When do sign of pregnancy start

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7721203 tn?1468446829 okay, so I'll be 15 weeks this Friday, 25 ftm, and I'm at that point where I'm starting to wonder when is the best time to start getting the baby stuff, and what do I need to have by certain times? I'm pretty sure I'll have at least one baby shower.. this will by my parent's first grand baby (I'm an only child now, my brother passed away back in 1996) so I'll be the only grand baby maker for them!
237300 tn?1231458318 i googled this THIRST A SIGN OF PREGNANCY since i've been drinking water like a dehydrated camel!!!! One of my coworkers brought it to my attention that it may be a sign of pregnancy... My husband (who is in the army) have been trying to have a baby. I miscarried 4 years ago because i didn't know I was pregnant but ever since then, i haven't been able to get pregnant again. I've been drinking and drinking water but I'm scared to take a pregnancy test. I'm scared it might come out negative.
439903 tn?1380141482 im truly amazed!!!! BUT i would like to know, WHEN will this morning sickness go away? i dont want to sit here and complain because its a GREAT sign, im pregnant to begin with but i can barely keep water down anymore....and it seems to be getting worse as time is going on, not better. YET EVERYONE keeps telling me its going to get better anyday!! i want the TRUTH!!! i keep getting this candy coated story and i dont like it!!
Avatar m tn I have noticed that I do not have any vaginal discharge. Could this be a sign of pregnancy? I may also note that I had my tubes tied 8 years ago. If I lay down and press on my abdomen between belly button down to vaginal area it is extremely sore. I did not do a pregnancy test yet.
1549562 tn?1304008089 yea that's what i thought but Ive never had it like that with previous pregnancys it was just weird and like sticky...tmi i know sorry :( but yea i googled yellow mucous like discharge and that's what i found I know sometimes google isn't the best place...
Avatar f tn i have horrible leg cramps with my pregnancy, but they didn't start till middle of or late into my 2nd trimester. sorry i'm no help! good luck to you!
Avatar f tn It is definately a symptom of pregnancy, both during implantation and as your ligaments start to stretch. However, in my case anyway, they haven't gotten overly painful. Could it be a pregnancy sign, yes. But I agree with the posting above, you really should get checked. There are other reasons as well, such as your cyst. Good luck to you.
Avatar f tn If your neuro has not told you to do so, start keeping a diary of symptoms. There is also a tracker on here for the same thing. I keep the diary, but that's just because I haven't gotten off my tush to fill in my tracker! ;-) When I did my diary, I went back as far as I could remember for any weird symptoms I'd experienced. I put how long I had them, an approximate timeframe and what they felt like.
Avatar f tn I'm 35 weeks and about 4 or 5 hours ago my pelvic bone started getting really really sore and feels like a ton of pressure. It's hurts to walk. Is this a sign that labor is coming soon?
Avatar f tn It can be an early symptom, but not necessarily. You can always see a Dr. for bloodwork as well, that is usually accurate at this point. Good luck to you!!
Avatar f tn when does implantation bleeding start, like about how many weeks. I just found out yesterday that I am 5 wks and last night I started bleeding. this morning I've been bleeding, and cramping. I was watching tv when I felt like I was 'leaking' so I went to the bathroom and I had a spot of blood on my underwear, then when I wiped it was more blood. I'm freaking out right now. I don't want to go through another miscarriage. I can't!! Can anyone help me?
Avatar n tn Day 1 of week 7...
Avatar f tn When I leaked colostrum I got a kind of painful pins and needles feeling. I think it was because it is so thick. But when my milk came in and my let down reaction happened I just got a tingly feeling in my nipples. My milk didn't come in for almost 5 days after delivery, but colostrum is all your baby needs the first days of life. There's no need to supplement with formula before your mature milk comes in.
Avatar n tn But you could have ovulated late which would make your period start later. Do you have regular cycles? Have you been experiencing any symptoms of pregnancy?
Avatar n tn If the baby decides to come after 40 weeks, I am afraid I'll be induced or get a C-section when I really want to do it naturally.. Until I can't handle the pain anymore,then I am thinking of taking epidural. Thank you!
Avatar n tn He said that many women experience this type of discharge when they have an ovarian cyst that has ruptured or is putting pressure on the uterus which will force some blood that is no longer in the uterus lining to discharge. It could be a sign of early pregnancy, however, mine was dark like you described and he says that it was too dark for implantation spotting. My suggestion is to see your doctor ASAP and ease your troubled mind before you drive yourself mad.
Avatar n tn increase in discharge is a sign of pregnancy, but I'm not sure when it is supposed to start, but I do know it is a symptom! Good luck!
688450 tn?1259472334 Symptoms can never be taken as a sign of pregnancy. The only thing that means anything is a positive HPT or blood test.
525485 tn?1314364901 for those of you who have had an increased amount of CM as a sign of pregnancy, when did you start getting the increased CM before getting a BFP? Do you remember how many days it was before AF was due? what DPO? Just curious..i remmeber having it as something different when I got my BFP before i had sarah..but dont remember how many days prior to AF's due date......and I am having it off and on now...I am due for AF on Sunday... hoping its a sign that I am preggo again!
Avatar f tn Yeah, I didn't think a crampless period should be a sign, which is why I wasn't at all concerned when I had it. But then I started thinking about all the **** people told me about spermicide not being an effective mthod for bith control. - I really did brush it off my shoulders and thought "people probably aren't using it right," but then I read somewhere that it has an 18% failure rate when used perfectly. I suppose that's my primary reason for freaking out.
Avatar f tn Discharge can be a sign of pregnancy but i would personally not take this as a sign that you are as not a day goes by for me without some kind of discharge so it is hard to use discharge as a pregancy sign in my opinion but then if you dont normally get discharge and you have started to expereince alot then it very well could be a sign for you!! good luck. When are you testing?
Avatar f tn No, dreams of being pregnant isn't a sign of pregnancy. You don't want to be pregnant at 18 years old, with a boyfriend you've only been with for a couple months. This is a disaster in the making. Find out what you want to do with your life, start a career, find a man, and get married. Then when you're many years older you might be ready to be a mom. You aren't ready now. You're not even old enough to rent a car.
Avatar f tn That was my first sign of me being pregnant even before my test was pos with all three kids
10559663 tn?1413264081 ( when I have them I have so trouble breathing) I also do have this strong back pain when I go for a walk. Are these any sign of pre labour? Or it's just BH contractions and I do have a long way to go?? Suggestions ladies...:) btw, I am 38 weeks now..