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Avatar n tn I have been getting a yeast infection every month right before my period comes. This month i went to the doctor because i noticed i was having discharge and it had a bad odor. The doctor said i had BV and gave me Metronidazole, i should take it for seven days twice a day. While i was taking the pill, a yeast infection came. Then i got my period and it started to clear up. That happens every month, i get the infection, my period clears it up. The next month it happens again.
Avatar n tn Im 20 years old and have a burning sensation on my vagina which i have never had before. I was reading online for the symptoms of a yeast infection, but i do not have any of the other symptoms (like the itching or the discharge). Sometimes it doesn't feel that bad but other times its uncomfortable. Could this be a yeast infection? I was thinking of getting monistat 7 to see if that does the trick but also, i am getting my period soon, so can i use the med while im on my period?
Avatar f tn This was also a year ago and I have had other yeast infections before this. So I am just guessing that it was a yeast infection since the symptoms never returned.
Avatar n tn About 5 days before my period, I get an itchy rash of some sort, which goes away a few days after my period. It is painful, and the yeast infection creams distress it. I don't understand why you think it isn't hormonal. What is a nother reason it may come right before my period every month? Mine has gone on a year. I have been to the doctor numerous times. I will ask about the Dermatitis.
Avatar n tn In some cases, white vaginal discharge that is usually curdlike and odorless. Some women have no noticeable discharge. Symptoms of a vaginal yeast infection are more likely to occur during the week before a menstrual period and the week after you have finished. Hope this helps you.
Avatar n tn Yesterday I googled several of my symptoms and a page came up with many of symptoms listed as a product of a yeast infection (Candidiasis). Has anyone ever heard of this before? Is this possible? If so, can I be tested and/or treated for it? Any advice would be helpful!!!
Avatar f tn Did I possibly cure myself kind of when I ate the plain yogurt while taking the antibiotics? I am confused. I have had a yeast infection before and I know that the medicine and yeast is suppose to come out when it is being removed by the monistat, yet nothing has happened yet. Please explain this to me. Thanks.
Avatar f tn i had a pretty bad yeast infection for about a week, symptoms included a horrible rash and a thick white discharge, It starting getting a bit better after i took an over the counter tablet from a pharmaist, but it still wasnt completly gone. I got my period a few days after that, my period finished yesterday and i still have the yeast infection but the rash is gone and the discharge isnt as thick, is it normal for a yeast infection to last this long?
Avatar f tn I was taking them prior to pregnancy also. I'm prone to yeast infections, especially right before or after my period. I wasn't taking them daily. I was taking them like every 2-3 days sometimes 4. And it was keeping infections at bay. Well on 3/11 I had 2 teeth extracted. And was put on an anti biotic. And have been taking it 3x a day since the same day. I'll be finished this Tuesday. And I have been eating yogurt 2-3x s day. And I have burning not severe, and no itching.
Avatar f tn It feels like it could be a build up of the discharge, but it kind of hurt when my nail touched it. Then again, everything down there hurts at the moment. I've had a yeast infection before, so I'm pretty sure this is one. What is that ball, though? I'm so worried, I'm freaking out. I'm due for my period in a few days. Will it still come? I'm a teen, and I've never had sex, so I don't think that's the problem. Please help.
Avatar n tn Today i felt wetness between my legs so i got a mirror and looked and there was a lot of white discharge. What are the symptoms of a yeast infection? I wouldn't say that the discharge looked like cottage cheese but there was a lot of it. I have a cold right now so i'm not able to smell the discharge to check for unusual odor and i wouldn't say that there is any unsual itching but i have been itching though.
Avatar f tn I have had a yeast infection previously once, and the symptoms seemed to be the same. A day before I took an over the counter drug to treat this infection, I did have unprotected sex with my boyfriend. The day I decided to treat this infection was because it seemed to be worse, a single sore on my labia. It was a little sore, and it never seemed to hurt very much when I peed or anything... It was just red and almost appeared as a rug burn?
Avatar n tn I have never had a yeast infection in my life. I am embarrased to say some things, only because I come across quite clueless about it and i'm not finding answers via ******. I am in a relationship and we are sexually active and safe at all times. The last few times we have been sexually active I have noticed an odd smell that was produced during and after. It has never been there before. I don't notice it when I am by myself and I don't have an odd odors day to day.
Avatar f tn Sometimes women can use monthly short courses of therapy can be effective, especially if symptoms worsen right before the period is due. Hope something here might help you! Good luck!
Avatar f tn The last couple days I've started getting the itchy burning back! WTF?!? What is going on?!? I have never had a yeast infection before and I'm getting concerned! Please help!
Avatar f tn I was told I may have genital herpes. I developed a yeast infection while taking antibiotics for a sinus infection, unfortunately I didn't realize what it was and waited 5 days to go see a doctor. the last 2 days before I was seen urination was severely painful and my entire genital area was red and swollen. The day I saw the doctor I had blisters some of which had burst and were open. The doctor did no testing just diagnosed me with a yeast infection and herpes.
1391959 tn?1280443462 No vagisil is ment to reduce yeast infection symptoms and i would think the soap would work well cause it is daily use...
Avatar f tn For a few months now, I've been on the birth control Loestrin 24, and ever since I've been getting a yeast infection the week before my period. As soon as I'm free from the symptoms, my period starts. I've never had problem with this before going on the pill. I am sexually active but I know it is not my boyfriend because we use protection but I've narrowed it to the week before my period. I'm 16 if that helps...
Avatar f tn they dont look like hpv becuase they are not clumped together. Im almost thinking it is a yeast infection becuase i got it a week before my period. im still unsure though. Also about a month and a half ago i had unprotected sex with my boyfirend (and my only partner). i am on the pill but i am becoming worried that the "yeast infection" symptoms maybe coming up because i maybe pregnant. my periods are very irregular and came 2 weeks early last month and 33 days later from there.
Avatar f tn are you seen every time you have symptoms and did they do any testing for yeast and bacterial infections vaginally? do the symptoms occur before your period or after your period has started and you've been using feminine protection products?
Avatar n tn So about a week or so ago I diagnosed myself with a yeast infection, since I've had one before. Unfortunately my first was given to me by a former partner because of an uncircumcised penis and I got it shortly after we broke up. I treated the first one with vagisil, a 7 day treatment. Since I got the infection that I had, I have a new partner who is circumcised and cleans well. So there's no chance he's giving me anything.
Avatar f tn Now about a week to a week and a half before I get my period I experience mild symptoms. Slight itching and excessive discharge. I've always had heavy discharge during this part of my menstrual cycle, but never any itching. The symptoms are gone after I finish my period. This is the second time this has happened. Should I get it checked out by a doctor? What's going on here? Thank you for and information you can give me.
Avatar n tn pg symptoms and yeast infection symptoms (as far as i know) don't mimik each other at all. so probably not.
Avatar f tn i have a question for you, did these things go away or are you still on your monthly cycle. Cause once your period is over the yeast infection will go away. As far as your question I have no idea maybe you just had something else cause it. I hope you are better.
Avatar n tn you see this time i noticed its back but with only (SORRY ABOUT THE DESCRIPTION) the white thick but not smelly discharge. has anyone got this before? can you get only one symptom when you get a yeast infection? i notice that since i got my first one a few months ago that my discharge is not the same around the time that i am due for my period... any advice? by the way i did see my doctor a few days ago and she said that she does not see some discharge for me to worry about.
Avatar f tn So according to two doctors, I have a yeast infection (although they never actually tested for one, they just determined it from my symptoms) and just finished the Monistat 3-day treatment last night. The symptoms are still present though (Swollen inner labia, itching and discomfort, extreme pain while uriniting) and the only symptom that went away is the discharge. Plus, I have my period. On top of that, I have about 5 bumps on my outer lips, but on the inner side of them.
Avatar n tn But neither one of us had it. I've just never had a yeast infection before and when I was searching online, both herpes and a yeast infection had pretty close symptoms.
Avatar n tn I also noticed starting a month ago that I had a yeast infection that I bought OTC to treat (I know the symptoms), 2days after the 3day cream, I had BV symptoms. I got Metrogel and I used the 5 night application. I was symptom free for 2days and now BV is back. Today is my last day of my period and I know that I have to restart my metrogel treatment. I also notice that before my period, the corners of my mouth will be cut and the tailbone will itch. I am worried about the HIV infection.
Avatar n tn i'm 21 years old & is four months two weeks pregnant with my first child. about two weeks ago my vagina felt swoolen then it started itching badly which is still continuing. However, around the same time i found out i was pregnant, i started passing a creamish substance which also has a funny scent but this only happened once a month which was around the same time i was supposed to see my period. Now that the itchin started, everyday i'm passing this substance.
Avatar f tn A few weeks ago I felt like I was getting a yeast infection. I went and bought the over the counter stuff again and like before, it didn't work. I went to the Dr. (a new one because I have moved) and she did a yeast test. She gave me diflucan (two 150 mg tablets to be taken a week apart) and said she would call with the results. I took the first pill and received a call the next day and was told it is negative for yeast and for std..