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Avatar f tn The cat could also have foreign material stuck in the paws like glass or something that is not allowing them to heal. There could also be a bacterial infection or resistant bacterial infection or yeast infection present. Basically, what should be done is a thorough visual exam of the feet to check for foreign material. If nothing is found, an impression smear of the discharge should be collected on a slide and looked at under the microscope.
5769293 tn?1373929611 The yeast infection could be due to an allergy. My dogs allergic to yeast and gets the infection. Does it have a foul odor? I would seek vet advice..
Avatar n tn There is a reddish pigment in the tears of many dogs called porphorin. The coloration exists in dogs with all color coats, but it just cannot be seen in darker coated dogs. Porphorin shows up as reddish "gubers" when the pigment becomes concentrated in light colored coats. This has no relationship to the anal glands or the nails. Nasal folds can become infected by a dark reddish brown or black yeast called malassezia pachydermatitis.
874521 tn?1424120397 Food allergies only account for 10 percent of allergy problems in dogs. Dogs often can not tolerate soy products, wheat, corn, beef, pork, chicken, milk, whey, eggs, fish, chemical preservatives, or artificial sugars in their food. Determining the food allergen can be time consuming. First, eliminate all the possible allergens from the diet, by using a home made diet consisting of a protein and a starch the dog has not eaten before.
Avatar f tn Maybe because of the salt on the roads, or maybe she has an infection... but I think that probably would have shown in the blood work. I don't think the vet inspected her paws during her last appointments. Does anyone have any experience or thoughts on this? We'd appreciate any insight at all. We're planning on taking her to the vet again soon. This is just a late-night anxiety post I guess. Want to go to the vet prepared.
Avatar f tn Any shampoo or food can cause a reaction in dogs/people. I hope your baby feels better soon.
1560863 tn?1294867771 Our mastiff had, get this, a yeast-infection in her paw. She got a yeast-infection in her ear, scratched at it with her paw, it transfered into her pad, and festered there. She subsequently chewed her paw almost to the point of bleeding before we discovered it. Topical antibiotics cleared it right up, but it was a mystery until we got her to the vet for lab work. Our vet, at first, said that it could be allergies or just OCD, but it proved to be neither. Get your animal checked out.
612551 tn?1450025775 He also had prescription eye drops twice a day to treat dry eye. He was deaf due to yeast infection in the ears before we adopted him. He had a real rough life and was likely "dumped" in or near Liberty Park in Hoboken where animal control picked him up. Wilson had a beautiful Westie coat most of the time. 2) I think you mentioned an antibiotic, we have used Cepalexin 250 mg for a few weeks and that came up a couple of times a year... thus my experience based worry about adopting.
Avatar n tn If in a cold climate, snow-melting chemicals can cause chemical burns. If none of the above applies, she may have developed a yeast infection. Have a sniff at her paws and see if they seem smellier than usual, if so, it's probably yeast. These infections are very uncomfortable for the dog, consequenty, they lick all the time. The licking keeps the paws moist, which keeps the fungus going. You can get some medicines from your vet to cheaply and easily treat this problem.
Avatar n tn Frequent licking of the paws keeps them constantly wet, and that can develop into a yeast/ fungal infection that is very itchy and uncomfortable - just like athlete's foot in a human. Yeast infections are easily treated with preparations you can get from your vet, but you'll need to find a way to stop the licking so it doesn't return. If you aren't already walking at least once a day, it's time to start.
Avatar f tn This parasite is abundant in the environment, especially in standing water (the reason not to let dogs drink from puddles). It is responsive to antibiotic treatment but may need extended dosage. Another problem seen with increasing frequency (since it is a little better understood recently) is Clostridium Perfringens Enterotoxicosis. The anerobic (living without oxygen) bacteria that causes it resides in the stool of many dogs without causing symptoms.
Avatar n tn I instead before the babies were born was to have my dog with me while I was in there getting things situated. That way she was comfortable Dogs know that something's happening. They won't be the baby anymore, and you may notice some jealousy.
Avatar f tn It's a staph infection - i had something that looked exactly like that and in the same spot. Initially suspected as MRSA, but the cultures indicated others - just regular staph. A ten-day course of oral antibiotics with a prescription cream took care of it. The only effective OTC cream that i've found for treating this is Curad's new silver antibiotic cream, but i doubt it would be very effective at eliminating yours, as it looks fairly deep.
Avatar f tn Yeast infections between the toes causes an itching, which causes them to lick a lot, leaving saliva on the paws. If it's a yeast infection of the paws, an antibiotic should help. If it's a food allergy, switching to a food without grain in it may help. As far as removing the brown, there are products that they sell to remove the brown tear stains from the eyes of white dogs. One of these may work.
1241045 tn?1268254483 Can you put tubes in dogs ears like children? She also gets yeast in between her toes and is always licking them. And the smell is aweful! I was told it could be allergies, but the test for dogs is expensive. We have tried changing her diet and she still gets ear infections.
647754 tn?1270040511 Don't wait too long, because the longer your dog continues to scratch and bite herself, the more chance she has to break the integrity of her skin, allowing in bacteria and yeast which can become secondary factors that must also be treated.
Avatar n tn Inflammation makes that skin more porous allowing bacteria already there to penetrate more deeply into the skin than is normal and infection may ensue. The infection may include bacteria, yeast or both. A MAJOR contributing factor to the severity of the "ear infection" signs an owner may see is the degree of self-trauma caused by the dog itself.
Avatar n tn I have never heard of a dog, however, whose feet smelled so bad that the smell permeated a whole room. Dogs cannot perspire in the same way that people do. They don't sweat through glands under their skin, they cool off by panting and they also sweat through glands in their paw pads. It's possible to smell a dog's body odor in their feet. I have never, however, heard of a dog with such strong body odor that its feet smelled up a whole room.
Avatar n tn Now she is also biting her paws. We suspect a yeast infection and have sent samples for a culture. Her platelet count is also low. She is also scratching her ears. Her appetite is unimpaired though. Any ideas?
Avatar f tn If the icky brown stuff is not effective in preventing your dog from licking and biting his paws, than something taken internally is probably necessary depending on the cause for the licking and biting. Biting paws is often a symptom of allergies. If the allergen causing the paw biting can be identified and eliminated than medication would not be necessary.
Avatar f tn Dog chewing on paws Yeast infections cause dogs to lick their paws Dogs licking paws or chewing paws can be signs of a yeast infection. Your dog may also have ear issues, stinky skin, weight issues. And, because a diet that is loaded with grains/carbs/fillers actually changes your pet’s pH, that paw licking (saliva) can cause the fur to actually turn pink. This is also true for dogs that have red, pink or brown eye/face staining as well.
850420 tn?1276029613 A seconday bacterial or yeast infection between the toes often complicates the issue. Typically in dogs with pollen/dust allergies, steroids stop the itch temporarily, and then the itch starts again when the steroids wear off. The fact that steroids did not help your dog, mean that either seconday infection is present, and/or that the issue is food allergy.
Avatar m tn Did the prescribing vet take samples and do analysis on them (test for yeast infection comes to mind)? Our Westie has ongoing food sensitivities that cause itch and loss of hair. He also has had problem with yeast infection. He is not on any medication/prescription. He is bathed in a medicated shampoo that the vet and other experts recommend to control (stop?) yeast.
Avatar m tn Also could be a yeast-infection that's been transferred from the ear due to scratching/itching of the ear. Have you checked his ears for infection, or strange smells? "Momentamax" is what my vet has prescribed for yeast infections, in the past, and works well as an ear ointment, as well as a topical for the pads if transferred due to itching. Again, check with your vet. My 2 cents.
Avatar f tn I would not psych myself out about lunar cycles day marks or even PAWS in general. The jury is still out on if paws is even a real condition.Once it gets into your head though it can wreak havoc. Just go day by day and know that some days we are just going to feel a little down.No syndrome Great job and keep it up !!
Avatar f tn It sounds like he might have a yeast infection in his ear. There is a good ear medication called Otomax but you may have to use it for more than a week for it to kill off the yeast depending on how deep-seated the infection is. Why not just call your vet and ask her what her diagnosis was, and then go on to tell her that the medication she prescribed did not work and that your dog still has ear issues.
Avatar f tn As is the case with all living things, age takes it toll and always ends in death. I'm not trying to be morbid, I am in fact saddened by your dogs problems...but if the dog is 14, say, I'd have to give consideration to its and my, quality of life in a decision of how long to treat before putting the dog to "sleep".
Avatar f tn I have combed/brushed these areas and hair always comes out with the scab. I give him Brewers Yeast w/garlic every day in his food. He gets glucosamine (sp) twice a day. My vet says that he probably has allergies and I have given him Benadryl twice a day for the last several weeks. It does seem to be helping. I have also, with my vets approval, started to add Vitamin E and Fish Oil capsule(s) to his dinner. I feed him a good dog food (Inova).
Avatar m tn OOPS, I left in an extra Paragraph, stupid me. Anyway... (CONT) ear flush and all was in a day or two, but I'm still finishing out the antibiotics. He's got a week left on them. I have at my disposal still that Ear Wash (Ketomax Flush), I was wondering if it might be worth washing his sores with it? It stays being for topical use. Anyway.. As I forgot to delete before, my first determination was food, as I started him on Iams Puppy. I switched to Pedigree Puppy and it got worse.