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Avatar n tn After fighting a resistant strain for that length of time, my symptoms turned out to be vulvodynia. It can mimic a yeast infection and a whole lot of other problems. Negative for all sorts of things, but pain, inflammation and some itching 24/7 for me. I would look into it. There are treatments that help.
Avatar n tn Then small reddish dots appeared and a full fledged small red soar appeared (just like a canker sore or zit). It looks (based on internet pictures) Herpes, Yeast Infection or Syphilis. I have not had any discharge or symptoms other than the itching/burning and muscle aches. In this second "episode" I am much more achy and the infection does seem to be going down but its still annoying and stingy.
Avatar n tn I noticed I had 4 pimples, located in a different position. This time instead of being on the top of the penis head, they were now on the bottom, and closer to the urethra opening. Please refer to the photos (the first one has two pimples, the second also has two pimples). These were taken yesterday, about 6 weeks after the unprotected encounter.
Avatar m tn I only found out she had the thing half way through, agreed to continue tough I hardly knew what Herpes was and admit responsibility for at least 55% of this outcome. ( I blame half of that on the booze, my erection, and legs wide open) This has definitely been a lesson in safe sex. KIDS... before you get on your knees and do the the do, make sure to ask... "Baby, do you have anything I should know about before I go any further?" And... get tested. Regularly. Seriously.
Avatar n tn i have white spots on my lower legs and arms for several years. They are smooth and flat, does not hurt nor itch, and are between 1 mm to 3 mm in diameter. Over the years, they seem to have grown to 3 mm. i heard they may be tinea versicolor, or luecoderma, or vitiligo. But the pictures i found of tinea and vitiligo seem really widespread over parts of the body. This is not so,in my case. Just tiny dots, like a galaxy on my skin, spattered all over the lower legs and arms.
Avatar n tn The first outbreak I ever had was in the summer of 2003 in Colorado Springs, CO and started on the backs of my lower legs. I've also had them on my feet, my thighs, my forearms, my upper arms, my shoulders, my neck, my waist, my ears, and my nose. I've noticed a few things that were suggested in the above posts but weren't explicitly stated... If I get them in one part of my body, they tend to appear on the other side of my body as well, almost symetrically.
Avatar n tn After reading some of the thoughts on previous posts I decided to try a new theory of a fungus/yeast/bacterial infection and bought some 'vagisil" to see if it is a more of a yeast bacteria. The itching stopped almost instantly. I wish a Dermatologist would chime in here. I have to say there is a common denominator for me... the season, cleaning and painting a trashed home for the next tenant and the stinging feeling... anybody else have any thoughts?
Avatar n tn It first started on my upper legs and bottom, around the inside of my thighs and the top of my thighs. Now it is happening all over. It has gone to all over my thighs, the underside of my forearms, the upperside of arms, lower legs, back, I feel it on the back of my neck now close to my hair is all over. Like I said, this is making me crazy. It started about 3-4 weeks before I went to the Dr.
Avatar n tn His legs are white and where his socks would be with the exception of the tops of his feet are dark. I have looked at some on line pictures of age spots, but the pictures of the age spots appear to be much darker than his spots. He is 49 years old and is on medicine to control his blood pressure. I am hoping they are not in some how related to his heart, blood pressure, etc. Thanks for your time!
Avatar n tn It is probably Idiopathic Guttate Hypomelanosis. Look at pictures on line. It seems there is much to treat it but I did have a Fraxel Repair laser done to my chest and it helped a lot. I imagine It would come back if I have any sun exposure. It is from being in the sun too much. If the spots are quite large it could be Tinia versicolor which is treatable.
Avatar n tn Ask the doctor do look at it. Test for herpes 1 & 2, make sure they type it. (If you have herpes 1, you need to be able to distinguish if you have it orally or genitally, that's why you should also have the sore cultured.) I agree with Peek & also have them test for yeast. Amoxicillan can cause a yeast infection.
Avatar f tn other than that, the actual result of 6 is meaningless as far as the severity of infection or anything else. you don't need retested for herpes. you waited long enough and got the results you actually already knew you had :) have you been talking to anyone professionally about the way you've been feeling lately?
Avatar n tn After 9 months, went to another doc who said 'I don't know'. After 11 months of this torture, at least 90% of the rash on arms, legs and back gone, leaving small circular scars where the rash 'ate' the epidermis. Today, rash is just on chest and back of neck - driving me crazy. Trying new, over-the-counter products and will report back to you later. Brutal - this is not an STD, but the viral infection just won't go away.
Avatar n tn Also, a yeast infection can cause what seems like a bad case of acne wherever the infection is. The bumps many of you have been experiencing can just be cause by over active yeast in your system. Try eating more yogurt with active cultures in it and see your doctor. Everyone, even infants get thrush infections.
Avatar n tn Thrush is generally a painful condition. It causes a yeast like coating on the tongue. So, having a white tongue does not mean that you have thrush. The only way to tell for sure that you have thrush is by diagnosis from a practitioner, not by online descriptions or by self-diagnosis through pictures and illustrations. So from this I can infer that most people who think they have thrush probably dont have it afterall.
Avatar n tn He gave me some Aquaphor and Balneol (both over-the-counter) and still no relief. In fact the Aquaphor caused a yeast infection--it's the consistency of Vaseline, which is not the best thing to apply in the vaginal area. I'm so frustrated and anxious and miserable. I don't imagine that even if I start dating again I'll be able to have sex at all.
1160836 tn?1332333769 I am now on my 3 and last round of Clomid I am on 150mg 3-7 days and I hope that this time I O because on my last round they told me I O early on cd 15 I have never O in 11 years so that was a good thing. But doc said that the numbers where not where he wanted them to be at so that is why he up my clomid this time. As for side effects on 50mg I had mood swings and hot flashes and the wonderful headaches... On 100mg I thank god I did not have any but did have crazy dreams with them.
Avatar n tn If you are sure of your rash, it is caused by overproduction of yeast on your skin. I have discovered through much research that yeast (candida) overproduction is usually internal before it presents as a rash. Aside from topical and oral medications, you MUST consider changing your diet to have long term relief. You need to avoid yeast in your diet, and start taking some probiotics. Skin problems are usually a symptom of another problem, not the problem itself.
Avatar n tn This week I have a very irritating yeast infection. On the second day of the yeast infection while applying the cream that comes with the yeast infection medicine, I found that I spontaneously within the matter of two days grew so many skin tags all around my vagina and on the patch of skin in between my vagina and anus. I have Lyme disease and have been researching if there is any connection because my immune system is already weak. I have not found out much.
Avatar n tn They were only on one side of my scrotum. Within a couple of days I had a very typical looking jock rash on both sides of my scrotum. It was very itchy, burning, uncomfortable. Went to my regular MD in about a week. Said it was jock itch and presecribed a fungal pill and some non-steroid lotramin type of cream. Took the pills for two weeks, not sure what they were, but know it was some sort of antifungal prescription.
Avatar n tn He said it wad caused by my body producing a lot of yeast on the outside of my vagina. So that went away and Now I have this HUGE boil the size of a dime and extremely painful on my clit skin. I'm in so much pain I can barely walk, it's a constant excrutiating, torturing pain. Sitting, standing, even laying down will not make it go away that's how sensitive it is. I don't know what to do to alleviate it or make the pain go away.
Avatar n tn The closest in looks is the dishydrosis or pompholyx but it would be a very minor version of the pictures I see on line. Do they only post the worst ones? The only thing about the dishydrosis or pompholyx is that it doesn't itch. I have also been married for 14 years and have 2 children and none of them have it...I have to believe that if it was contagious that someone would have gotten it by now.
Avatar n tn My blisters formed on the bottom of both feet after applying foot lotion and then taking a power walk. Now my right foot is okay, but the left still has recurring blistering in areas not exposed to pressure. Podiatrist didn't have an answer (except to apply cortisone cream). Food allergy? Sunflower seeds? Excessive foot sweating?
Avatar n tn I've had many many tests for viral and bacterial infections, but no significant results to date other than a parasitic infection and yeast infection. Over the past 6 weeks I've developed hundreds of tiny cherry angiomas over my arms, stomach, neck, chest, back, roof of mouth, and legs. Many are the size of a pin point and they are either bright red or dark red/black in color. They seem to come in large numbers with more appearing all the time.
Avatar n tn hi im only16 years old and i have them mainly on the back of my hands, on my fingers, and on my feet they itch like crazy and when they pop it really hurts and clear liquid comes out it so gross. Do you have any idea what it is or what cases it?
Avatar m tn Nothing is on my genitals yet but I have alot of red dots on my tongue. I don't have insurance and I don't want to jump the gun with another appointment because she may deny me antivirals. 3) Should I be taking antivirals this early without apparent sores or lesions? 4) Can someone get herpes on your tongue? Here's a url to a pic of mine: http://postimage.
Avatar n tn Then I went to another dr and she said that it is just irritated skin and it's normal, that's when I found out that my yeast infection gave me cervisitus, I'm still fighting this yeast infection, but now the bump is gone. I'm still worried about the possibility of herpes, because I guess swabs have a high rate of false positive. But I itch all over, and burning.
Avatar n tn He got it between his legs and on the scrotum, as well as 2 neat lines on the sides of his body where the leash made contact when he pulled. The skin on his scrotum looked very dry, wrinkly and crusty, like the skin on my right hand, between the fingers. He had to endure 3 weeks of getting large amounts of fungal cream smeared on his family jewels and ticklish sides, but it completely cured him.
Avatar f tn I'll try to get a picture on here. Wish I had taken pictures of the first ones. Her skin is fine - she's just licked some of the hair off her tummy while licking on that "thing." She hasn't had anymore since the first ones.
Avatar n tn The problem is that I can't find pictures of mild herpes outbreak on the Internet. They always have the worst case outbreaks. This does not help me. Please keep in mind that my original condition was enough to warrant my first PA to prescribe acyclovir and to recommend testing.