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Avatar m tn Do I have herpes, or a yeast infection? I have noticed some small bumps on my labia majora, they were there before I began to have unprotected sex. But lately I have noticed a slight tingly feeling down there, its not exactly the tingle like your leg fell asleep but more like a pinchy one time tingle, almost like you are being pked by someone(And not in a good way).
Avatar m tn I can only wonder if the cipro killed the good bacteria and hence caused some kind of fungal infection? While the tiny bumps on my glans do not seem to look like the pictures I've seen of yeast infections, I wonder if it could be the early stages of it. I have kind of a general ache in the head of my penis.
Avatar n tn I once had a "yeast infection", that I have now come to believe was a herpes outbreak. However, my "yeast infection" differed from other yeast infections I've had in the past in a couple of significant ways. First, it was *painful*. It started while I was on my period, and inserting a tampon was absolutely excruciating.
Avatar n tn They are a little itchy and I just got off my peroid (still spotting a little) and have been really stressed with work and school. Could this be a yeast infection (no weird discharge, but the itching seems a bit worse) the itching isnt what worries me it is the bumps? I have looked at a million STI pics online and it looks like nothing on there....any clues???
Avatar f tn Where are the bumps exactly, which area the inner or outer vagina? Either way these could be associated with HSV, or could just be an irritation from something, your best bet would be to see your doctor. Not all HSV carriers present the virus in the same manner and there is no way to really tell you what this is. If the bumps are on the inner of your vagina, they could be normal and irritate by something but again see your doctor for a diagnosis.
Avatar m tn From pictures i've seen on the internet, my bumps dont look like molluscum, or herpes, or warts so i'm at a loss, they most resemble pictures of a yeast infection but I dont have flaky skin, or whiteness just red pin sized bumps. (not a terrible amount of them either). I do have a girlfriend, we've been together 6 months, I took a STD test back in march it came out all negative (the blood type test) does this sound more like a yeast infection or molluscum contagiosum or something else?
Avatar n tn I am getting STD tested next Wednesday (hopefully) just to make sure. After researching VP, some women said that they got it from the inflammation that a yeast infection causes. For about a year or two I've had paranoia about whether I had a yeast infection or not.
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Avatar n tn I notice I have a yeast infection. Day 3: Yeast infection is cured. Day 4: Hurts to urinate for boyfriend. Get's tested for UTI, negative. Day 5: Still hurts to urinate, notices small, circular dark red "scabs" on his penis. Get them looked at, doctor says it's not herpes and tells us not to worry. Tells him that the pain while urinating will go away on it's own. Day 5: Spots are still there and have not changed. Go see family doctor.
Avatar n tn This was followed by a yeast infection. Before the discharge from the yeast infection showed up I was freaking out because I thought it might be herpes, but it looks nothing like the pictures I have seen of herpes, I don't have symptoms as bad as those that occur when you have herpes and the sores havent crusted or scabbed. The sores looked like little canker sores but with a long narrow line down the middle.
Avatar m tn My gf has had a yeast infection before, but I didn't have one, or didn't know I did. And now she thinks she has another one, but it's not diagnosed. I have all the symptoms of a male penile yeast infection minus the discharge. And out of no where a few days ago when she told me this, the next day I noticed the bumps appear. I've been taking 1 tab of acidophilus and 3 tabs of garlic daily, and treating the infected area with Lotrimin Ultra in the am and Monistat cream in the pm.
Avatar m tn The closest thing it resembles are skin tags. They first started showing up after I had a yeast infection last year and had to keep a cream on all the time. They do not cause me any discomfort or ever turn red. They show up in two different groups; at the base and 1/2 inch below the head. If anyone could help me shed some light on this, I would greatly appreciate it as there is nothing else I can do, short of kidnapping a doctor and making him look at it. haha.
Avatar n tn To have some cultures taken and to have the bumps thoroughly looked at. Good luck, I hope it's just a yeast infection. And if it is then the $16 on the meds was worth not worrying yourself to death.
Avatar n tn Before these 8 months I hadn't experienced any vaginal troubles, I only wish i could say the same now. About a month into the activity I experienced what I believe was my first yeast infection. I didn't go to the doctor and I didn't treat it. I just waited until it went away which it did about a week later. Last week I experienced my 4th occurence of whatever it is. Since the first one I have had an abundance of this, cottage cheese like discharge.
Avatar n tn I have these bumps on the right labia majora where the pubic hair grows. There are about 6-8 of them in number. They are almost flesh-colored, maybe slightly red especially after touching it. They are almost shiny-looking when I pick up the skin to look at it closer. They do not hurt or itch. They have been there for about 11 days now. I also have a pimple/blister looking bump on my right inner thigh.
Avatar f tn i did have a yeast infection before i got these and i think the yeast infection may have came back. i dont know for sure. by the end of this month i will be seeing a gyno and be tested for all stds. let me know your results.
Avatar f tn i have used apple cider vinegar stopped dousching and take batgs instead ofshowers. Also have used yeast infection trearments. Pleaese help! Do I sti have it?
Avatar m tn So I went back to the doctor on Oct. 2nd and he gave me more diflucan and told me to buy some monistat 7, that it was a yeast infection. I noticed on Oct. 3rd about 5 small red bumps on the top side at the base of my penis in the pubic hair region that seem to be in a circle. The bumps are not big and they are not blisters but they are a little larger than just a spot. Can these be associated with yeast or have I possibly been misdiagnosed and have had herpes since September?
Avatar n tn is your discharge white thick and cottage-cheese like? (look up pictures of yeast infection discharge and see if it matches) because it really could be the yeast infection. as for the bump, there are lots of folds and bumps that exist in our vagina. if i were to look at mine, i could see a "bump" as well but that's normal and has always been there.only worry about the bump if it is the source of your irritation.
Avatar m tn I think I used a vagisil type product last time (for yeast infections) and am currently using clotrimazole though I've only been applying for a few days. So I guess my question is does this sound like a male yeast infection? If so, is there a reason they reoccur? Any other cream that would help make the "outbreak" go away quicker? Any help is appreciated. I can't really find pictures of what it looks like online.
Avatar m tn , I have tried ALOT of medications and remedys with no results!!!At first i thought it was a yeast infection, i tryed your usually probiotics with your tea trea oils and every other special from of yeast infection treatment with no RESULTS!!, I have been seeing this urologist for the past 2 months, he gave me Doxycycline which cleaned out my UTI and prostitis!! But for my penis gland infection he said i probably have trigamonos and gave me metronidazole 250MG pills.
Avatar n tn Thanks for the advice I've been putting aloe on it and it seems to be almost gone, fingers crossed. Although I now am getting a yeast infection. Which I'm quite use to as I've always been sensitive down there so it's no biggie just glad the bumps are going away I'm tired of all the excess hair as trying not to irritate the area.
Avatar m tn Unfortunately, I had very small red bumps on my entire penis during my visit with this doctor. She had no idea what these bumps were (later diagnosed as a yeast infection) and she indicated in her medical report that she disagreed on the herpes diagnosis with the first doctor saying that there was no evidence of vesicular lesions. She was nice but not very helpful. She prescribed more Valtrex anyway but I never took it.
Avatar m tn I went to the doctor today and he said he thought it was hives 90% he said 10% could be an infection of some sort. I hung out with my buddies and smoked a little marijuana earlier in the night around 8 o clock and around 1 am I felt my body itching. And also nights after drinking recently..the next day i have been getting hives. Do you think it is in my mind that the hives keep coming back or is it because of the alcohol and marijuana?
Avatar n tn I don't completely shave down there, I use a trimmer to just trim close so I don't think it's ingrown hairs or anything, plus most of the bumps are in areas without hair. I am prone to UTIs but I haven't had one for a while. I've never had a yeast infection but from what I've read it doesn't seem like that either. I looked at pictures and descriptions of genital warts and they look nothing like what I have. And from the descriptions of herpes it doesn't seem like that at all either.
Avatar n tn Hi there, I have bumps down below and am unsure what they are. I have included below the description of them.(It would be handy if I could upload photos but I don't think this is possible is it? There are two skin coloured bumps on the bottom part labia majora. These are painless and really small. From pictures it looks like there may be round centres on them with something sticking out of the middle but it is very hard to get pictures that close up.
Avatar n tn Well it turns out that my girlfriend had a yeast infection while we were having sex does that cause anything?