White discharge after intercourse

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Avatar f tn Now a days i had a lot of discharge after intercourse, the discharge is watery white in colour and no odour. Is it normal?
Avatar f tn i am having white discharge after a week after an breif intercourse with a boy friend , is it normal what are preventiv measures i should go for
Avatar n tn The second one was protected until the condom broke and then we just continued unprotected intercourse. The very next morning after I noticed a little white discharge from my penis when I pulled on it a little bit. Is this something to be concerned about and should I seek medical help right away? Thank you so much.
Avatar n tn and having doubt that i should not get preganant. but im still virgin. and the white discharge is present right after sex.just like reguler..how should i know that their was no intercourse of sperm and egg..
Avatar m tn after that she found some white and creamy discharge from her vagina.even today after playing she found the same.in the other times of the day there is no such discharge.i have read that vaginal discharge can be a indicator of pregnancy :(. we r very scared.pls help.:( PS:: she is playing after almost 2-3years and is not accustomed with much fatigue. so can this be a reason for the discharge?? i think i have provided all the info i know.if i remember something else i will keep updated.
Avatar f tn You can get tested for gonorrhea and chlamydia anytime after 1 week post encounter. syphilis after 6 weeks. herpes, hiv and hepatitis after 3 months.
Avatar f tn On 2nd feb is my lst menstrual, i had sex with my husband but now i don't want to birth the child. After taking abortion pill doesn't bleeding instead headache and milky white discharge occur. So, what's the problem? When does i will start bleeding?
Avatar f tn Dear Dr., Im Female 24Yrs, Im Facing A Problem Of White Discharge From Vagina, Im Also Getting Burning & Itching Sensation & A Bit Of Swollen ness. Im Unmarried, But Had A Physical Relation In JAn, After Which I Had Taken Contraceptive Pill ( unwanted-72) Within 6 Hrs Of Intercourse. I Just Want To Know, If This Problem Is Due To Weakness Or a Sign Of Pregnancy Or Something Else.... Pls Advise....
Avatar n tn Spotting instead of a normal period preceded by unprotected sex can indicate pregnancy, so taking a pregnancy test is recommended. Infections Causing White Discharge There are several infections that cause white discharge. The discharge may change and have a distinct odor depending on the infection. Some of these infections are sexually transmitted. Yeast Infection - Yeast infections are not sexually transmitted. Yeast infections commonly occur in warm, moist areas.
Avatar f tn I have been sexually active for about a year and until recently I have noticed that the day after sex (that may qualify as being "rough sex") I experience a really thick white discharge that's kinda of clumpy or pasty. There's no smell, itch, or odd color to it and it lasts for many days.
Avatar f tn but fr 1 week i suffered through stomoch infection which caused a lot of whit discharge after i was all right.....after few days i had an unprotected sex with my mate n now after that i m not having whit discharge..from about 2 3 weeks.....so is it normal or is it a sign of pregnancy..??
Avatar n tn does the white discharge after intercourse means i will not get preganant..i m very confused..and tensed..and dont want to get birth control..please tell me..what should i do now.
Avatar m tn I am 41 and bleed after intercourse (spotting). This has happended 2X in a row. My peiords are normal. I have been tested for all STDS's and do not have any. I have a non-smelling discharge (daily). White or yellow and my lower belly sometimes feels crampy. What could this be? I was diagnosed w/ a bacterial invection and did take metrozinole (vaginal gel) but it did not help. Any idea of what this could be? This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.
Avatar f tn I also had like it was leftover toilet paper on my vagina but it wasn't the toilet paper it was some kind of discharge. I also sometimes have pain during intercourse and almost always after my partner penis gets cracked at the tip and he has some kind of abnormal discharge. What the heck is this?
Avatar n tn I recently had intercourse with a female and the next morning had a white discharge that lasted until the afternoon. I asked our medic at work about it, he said more than likely it was not an STD because of how fast it appeared. I took 750mg of zithromax orally just in case. It has only been 2 days not other symptoms. Could this just be an irritation from this sexual experience, is it ever normal to have symptoms? The medic said it could be fluids from the night before.
Avatar n tn When my husband and I have intercourse I do not have any pain. It looks like wet toilet tissue, white and thin pieces sometimes small pieces other times larger pieces. I usually see it immediately after intercourse and sometimes in the bathtub. I though it may have been a yeast infection so I used Monistat 3 and I still have the same symptoms. Can anyone suggest what this may be?
Avatar n tn this is a bit too personal but during oral intercourse, i was discharging a very white, clumpy discharge which was almost dry and thick. the same type of discharge occured after i climaxed as well. it was very weird. when there was actual intercourse, the condom was very painful and i was feeling pain on my lower abdomen. that cottage cheese-like discharge is what has me worried because it was very thick. i am very irregular so i am not really sure what my body is going through....
Avatar f tn vaginal odor, thin white or yellowish discharge from vagina may also be present. Diagnosis can be confirmed after pelvic examination and microscopic examination of the vaginal discharge. Treatment is by metronidazole((Flagyl, MetroGel) and clindamycin (Cleocin).They are available as pills or vaginal gels or creams. Please do not use any vaginal douches.
Avatar m tn yeah I think its normal because many women have a discharge that is whitish/clear when having sexual intercourse. I too have that when I'm having intercourse with my hubby. but you say she was hurting while having intercourse so maybe she could have a vaginal infection!!!
Avatar f tn Ok so April 12th I had egg white discharge and had intercourse that day, I've been cramping ever since. I've also had intercourse the 15th 18th and 25th today and yesterday I've had stretchy off white discharge and today was more than ever! I've never seen this before! Can someone please give me any advice of what this might be? Oh and I've been having cramps in my lower stomach by no period yet.
Avatar m tn During the past 3 days, i have had sexual intercourse with my new girl friend without a condom... now, im having a white discharge coming out of my penis. I have a small itch sensation and it burns a bit after i have urinated. i see that i have been discharging quiet a bit on my boxers. I'm really scare i don't know what it is... can anyone help me please?
Avatar n tn Hello, If the white discharge is on the penis it can be due to smegma but if the white discharge is from the penis esp after intercourse then it can bedue to Chlamydia infection. Chlamydia is known as the ‘silent’ disease as in many people it produces no symptoms. In men, a white/cloudy and watery discharge from the penis is characteristic. Diagnosis can be made only after swab culture of the white discharge or penile discharge .
Avatar f tn Hello, Going by your symptoms, it looks like bacterial vaginosis to me. It is the most common cause of abnormal vaginal odor and discharge. It is caused by a change in the type of bacteria found in the vagina. The exact cause for the change in type of bacteria is still not known, but it is can be due to IUD’s,multiple sex partners or having intercourse with a new partner.
Avatar n tn so I started trying this month. But what i have noticed now is that the morning after intercourse when i use the bathroom and wipe myself i see some white discharge with some pink in it. It doesn't look like blood and i only see it the first time i use the bathroom after intercourse. this has never happened to me before. is this normal??? or is there something wrong with me??? this morning was the second time i noticed it after we started trying this month. Should i see the doctor???
Avatar m tn HELP i have this really bad odor white discharge. its milky, like a texture of a white lotion. but when its on my undies, it became yellowish and sometimes like a dirt. my bf are kinda disturbed on its odor especially that the odor comes really during sex. whats this??? please help. how i got this?
Avatar f tn Bacterial infections can produce creamy to yellow discharge that is foul smelling. A fungal infection like Thrush can produce a discharge that is white or like curdled white cheese. This would be treated by an antifungal pessary, an antifungal cream and/or an antifungal medication to be taken by mouth. If your discharge is clear, this happens when your body gets sexually aroused, and can also happen when you ovulate.
Avatar f tn Well, the past few months I have been getting thick white vaginal discharge, no smell or irritation ( other then it being there in large amounts sometimes which irritates a bit, I wash it off and I'm fine) First I thought it was ovulation, but its not egg white like, its milky white, and here is the worst part, it irritates my husband, he gets little red dots on the head of his penis, like something pricked him.