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Avatar n tn I've read that some males have had success with monistant (which is used for female yeast infections). You can also put baby powder down there to try and keep it dry.
Avatar m tn Low immunity( chronic stress can contribute to this), sexual Transmission from a female with a vaginal yeast infection, antibiotics( kill beneficial bacteria that is found on the penis) and diabetes(because the elevated sugar in the urine creates a beneficial environment for yeast).
Avatar m tn I also looked online at other descriptions and it seems like it could also be a yeast infection, even though there is no discharge. I have been craving chocolate and sweets a lot... and I never really had a sweet tooth before. The dry pinkish marks most resemble pictures I have seen of BALANITIS (attaching a picture I found online that's similar to the sores when they aren't scabbed over), although I am circumcised so maybe this is unlikely.
Avatar n tn You need to go back to the doctor and show him the pictures. And please don't have anymore unprotected sex. I am sure you dont want to get AIDS.
Avatar m tn Here is the rest: A little over a wk later (26th of March), the area showed no sign of healing, so I got a walk-in appointment. The sores had kind of crusted over & were scabbing. They were never filled with puss & they never ruptured. They also never hurt or looked like the herpes pictures I found online... still I thought it could just be a milder case. I requested my results and told the female doctor the whole story.
Avatar f tn I only have one bump and it's larger than the herpe pictures I have seen. So do I have jock itch?? Or a yeast infection?? Could I have both? And can the anti fungal cream in the monistat clear jock itch? Someone help I have never had anything go wrong downstairs and I am super paranoid I have a herpe.
Avatar f tn I am a 21 year old female. One year ago I made a mistake that has forever haunted me. I had unprotected vaginal sex with this random guy after a drunken night. Shortly after that, I'd say a month, I met my boyfriend whom Ive been with now it's been almost a year. We have had unprtected sex as I was on bc...just recently stopped the pill tho. This will relate as my story unravels. Just about a week and a half ago I started getting weird feelings in my stomach, just generally a sick feeling.
Avatar m tn Haven't had sex with anyone with a yeast infection besides years ago, but I'm told once you've gotten a yeast infection it can come back. Got checked for HIV neg and negative for other STDs that can be checked through urine sample and blood work. Anyway, sorry for the long post but if you could help me out that would be awesome. Thank you! Oh, here's a picture of my glans. I circled what I'm worried about but it might be hard to see.
Avatar n tn Your symptoms suggest such things as fungal infection like tinea (jock itch), yeast, a skin infection called erythrasma, or any of several other things. It isn't herpes and it's not directly due to HPV. You need to stop trying self-diagnosis or looking for answers online and get a professional diagnosis. Presumably by now you have seen a health care provider about it. If not, or if s/he hasn't made a diagnosis, see somone else. A referral to a dermatologist would be a good idea.
Avatar n tn I do discharge white gook sometimes, but it quite literally never itches, so I never thought that it could be a yeast infection if there was no discomfort. Then I noticed recently that the skin between the vagina and the urethra has turned very pale. You can see the line where it should be pink and then there's this patch of very whitish skin. Never had THAT before. But again! No pain, no discomfort, no itching, nothing. Just frequent white discharge and white skin.
Avatar m tn I got my yeast infection from having sex (mine was with another female) But sometimes, your body can catch infections from new bacteria (least thats what I heard, im no expert Im only 19) If things continue please try to see a doctor.. Have your boyfriend take you or something. If you absolutely cannot, go to a CVS and ask the pharmacist what they think.
Avatar n tn I doubt having labioplasty will help with your yeast infection problems. You will have to research this with your insurance company, in regards for getting it covered. I would have no idea, I'm sure it just depends on the company, and on what your doctor is willing to swear is medical necessity.
Avatar m tn (yes it's really bad, like i said I will get back on track soon. I love being athletic) I thought maybe I had a yeast infection, but my doctor didn't even want to hear about it. He said since I'm a guy it's mostlikely not possible. I did the early morning up spit method and it was horrible. The yeast was a string that went straight down to the bottom of the cup. I have not shown him these pimple like bumps though. I asked him based on the morning up trick and my poop.
Avatar m tn you are an otherwise healthy person. A yeast infection in the mouth isn't going to go systemic and kill you. I think at this point the best advice I can give you is to turn off the computer, keep yourself busy and follow up with providers as needed. I think you are causing yourself unneeded stress by obsessively reading things online.
Avatar n tn She has no STDs but was unaware of a yeast infection. I got treated for a yeast infection and it did not clear up at all...Another situation is this. A few days before symptoms appeared I received oral sex from a girl who apparently has HPV. I was wondering if these are symptoms of HPV? They do not match any of the symptoms I have researched...I have also had my urine fully tested and absolutely nothing came up abnormal, UTI, etc. Any input?? Thanks!
Avatar m tn For what it's worth, herpes wouldn't behave this way, and in any case you already have HSV-2 and can't catch it again, and you were further protected by your valacylovir treatment. A non STD possibility is that you have an oral yeast infection (thrush). I have seen such cases following cunnilingus on women with vaginal yeast infections and I think it's a reasonable possibility for you.
Avatar m tn Yeasts are fungi, but not all fungi are yeasts. I carefully referred to "fungal skin infection", not yeast. Whatever you have isnt likely a yeast infection, if it's fungal at all. Anyway, neither yeast nor other fungal infections are sexually acquired; the exceptions are very rare. The large majority of geital area rashes are not due to any STD and undoubtedly your is not. Work to realize and accept that fact. That will definitely end this thread. Take care.
Avatar f tn I purchased Monistat from a drug store and used that about three days ago thinking it could be a yeast infection, but the bumps are still there. However, the anti-itch cream givin with the monistat does relieve the itching. I have only had intercourse with one man, my current partner. But about three- four months ago i received unprotected oral sex from someone else. I do not know their sexual history.
Avatar f tn If there is an infection present you do not want it to progress. If it were a bladder infection or yeast infection you would have to go back to the Vet anyway.
1070570 tn?1283439813 EBV Ab VCA, IgM was 142 U/mL (range 0-99). EBV Early Antigen Ab, IgG was ok at 60 u/mL (range 0-99). EBV Ab VCA, IgG was through the roof at 2092 U/mL (range 0-99). Cholesterol was also high (219 mg/dL), high LDL (147 mg/dL) and low HDL (39 mg/dL) at this point and has been ever since except once. I was on 50mcg until my TSH on Dec 28, 2007 was 9.81 uIU/mL (range 0.34- 4.82), so my dosage was increased to 75 mcg Levoxyl daily. Re-tested thyroid in October 2008 because I was feeling bad.
Avatar m tn He told me to wait on the test results and prescribed me fluconazole since I mentioned my female partner had a yeast infection - and if the rash goes away with that then we can assume it was just the yeast. So it has been about 12 days since the rash appeared. It is starting to look better, like it is healing. I decided to book a dermatologist appointment today, considering the rash on my genitals was still technically undiagnosed.
Avatar f tn I've never had a yeast infection, or any other vaginal infection - could that be what's causing my discomfort, or possibly vaginal pimples/acne? Also, my boyfriend hasn't experienced any of these symptoms. Please try and help me out! Thanks!
Avatar n tn Second, even if you have thrush, most people with oral thrush don't have HIV. (I once had an oral yeast infection mysef.) Third, it is almost impossible you have HIV, if your sexual history is accurate. The biggest puzzle in this question is why you are asking about it on this or any other forum -- and why you have let yourself be worried about such a low risk exposure for 3 years without checking it out before now.
Avatar n tn She was able to see the doctor the next day and the doctor conducted some tests and gave her medication for yeast infection (fluconozone). She felt fine after a day or two and never brought it up again. Around this time, I too started having a burning sensation on my penis head. This continued for over a week before I was able to go back to the clinic.
Avatar n tn about a month after we started dating i got a yeast infection, lasted a week. almost exactly after we stopped dating i got what i thought to be a chronic yeast infection. it lasted more than a month but finally went away, although i never experienced cottage cheese discharge, i still figured it to be the yeast. i have never had any open sores that i know of (i might have inside me) and he didnt have any either. im such a hypochondriac that every little change in my body im on google.
Avatar n tn Your genital symptoms certainly suggest a vaginal yeast infection as a possibility. However, I doubt your symptoms are related to your husband's apparent jock itch. Finally, I stress his "apparent" jock itch. From your description, it sounds like he has made the diagnosis himself and it seems clear the OTC preparations aren't solving the problem. It is time for him to seek professional care for a proper diagnosis, either from his primary care provider or a dermatologist.
Avatar n tn if you open my lips you might can see one of the three bumps. i guess im just hoping on a miracle. a yeast infection or something. (i've never had anything so i dont know) i read that yeast infections can have rashes also. so im hoping. any ideas?
Avatar n tn Hi Doc. I'm a 39 year old female and have been having cold-sore outbreaks approx 3xs a year since I can remember. Usually, I just get one little cluster of blisters on the R side of my bottom lip. Lately, starting stating back in December, I've been getting very intense outbreaks (about once or twice monthly) sometimes involving the L side of my bottom lip, and just recently, my entire bottom lip and areas of my chin. This is very unusual for me.