monitors and putting her on oxygen while rushing her to the hospital. She's an elderly woman so they wouldnt send her home the same day. Every time they kept her they ran aaaaallll tests imaginable, again because she is elderly. They didnt want to take any chances. In the end... ANXIETY!! No matter how much she claims not to be anxious about anything and doesnt have a worry in the world, thats what it is.
Avatar f tn I've been to the ER twice, had shoulder xrays, chest xray, 2 CBC's, echocardiogram, 2 EKG's and many trips to the doctor. I recently started Zoloft (1st antidepressant for me- ever!)and have been feeling NAUSEA badly. I recalled the first trip to the ER and they gave me 10 Elavil pills. The first one I took got rid of the pain for weeks, so I stopped, not wanting to have a "band aid" fix in case the pain was something else.
Avatar f tn I told the internist I would like to discontinue the klonopin but she wants me to stay on it. I am an elderly woman. Does anyone have ideas about this switch?
Avatar n tn She has been in the health center now for 2 weeks - on 100 mg of zoloft, aricept, namenda, seraquil and can't walk, is more confused and very irritable to others. Not her normal personality. Her neurologist has just taken her off zoloft, aricept and namenda and increased her seraquil to 25 mg 3 times a day (was 25 mg once a day at night). I am hoping I am doing the right thing for her.