Yeast infection how long does it last

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Avatar f tn Our doctor prescribed clotrimatozle 1. It looked as if it went away. But now she's got it again. How long does a toddlers yeast infection last? She's in pain when it's time to change and doesn't want to be cleaned. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!
Avatar m tn I have had a dry about one inch red square on the shaft of my penis for about four days. It does not itch, burn , I wouldnt know it was there unless i looked at it. It was suggested that it is probably a fungal infection. I went to the pharmacy and purchased anti fungal cream and have been applying it for two days. How long untill i can expect it to go away? I have been following the directions on the cream, keeping the area dry which unless home is obviously difficult.
Avatar f tn I'm currently treating a vaginal yeast infection and was wondering what your experiences were with Diflucan? How long does a typical yeast infection last? The itching and burning have subsided, and I took my first diflucan pill Sunday (doc gave me 4). I'm also using Vagisil for itching and irritated skin! Thanks!
Avatar n tn How long do yeast infections usually last? And is it uncommon to get blister-like sores on the inside of the vagina?
Avatar n tn I'm having my first yeast infection and I'm not doing any treatment how long will it last??
Avatar f tn how many days does it usually take to notice that it's working? This is the fourth day I've been on it and so far it's gotten worse.
Avatar f tn To help the scratches heal faster and so it wont hurt when I pee and how long does it take to heal I'm really.
1703649 tn?1307411701 I hope it doesn't get worse and I have some questions if anybody tried the plain yogurt process. 1. How long will it take for the yeast infection to go away doing the yogurt thing? 2. Does this have to do with that day with me & my boyfriend? 3. Am I going to be OK??? PLEASE HELP ME!!!! lol Thank you so much if you took time to read my first post.
Avatar n tn My OB said that as long as it is not thick and cheesy (sorry TMI) and not smelly then it is not a yeast infection, but rather luekoreah which is natural pg discharge. He said to worry only if it becomes that way or if it is runny and clear (signaling possible amniotic leak.) So you probably don't have a yeast infection! And BTW, if that grosses out your DH, does he know where and how the baby has to come out?
Avatar n tn Do you have any ideas what it could be if not a yeast infection? my symptoms match the yeast problem, afew docs have told me I don't have thrush but my tongue is 'upset' for sure, the hot/numb sensation across my forehead worries me and I have told this to the doc before but no one seems to do anything. could it be thyroid u think? or maybe just mental and I'm doing it to myself?
Avatar m tn Hello MedHelp community, Few months ago I noticed when urinating it stung/burns almost like I had a cut or something on the glans of the penis it wasn't till a few weeks ago it felt a lot worse. Having phimosis I had no way of identifying if it that were the case. But I did my research online and it just felt like it fits, sometimes there is a bit of clumpy discharge and the other times it itches really, really badly.
Avatar n tn I read your entry and it sounds just like me. I got this yeast infection, or at least i think it is, in july and it is now november. I know it started as a urinary tract infection because I was diagnosed with that. Well the burning when i pee thing went away and thats when the really bad itching started. I have two bumps on the outer labia that are hard... almost like a spider bite gets... the itching is the worst there. I bleed from thsoe spots, and I get the weird discharge too.
Avatar f tn Can your immune system be so weakened by HIV during seroconversion that you have a persistent yeast infection?? Seems unlikely but I am very worried!! I also was wondering how likely it is that he contracted HIV from the needlestick. Research (and in person nurses) assure me that the chance in unlikely - less than 1% - however I just don't know why else I would be having this problem!
Avatar f tn I can't remember last month how long it took the symptoms to escalate into a full-blown infection. Does anyone have any insight to offer? Thanks!
Avatar n tn i went to a physician last week and he told me it looks like a yeast infection and now i am treating it with clotrimazole. he told me it would be gone in a week but i have not noticed any significant change. i have also begun to notice similar tiny white dots on the top of the penis where the shaft meets the head in a straight line under the foreskin also. Once again a patch of very tiny white dots bunched together, not raised but flat, no pain or sensitivity and generally no growth change.
Avatar n tn Is it normal to get a recurrence so often? I am prone to yeast infections, does this mean I will be getting them every time I have a recurrence? Now I am concerned about HIV, I got tested for that about two days after I had the last sexual encounter and the result was negative but I can not get that out of my head. What do yo think about the difference in the medications acyclovir and Vatrex? My insurance does not cover much for Valtrex which I am taking as a suppressive medication.
Avatar f tn It was always my first sign of pregnancy because it would happen exactly 3 days after my fiance and I had sex. And thats what happened this time. I got a yeast infection 3 days after I had sex (on the 12) and I was looking at one of my pregnancy apps and it said that I ovulated on the 12. I started my period January 30-February 3. I dont know how long my cycles are buying they are always normal. I start on the same day every time or just one day late. I was just wondering  am I pregnant?
Avatar n tn so how long had it been since you had last had sex before you had your herpes igg blood testing done? when people get herpes ob's on their fingers, they are only contagious when they have active lesions. the skin on the fingers is too thick for the virus to shed from the skin like it does the soft mucosal skin in the oral and genital area.
Avatar f tn However, since then I still get occasional pain on my penis and clammy foreskin no discharge just a moist feeling...does this sound consistant of a penile yeast infection, and would symptoms continue to last this long...
Avatar n tn So I'm a bit confused - was this encounter with your long term partner or someone else? In any case, this doesn't sound like herpes. How long after the encounter did you do the urine and swab tests?
Avatar f tn going to be seen and getting this checked out is the best course of action. Let us know how your appointment goes.