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415867 tn?1323369103 discharge smelly small egg white i think
Avatar n tn If I have white slightly thick smelly discharge with no pain or itching is that normal?
Avatar f tn for the past week my virgina have been producing white smelly discharge, and as i put my finger inside my V then there are white small discharges/they are not really liquid they are like very small pieces of paper. i dont know what is happening to me and i think for the past two weeks iv had sores around the entrance of my viginas and they are not going away, and it becomes painful wen i have sex.
Avatar n tn Recently i have a smelly white discharge do i need to panic cause lately i have been having multiple sex partners....
Avatar f tn i have have had a smelly discharge for about almost a month now ive took antibotic but no help.some times its like thick white color an sometimes its slimy like. an the other day it was lite green lookin. but that was only smells like jus makes feel like i dont want to have sex with my boyfriend......
1373193 tn?1281184731 I have really smelly discharge, like you can smell it through my pants. I clean down-there but it dose not go away. Its always wet, and goes through my pants to. Even if im not sexually excited my my underwear gets wet. It leaves yellowish stains to, It comes out like constantly and in white clumps or like mucus. But it burns and it itches alot to.. If you can help please.
Avatar m tn I could tell it was coming from my underwear. so i went to the bathroom and found out that i had this thick and smelly discharge its not any color (brown yellow etc) it could be white but im not sure (i wore white underwear) and i finished my period about....
Avatar n tn My problem is that i have a persistant vaginal odor that i can not get rid of. It is usually accompanied by a thick white discharge, that is sometimes thick and pastey and other times appears yellowish when I wipe. The smell is usually a "fishy" odor that is really bothering me. Thanks for your time and any info. that antone can provide me.
Avatar n tn I have a clear(sometimes yellowish), watery, smelly discharge coming from my vigina and it's killing my sex life with my boyfriend. I've had it for some time and last time I had it checked out the person told me it was some what normal for teens who have their period later in life and that it would go away! But I've started my period and it still hasn't gone away! I have an appt. set up and I'm very scared to go back in and it checked out again! Does anyone have any advice?
Avatar f tn hi, im very worried about a smelly discharge ive had for a while now in my vagina. sometimes it's white and gluggy and other times its a bit yellowish. i get bad pains in my lower stomach and near my ribs, not sure if that has anything to do with it but I shower everyday and especially before I have sex with my boyfriend but straight after it smells again. could this be something I should be worried about?
Avatar n tn We had sex that night, a week after I got my period and after I was off my period I noticed a yellowish smelly discharge on my underwear . Ever since I've had that discharge and its worst few days after sex or after I'm off my period. I'm scared to go to the doctor what if it's something bad ?? It bothers me , because the discharge is a lot sometimes and smells like something fishy . This has never happened to me.
Avatar f tn Just last thrsday i told my doctor the same bc i had this discharge and smelly to it was white tissue idk but no matter how much i showered it smelled so she did a swap and turns out i had bacterial vaginosis. I gyess some type of infection and it could be dangerous so i got medication for it and it all looks better already.
Avatar n tn Since i stopped breastfeeding i went on mu periods and so i after my second period i noticed a smelly discharge from my vagina VERY SMELLY i dont even like the smell myself. I fear that my husband might leave me because each time we have sex this horrible smell fills the room and its so embarassing. The discharge is not itchy but a tiny drop produces a big smell please help me before my hubby leaves me.
415867 tn?1323369103 up to 1700 total smelly discharge--bad egg white?
Avatar f tn Vaginal discharge is sometimes just a clear runny liquid. Its not an STD or STI unless the discharge is a yellow colour and smells foul.
Avatar f tn i've noticed that i been havin a white smelly discharge. my bf said that it smells like rubber or condom. i have it when im off my period and doesnt go away til i get it again, what does it mean? Is it a yeast infection? Ive searched the web but it hasnt help.
Avatar m tn I agree w/the others, here....If your dog is not Neutered, a white discharge is common as it's nothing more than lubrication.... However, Green & smelly indicates severe infection.....This is dangerous as left untreated, infection travels fast....Other organs such as the Prostrate can suffer damage along the way.... Please, get this guy to your Vet & have him treated.....This will only get worse and he has had it way too long, poor guy......Oral Antibiotics will be given....
Avatar f tn im having constant vaginal discharge - white, cloud & smelly (like cottage cheese) canesten didnt help what could it be doctors say nothing is wrong
980273 tn?1248453947 but about a couple of mounths ago my vagina been haveing really bad smelly discharge i cant even sit down most of the time because the back of my pants get wet im haveing really bad discharge its messing up my life how do i get rid of it..and its sometimes clear and slimy and white and sometimes its yellow..
Avatar m tn also i forgot to mention that its a creamy white discharge but not so much like cottage cheese as some people describe yeast infections so i know its not that.
Avatar n tn I am trying to concive and during ovulation I had sex with my partner and notice a lot of white micus but it wasn't smelly. My boyfriend thought it is some kind of infection though we had sex a couple of time he desided we stop and see the doctor, afteer nine days I noticed I now have a slipery white micus. What sign is this and do i need to see the doctor? Regards.
Avatar n tn normaly my period is 30-32 days now 37days gone but period not started i belive i am pregnant but suddenly i have little milky white discharge came it is symtom of what i dont know pls clear me
Avatar f tn I have been having a white discharge for a while now, and it is kinda smelly but not too bad, its not lumpy so it's not a yeast infection. Every time I pull down my underwear, there is this white discharge in my underwear. I have been having sex for 3 years now with multiple partners. I have heard its normal or can be an STD. I am kind of freaking out. I have no other symptoms. I was wondering what it could possibly be? Should I be worried? How can i get rid of this discharge?
Avatar f tn Is it possible to have smelly discharge sometimes due to not having sex for a long time? this happens only recently. i dont have sex for almost a year... i think my discharge was not so white in color...sometimes its smelly sometimes not...
Avatar n tn I've been having smelly, brown discharge for a couple of weeks. It's really bothering me now, to the point where I don't want to have sex anymore. I must have some type of nasty infection. I've even seemn dischage coming from my clitoris, along with an UNCOMFORTABLE burning sensation. What could be causing my problems?