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Avatar n tn Your symptoms sound most compatible with herpes or a yeast infection, and yeast is the most common misdiagnosis in women who actually have herpes. In other words, they can be hard to tell apart even by direct examination, and I certainly can't tell from your description. Lichen sclerosis, lichen planus, trichomoniasis, and other possiblities also come to mind. I doubt tight jeans has anything to do with it. Association with vaginal discharge is more suspicious for herpes or trich.
Avatar n tn need to get this out of my head- it sounds like you have more of an infection than herpes...i too am having trouble getting rid of a yeast infection. the diflucan did not work for me, neither did monistat. i have found some relief using terazol cream which is supposed to treat more than one strain of yeast, however mine is not totally gone so i completely know how you feel! i've found that doing everything possible to keep that area dry is helping ease symptoms.
Avatar n tn I am getting STD tested next Wednesday (hopefully) just to make sure. After researching VP, some women said that they got it from the inflammation that a yeast infection causes. For about a year or two I've had paranoia about whether I had a yeast infection or not.
715122 tn?1229750085 She did not mention anything about a yeast infection, but the symptoms seem close to one as well. She prescribed me Nystatin and Triamcinolone, which I realize is an antifungal creme mainly used to fight Yeast infections. While she was using the swab to get a sample of whatever could be on my labia, it burned and was painful. I made a scrunch face the whole time she dragged the swab around my labia. The only other meds I am currently taking is Ortho Tri-cyclen Lo.
Avatar n tn Before these 8 months I hadn't experienced any vaginal troubles, I only wish i could say the same now. About a month into the activity I experienced what I believe was my first yeast infection. I didn't go to the doctor and I didn't treat it. I just waited until it went away which it did about a week later. Last week I experienced my 4th occurence of whatever it is. Since the first one I have had an abundance of this, cottage cheese like discharge.
299260 tn?1304219705 Last Tuesday, we got our profiles printed and we turned them into our agency on Thursday. By Friday, I had also emailed our agency with the letter and pictures that we want to go on the website. So, that should be completed anyday now.
299260 tn?1304219705 can't wait to see new pictures!! I am starting to get nervous and excited!! I still can't believe how short mat leave is in the states...we get a year up here. Which can be split between the mommies and daddies depending what you want to do! But i bet it is nice to sometimes be back in grownup land for a little while seeing how long you were on bedrest!! I know I was on home rest with Sebastian because of vericose (sp?) veins, i could barely walk.
Avatar n tn i'd also say yeast infection. a lot of women only get a couple of the symptoms and anti fungals (treatment for yeast infection) dont hurt. is your discharge white thick and cottage-cheese like? (look up pictures of yeast infection discharge and see if it matches) because it really could be the yeast infection. as for the bump, there are lots of folds and bumps that exist in our vagina. if i were to look at mine, i could see a "bump" as well but that's normal and has always been there.
Avatar m tn A lot of the things you are picking up on would have gone unnoticed if you weren't worried about having herpes. I think your fine. You could simply have a male yeast infection, they are very common. Just relax and enjoy your day. We are here for you.
Avatar f tn Also, I'm very curious, how long after exposure to hiv would someone develop recurrent yeast infections. Would this likely happen within 4 months- a year after exposure? Or is it more common after years of infection. I understand this is a common problem for many women with other causes but I read different things about the link between hiv and vaginal yeast infections. Some say early sign, some say a much later sign when the cd4 count is really low.
1057060 tn?1266516726 im not 24 weeks until tomorrow but i guess today was the best to get me in. everything went well, i have a yeast infection though so that's no fun. they have me taking a medicine that is category c and i hate to take it but my nurse said my cervix could swell and my water could break if i leave a yeast infection untreated. SO with that i will be taking the medicine!
Avatar n tn and gave me treatment for a yeast infection. now i have NO pain at all in or around my vagina. spotting really bad..almost like a period except sometimes its very brown and other times its just like regular blood but not as heavy.. i have questions.. 1. can i wear a tampon? im scared to because of the prior "yeast infection" 2. what the heck is going on? is it an std? is it because of the new birth control? 3. was it a misscarriage?
Avatar m tn It sounds to me like it is a yeast infection. Get some Nystatin cream or powder from the doc and she should be fine. I am a med-surge nurse and have many women and a few men that have the same symptoms. Under the breasts is prime place for yeast to grow especially when it is hot outside. Hope this eases your concerns.
Avatar m tn I've also had a yeast infection on my member before from a past girlfriend. I've only been with these 2 women. First yeast infection cleared up before this encounter. Penis has been red with a rash since incident. About a month after the encounter I noticed a couple small red bumps forming on the pubic area above my penis, but below waistline. There's about 4-5 of them. One of them actually disappeared but there is somewhat of a scar from where it used to be.
Avatar f tn I only have one bump and it's larger than the herpe pictures I have seen. So do I have jock itch?? Or a yeast infection?? Could I have both? And can the anti fungal cream in the monistat clear jock itch? Someone help I have never had anything go wrong downstairs and I am super paranoid I have a herpe.
Avatar m tn skin right below head of penis and a raised dot on the left side as well as one on the brown line. I have initially treated this with a yeast infection applying OTC products such as Lotrimin AF cream. It doesn't seem to go away though. I have yet to be tested for anything. Please give me thoughts and ideas of what this may be. I have posted pictures. Please take a look thanks. Before I go to a doctor.This has really caused a lot of stress and discomrt. It doesn't itch, or burn. http://www.
Avatar f tn These are pictures on HPV genital warts. If they look like this: they have treatment for them. They can freeze them off or they have creams they can give you with a treatment plan. Remember they are cosmetic and not cancerous. They are very common but if you want to have them removed see your doctor. The alternative is if they do not look like this you could have yeast. Yeast can burn or itch.
Avatar n tn When I went to the gyn they said it was from an overgrowth of the good bacteria found in the vagina. Kind of like a yeast infection, but not. Intercourse irritates it. The dr. gave me some meds and I was cured in a week. Good luck.
Avatar n tn It could be a yeast infection. They can be passed to partner. The same otc cream works on men as women. The heat and rubbing from sex could be irritating it and keeping it coming back. Monistat or other generic cream applied to the area may get rid of it. After symptoms are gone, still need to treat for a few days. That is IF it is yeast.
Avatar n tn I doubt having labioplasty will help with your yeast infection problems. You will have to research this with your insurance company, in regards for getting it covered. I would have no idea, I'm sure it just depends on the company, and on what your doctor is willing to swear is medical necessity.
Avatar n tn Neither of these is sexually transmitted, although sometimes yeast occurs in the male partners of women with vaginal yeast infections. Both yeast and nonspecific balanitis are more common in uncircumcised men, i.e. under the foreskin. (Are you circumcised?) All things considered, an STD seems doubtful. But the only way to know for certain is to see a health care provider for peronsal evaluation. Either yeast balanitis or nonspecific balanitis likely would respond with good hygiene, i.e.
1415174 tn?1453246703 Even though i haven't gone yet i'm positive that i have gonorrhea because today i noticed that i also have infections on my throat like i saw in many pictures in the internet and with that said i have two questions 1. I'm taking yeast infection treatment,can that cure gonorrhea too? 2. How long does it take to cure gonorrhea?
Avatar m tn For what it's worth, herpes wouldn't behave this way, and in any case you already have HSV-2 and can't catch it again, and you were further protected by your valacylovir treatment. A non STD possibility is that you have an oral yeast infection (thrush). I have seen such cases following cunnilingus on women with vaginal yeast infections and I think it's a reasonable possibility for you.
Avatar f tn The past three weeks I've been itching down there, and I thought it was just a yeast infection. The itching stopped when I started my period, then when it ended, a day later it started back up again. Now, I have quite a lot of discharge and it does itch. But I've recently noticed red spots on both of my inner labias. I bought Monistat 7 yesterday so I'm trying to see if that would work, but I've been so worried about if this is an STD or not.
1820473 tn?1344984363 Is there any swelling or itching? It's possible it's a yeast infection--mine have always had discharge similar to that, but it's been in copious amounts and stains my clothing.
Avatar f tn appointment yesterday for my 36th week, and I was told I tested positive for the Group Strep B test they gave me the prior week and I have a yeast infection I didn't know about. :( what an appointment, right? Ugh. I was feeling so horrible about the Group Strep B, and felt as if it was something I should have prevented however the doctor encouraged me that it's literally like a coin toss and pure chance whether women have it or not.
Avatar n tn HIV/syph is also on the rise in women of child bearing age. i also think that my bad yeast infection could be due to HIV since some women get them really bad when they are infected. i have worried myself SICK over this and yes i have made an appointment to get tested but until then all i do is google everything i can about HIV/AIDS, syphilis, statisitics on the two and how they are linked, pictures ect.
1194973 tn?1385507504 Could you have Thrush? It is a yeast type infection. It is common and can cause itching. I would look into that, & try not to itch. I know how hard to is. Hang in there, this too shall pass. Take care!
Avatar m tn Two months after this ordeal I went into planned parenthood and got checked out and tested for everything and had an exam for herpes, all of which were negative and she said i have nothing to worry about that it looks natural. I KNOW MY PENIS CHANGED THOUGH! It looks alot like pictures of yeast infection and balantis but i dont know what it is. The symptoms have stayed the exact same for 5 months, no pain or itching at all.
Avatar m tn Are fungal infections easily transferred through vaginal intercourse? Do women typically suffer discomfort/yeast infection like discharge/cramping/fever as a result?