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419008 tn?1219540038 On day 7 I developed what I thought was a yeast infection...very swollen, red, painful, itchy... Got monistat 1 day treatment...That was yesterday. Swelling has gone down a little. My question is I am occasionally having small amounts of blood streaked mucoid discharge. Is this normal or should I be concerned? Also I have little bumps around my vaginal opening. Is this normal as well?
Avatar n tn i think i might have a yeast infection or herpes, bout a year and a half ago i had sex with a girl with a condom and had a burning sensation, it was ruled as gonorrhea, it took the medicine and i felt better but the sores never healed little hard sores that cant pop on the inside skin not on the acual penis im not circumsized and the girl said she doest have herpes, and i got tested and are waiting for my results, a doc a few months ago said it wasnt herpes and the doc that officially tested me
Avatar f tn For example, my first yeast infection was two days after having sex with my boyfriend, and my second occurred after having sex with one of my friends. The first one I knew was a yeast infection through self-diagnosis and I took Monistat and it went away almost immediately... The second one I knew was a yeast infection as well, but the symptoms weren't too severe, so I let it go away by itself. Well, I seem to have one now.
Avatar n tn 42 yr old , healthy,no medical hx. I had a yeast infection on 11/ 2nd one in 2 yrs, so I used Monistat3. It burned terribly!-had to wipe it out! Called MD she gave me Diflucan 150 every 3 days for a total of 3 pills. Took 1, started to feel relief, did the gynazol cream that she ordered as well. Itching, discharge gone in about 2 days, but still reddness and slight burning. Didn't take the other pills, started having bad abdominal pains. Blood tests + everything ok, most likely GI related.
Avatar n tn i have a hx of more severe yeast infection (had one 2 mos ago). i also notice white bumps on the inside of my labia, a few swollen red bumps on the outside of my labia major, and overall i am very red/swollen and extremely tender. before this sexual encounter i was tested for all STDs (HIV, herpes, and any other blood tests too). i have made an appt. with my obgyn but she can't get me in until late next week.
Avatar f tn Last week I had a rash that lasted under my vagina around my butt hole,n here n there I get bumps outside my vagina. Skin like bumps and when I bust them pus n blood comes out. I wonder if its for using the same razors a lot? Or is this sme type of std like herpes?and before then It used to be very uncomfortable ,and hurts when I wash down there, especially after showering. I guess rubbing it made it worse.
Avatar n tn Also, I went to Planned Parenthood this past Thursday to have them take a look and she was convinced I had a yeast infection. I took one 150mg of Diflucan. I have started to get tiny scabs (millimeter or even less) on my shaft, head, and suprisingly inside the opening of my urethra where no doctor or myself could see ANY signs of skin abnormalities before the scabs showed up.
Avatar f tn I'm 40 and took Amoxicillan in Feb. That led to a yeast infection in March and it just hasn't let up. I've been using Monistat- 3 day and 7 day. I noticed redness just outside my vagina opening and a few bumps. I just had a clean bill of health in December from my gyno on my old insurance plan. I haven't been able to get an appt with a new gyno that isn't almost 3 months out! I got so sick of it that I went to the ER. They did blood work and urine that came back fine.
Avatar m tn I've looked up pics online and it looks like balanitis, but the white heads, which I never got before, make me nervous. I've showed this to docs in the past who said it was a yeast infection, and it has always cleared up with an anti-fungal, but I went to a new doc to get a swab done to make sure, and he said it was herpes. I have had this problem since before the last time I was tested negative for herpes, so I was doubtful, but he was certain it was.
Avatar f tn they said that the bumps we're from my bacterial infection and that it didnt look like i had any herpes. i had gotten a blood test and they never called me after i went in so i figured i was STD clean. until recently, about 7 days ago i started to experience itching and redness to my vulva and lips. it was really irritating and i noticed my underwear was becoming more white and wet, but it was not chunky, then 2 days ago i noticed i have now a little cut basically on my lip.
Avatar f tn My husband has been only with me. Last month I got a yeast infection. I have had one before and knew the symtoms itchy, painful urination, cottage cheese type dishcharge, and yeast smell. I ate yogurt and bought a natural yeast killing supository and waited a week and it did not get better. I also started getting a few bumps around my vulva. They were not painful and I poped one or two of them. So I decided to go to the doctor, we did not have insurance so we went to a care now clinic.
Avatar n tn yes she took a swab for a yeast and bacterial infection, but she also gave me a prescription for a gel and valtrex. like i mentioned i'm very active biking, running and prone to yeast infections...and me and my boyfriend uses condoms. i asked could the redness be from scratching?
Avatar f tn Okay so I am literally FREAKKKKING out. Initially I went to the doctors because I had a minor tear on the inner labia(crease of my vagina) I went she took one look and said hmm. yup looks like herpes. I literally jumped up and started hysterically crying I have been in a monogamous relationship with my boyfriend for 8 months and have never had any problems. I was diagnosed with a yeast infection.
Avatar f tn im going to the doctor tomorrow and i was wondering if this bump was caused by a yeast infection or because i have been touching that area often. and if it is herpes why is it i have no bumps in or around my mouth. also i tried to pop it and clear fluid came out and blood. so i immediately stopped. it has gotten smaller but it's still there.
Avatar f tn I have only had the doctor diagnose me for s yeast infection one other time, but this felt exactly like a yeast infection I had before. I called the docotr and she didn't see me but provided me some medicine. I have now taken it and I am starting to feel better, but I keep feeling like I see bumps in my vagina! I'll look again or move things around and they aren't really there.
Avatar n tn I am worried that he could have been shed the virus onto the fingers he had inside me. On Thursday, I started to get symptoms of a yeast infection. I get yeast infections frequently and these symptoms seemed to be the same ones I usually get - itching, redness, small fissures, discharge - though the symptoms are slightly more severe right now. I have been looking at my vagina with a mirror and flashlight and there does not appear to be any sores or blisters.
Avatar f tn She told me my symptoms weren't like normal herpes symptoms and that she thought it was a yeast infection. I didn't even believe her because I was so sure it was herpes. I've had one yeast infection before and it was nothing like this. She took and swab and blood test and everything came back negative for herpes...except she only took a hsv2 blood test because I already have the cold sore virus.
Avatar f tn -I tried cannestin (sp) for a possible yeast infection. It was one treatment and it did help a little bit. But now I am back to where I started. -My discharge is strange. Sometimes its whitish lotion texture and sometimes its thick and sticky but also white. It was ONCE tinged with a bit of blood and ONCE it was green. -No leisons, no sore spots, no bumps. -Just sore sore sore. Like I have an infection. -No flu like symptoms or any body aches. I had a sinus flare up but thats it.
Avatar m tn I was also sick during this time and a fever, but it was more of a cold, not flu like symtoms so i think that is completely unrelated. I had never had a yeast infection before, so I didn't really know that's what it was. I finally got a 3 day Monistat, and it got better. However, I noticed these little circular spots on the inside of vagina, assuming that's what burned when I had to pee. I had some bumps on the bottom region on the outside of my vagina.
Avatar m tn The Cream didn't really do much it seem to get worse the red spot, became very sore to touch, it seem to have 3 small bumps no pus just red. They bumps and redness went away about 5-6 days later but still have itchy feeling.
Avatar m tn My girl friend at the time of possible infection was having yeast infections/bactiera infections/uti. She told me she had done research and found out that since she had a yeast infection she could have passed it to me. We were fighting already and I had broken up with her the week I noticed a sore(did not break up with her for infection). I went to my doctor and he said it looked like herpes based off the grouping of blister/sore. he recommended I go to the free clinic.
Avatar n tn I called the STD clinician and they said it was a fungal infection, maybe yeast. Paranoid I went in and got examined by a nurse at the clinic. She said it did not look like herpes (she claims shes alot of herpes)but didnt know if it was an ingrown hair or a yeast infection. I have yet to see a dermatolgist but I saw a MD who prescribed me some antibotics for cold and ketoconozale for the infection (he never examined me but prescribed it to me).
Avatar m tn She did a swab test and I will hear back in 10 days, but she also gave me meds for a yeast infection as well as herpes. I took the pill she gave for the yeast infection and got monistat and have put cream on it and any pain I have had has gone away within the last 24 hours. I know the sores are still there, but they are smaller. Am I right to assume that a combo of all of the above has just lead to the most painful yeast infection ever?
Avatar f tn The area doesn't really heal, it's just there. I'm really scared please answer. I'm assuming it's just a yeast infection that's never been treated because I've never went to the doctor for this problem.
Avatar f tn A little background info first. My boyfriend (33yrs old) & I (23 yrs old) have been together off & on for 4 years, and have been exclusive for the past 1 1/2years. I get an STD test yearly. The only known STD I have been shown to have is HPV, one of the high risk types, and this is the second recurrence. I had it in 2003, led to severe dysplaysia and I had a LEEP procedure.
Avatar n tn Some women have other problems and think it's a yeats infection, they take yeast infection meds and it just slows down symptoms untill a few weeks later when it acts up again. Some girls have yeast infections all the time and can go on meds to help control it. Every girl has little bumps if you pull the skin tight enough and it sounds like you are making things worse by scratching.
Avatar n tn It turned out I had a bad yeast infection but she also wanted to test me for herpes. I recieved a blood test and culture of the cuts. She said she would be very surprised if the cuts were genital herpes since it was very difficult to culture the tears. I'm really nervous waiting for my test results. I just wanted to know if any one has ever gotten tears in their skin from yeast infections. That doesn't seem like a classic symptom of yeast infections, but I know everyone is different.
Avatar n tn then today i found this sore. freakee out it might be herpes but im hoping its just a yeast infection. i had a urine and blood test done 2 weeks ago today. they usually only call u when u test posituve for something. and no call so far. but still scared. please help!
Avatar f tn Could this possibly be razor burn and yeast infection bumps? Or could I have an STD? they don't itch or burn. They are painless. Once in a great while ill feel an itch but i'm unsure if its the bumps or just from not shaving since I am now afraid to shave with the bumps. Someone please help me. I am schedualing an appointment at a clinic in two days to get tested. But i'd like to hear what it might be or might not be. Just to make me feel better.