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Avatar f tn So yesterday was supposed to start my period instead .I'm having white discharge I keep feeling like I'm starting n I look and its just white discharge anyone else experience This? Any idea why it happening?
670678 tn?1227011744 im 23 i have never had very late periods but my last period was on the 8th of sep 08 and i still havent come on now im getting a lot of white discharge and backache took one pt but was negative does anyone know what else it could be??
2202779 tn?1362230394 What does a white/ or yellow color discharge mean?
Avatar n tn i m 18 year old girl .i do missed my period for 2 months and i ve never done sex ever in my life l so i m nt pregnant how can i be??? i m having white discharge, gaining weight etc what is the cause n how it can be cured i m really worried abt it..............
Avatar f tn So I have white discharge sore nipples slight cramps n not hungry at all. Could I possible be pregnant?
Avatar f tn I have had a couple other symptoms, like milky white discharge only when I pee almost like it was blood but white, cramps here and there, headaches can't sleep most nights.. Not sure if it's my body going back to a normal cycle or if I'm actually pregnant. I have a period tracker that I use and it said I ovulated the 25/26 so should I wait the six days after to take another test or a normal cycle which would be December 12 or so?
Avatar f tn If i was on my birth control, I would normally get my period on January 26th but I skipped my period for this month. I've been getting occasional cramps and this weird thick white to yellowish discharge falls into the toilet when I urinate. (No itching or burning) I've also just started working out 3 times a week and have been under a little stress with school and moving into a new area. Is there any chance that I'm pregnant or do I just need time for my body to get readjusted?
Avatar m tn My cycle is normally 25 days and it's day 28 and still a no show! I'm having a milky white discharge! My breast are kinda tinder when I'm not wearing a bra but nothing too major. It actually feels like my period is on but when I go to check it's white. I'm also constipated (tmi?) and I always feel like butterflies in my stomach!
Avatar f tn 2014 my period came but my bf and I had sex while I was still ovulating and he came inside of me after my period came last for 5 days then we had it again n I was ovulating and he came into me again three times he came into me not everyday tho but anyways my period is late from after last period been feeling craving and feeling tired and lil cramps but up to this day my period hasn't come from the last time but yet still I see white milky discharge I don't know if it's a sign of symptom or what
Avatar f tn I've also been having many symptoms during the past four weeks but right now its tender breast, back pain, fatigue, lots of bloating, white discharge and some cravings ! Is it possible to have so many syptoms in the first month? Do you think im pregnant?
Avatar f tn I am having vaginal discharge which looks a bit like pieces of cottage cheese (small/milky white) and there's a very mild smell. I am getting cramps, mood swings, and nausea all of which is completely normal for my period. I took a pregnancy test 5 days after my missed period and it came back negative. My vagina is not itchy but it does hurt to have sex.
Avatar f tn So I'm usually regular on my period and about 3 days before my expected period date which is today I had white milky discharge that smells sweet. And today I didn't get my period, last night I had a crampy feeling in my pelvis area so I thought I was getting my period today and no period. Could I be pregnant?
Avatar m tn but I think I ovulated last june 10 because there are lots of white watery discharge and a little bit of blood when i wipe myself but until now, my period is not yet coming. What could be the possible cause of this? I've been through a lot of stress this past months. Thank you for your answer.
Avatar f tn Ive missed my period and I got one pos. Yesterday and 2neg since. I'm having horrible cramps and feeling yucky. Today I started having a thick white discharge in my undoes. Does anyone know what that would be?
Avatar f tn I ovulated two weeks ago then last week my period was due but never came. I am now two weeks late and having white discharge. I've taken a pregnancy test and it came back negative? Am I taking it too soon, and could I still be pregnant?
Avatar n tn My last period was January 4th 2006 I usually start my pills that following sunday. I had a very stressful month and missed a couple and made a couple up. I eventually just stopped the pack after I had missed too many but I made them up (about 3) but just didnt finish the pack. I new that probably at this point they wouldnt work so I decided to wait. I did have sex before I stopped taking the pills (2 times) once on the 8th and then again on the 17th.
Avatar f tn White discharge is a sign of pregnancy. Before I found out I was pregnant I had white discharge, sore boobs, & I was spotting. Try taking a home pregnancy test.
Avatar n tn Spotting instead of a normal period preceded by unprotected sex can indicate pregnancy, so taking a pregnancy test is recommended. Infections Causing White Discharge There are several infections that cause white discharge. The discharge may change and have a distinct odor depending on the infection. Some of these infections are sexually transmitted. Yeast Infection - Yeast infections are not sexually transmitted. Yeast infections commonly occur in warm, moist areas.
Avatar f tn I keep seeing posts about milky white discharge after missed period but did anyone notice it before they missed their period?
Avatar f tn back aches, period is five days late, and I've been getting this creamy white watery discharge since the first day of my missed period. It's just relieving to know I'm not the only one. I already took two tests, they came out negative, so I made an appointment for this coming wednesday to see my doctor and get the discharge checked out and hopefully a blood test.