Pink discharge during pregnancy after intercourse

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Avatar n tn After my husband and I had intercourse I had some bloody discharge and I wasn't anywhere close to beginning or ending my period. Has anyone else had this happen? It didn't hurt or anything, but it was enough to run down my legs and spot on the carpet. Sorry, that may be tmi but it was the strangest thing! I've noticed blood before after intercourse when I went to the bathroom afterwards, but it wasn't that much...
Avatar n tn But, we were hanging out a few days ago, and she mentioned a slight light pink discharge after she wiped after going to the bathroom, which was on the toilet paper. It is very minimal and as she claims, hard to even see sometimes, but it keeps continuing the last few days, without pain she says. This has never happened to her before, and I'm a little worried. If these two events are connected, what could this mean?
Avatar m tn I have had this too. Turned out it wad chlamydia, was terrible finding out and explaining to my bf, whom it did not come from, but have had it since before him. Check it out, get a pap done. It's treatable during pregnancy. Also can cause some spotting. Most cases it goes without any symptoms, but ask your man it it burns when he pees also. And if you have a lot of white or pink discharge... Hope that helps. I was told its rather common nowadays.
Avatar f tn m having the same problem, I also took the monistat 3day and had sex and also having a pink discharge but nothing like blood and discharge because I know what it looks like.
202615 tn?1271369504 Mine wasnt becuz of any intercourse since we agreed on abstaining during pregnancy but the light pink just appeared. I'm 29 weeks pregnant now and all I'd great.
Avatar n tn I did have intercourse before, in between and after the pill. Is there a chance of pregnancy or was the pink mucus from the pill ?
992828 tn?1251293832 I have been taking the progesterone suppositories twice a day since around 4 weeks. I meant I hadn't used one yet today at the time of the discharge. I put myself on the couch for a few hours after it happened and took a little nap. So far there hasn't been anymore pink. I had this too w my four year old during that pregnancy but it still scares the heck outta me. I didn't call the Dr bc I had been there a few hours earlier. I haven't had sex and didn't get a pap today.
Avatar n tn Hi I am 5weeks6days and since 3 days I havehad brown cchunky discharge and today pink blood discharge after whipping on tissue it's very less though I am little worried. This is my first baby and tomorrow is my first sonagraphy and appointment with my obgyen.
Avatar f tn You do not experience preg symptoms one day after having sex. If you had intercourse during your most fertile time wait 2 weeks/ or until missed period and take a preg test.
Avatar f tn So lastnight my bf and i had intercourse and after when i went to the restroom to clean up and etc i seen pinkish discharge im pretty sure it was blood but it was really light pink . Anyone know what that might be from ? Im 24 weeks btw .
Avatar f tn I have recently changed a sex partner and don't think he has any STD. A couple weeks ago, I started to have bloody discharge, brown and sort of heavy after intercourse. My GYN did a internal exam and said it look fine. The chlamydia test came negative. However, I spotted again after yesterday's intercourse. This time, it's fresh blood, thick pink mucus. There is no pain during intercourse. Nor do I have cramping or other symptom. I wonder if it's normal.
Avatar f tn I am 35 and a half weeks, while having intercourse with my husband I have a red pink brown discharge for only a little then it stop couple days later went to the doctors and that same morning without intercourse the discharge began and went on for about 2 days.
Avatar f tn I was not so worried about the discharge but now i am having this pink fluid loss after intercourse i am concerned about it. It does seem to happen when im due a period but was hoping someone could put my mind at rest. I am due to see the GP next week.
Avatar f tn Last period was 25th December, unprotected sex 3rd jan(day10), slight pink discharge 5th(12 days), again unprotected intercourse 13th Jan(day20). Cramps worse than normal weekend of 15th, for all of 10minute period perhaps? I again had slight pink tint to tissue when wiped mon-weds this week(sorry tmi), the discharge only shows first thing in morning. Went away thurs and fri bug now today(day28) have slightly more discharge but very very slight pink tint?
Avatar n tn Well my period came on the 8th of this month and only lasted for 4 days on the 19th I had brown color discharge the first time I used the bathroom, light pink discharge the next time, and dark pink the third time. My question is could this have been implantation bleeding? I have also been experiencing headaches, fatigue, and frequent trips to the bathroom. Have there been any women on here who have had a tubal and gotten pregnant later?
Avatar n tn She changed my birth control pill to one with higher estrogen in it, but I still continue to have brown discharge after intercourse. PLEASE HELP....This has been going on for almost a year and happens just about every time I have intercourse!!
Avatar f tn I had sex on the 20th and again had some pink discharge come out. Then the next day when I had sex I had some thick pink discharge come out. I thought I had a miscarriage since I am having unprotected sex but I wasn't sure. For the following 2 wks I had pink discharge come out during sex. I went to the doctor for a pap-smear on the 5th and got my period March 11. I stopped bleeding from March 11 until April.
Avatar n tn I did have intercourse before, in between and after the pill. Is there a chance of pregnancy or was the pink mucus from the pill ?
Avatar f tn Hi everyone this is my first pregnancy and I'm a lil worried I went to the bathroom today and wiped and had a little light pink discharge not much very little never had this b4 I'm about 7 wks any feedback will be appreciated thanks
Avatar f tn I have not had anything other than normal clear discharge at all during this pregnancy. for the past couple of days, I have also been experiencing some round ligament pain. But, I would not say it is cramping by any means. Any thoughts on the pinkish discharge?
2087711 tn?1354908175 Today my boyfriend and i had intercourse and i went to the bathroom after and noticed some light pink discharge it freaked me out but calmed down as to the fact it was kind of rough and it felt as tho in a certain position he hit my cervix or sumthng bc it hurt bad and it was only that one time. Now idk if it was from having sex or from the benadryl. Im worried that my baby isnt alive anymore bc of the symptoms disappearing. Was it from sex or the meds!!!???
Avatar n tn Anyways, know that some bleeding/spotting/weird discharge is normal, especially in early pregnancy and after you have sex or do anything to 'disturb' down there because of the extra blood flow and increased sensitivity. With my miscarriages I didn't get very crampy. And I didn't get any red blood before they started. Mine was a continual pink discharge when I wiped that kept getting worse by the day.
Avatar n tn m eighteen, and lost my virginity a little over a week ago. We had intercourse four times during the week, each time lasting longer than an hour. Late in the evening I noticed a bit of a light pink discharge that seemed very much like I was getting a very light period, but it was a different color than normal. Yesterday there was a bit more throughout the day, with a bit of brown. This morning there was some, but not since then. Then, today, I noticed some slight pain in my abdomen.
Avatar f tn Blood tinge discharge after intercourse during pregnancy is quite normal. Don't get alarmed unless there is a significant amount of bleeding or if you begin expelling clots. I say inform your OB GYN at your next visit as well. CONGRATS AND GOOD LUK TO YOU!!!