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476834 tn?1228402309 I'm not diagnosed, but it makes sense that what ever ails you will be made worse if your body is facing another illness. I hope you got some rest after work today. Someone dipped my legs in cement, but since I work with my fanny plopped in front of the computer, I shouldn't complain! I think from what I recall you are on your feet more. Phew! Happy 4th, and I hope you see a turnaround in symptoms now that the flu is gone!
443136 tn?1210539925 *Bladder issues (frequent urination, sometimes burns/stings) *Bowel issues (attacks of diarrhea, constipation, mucus (sometimes bloody), hard stools) *Heat makes things worse (showers, baths, moving around a lot/exercising makes me feel kind of sick, hot, and exhausted) *Electric shock sensations *Tingling/numbness in fingers, toes, right side of head and neck *Leg cramps *Muscle aches *Joint pain (not bad) *Eye floaters (sometimes see flashes of light especially when I move my head) *Eyes w
Avatar f tn anyway, I had a bunch of eye tests done and the eye doctor said it was not optic neuritis or any other MS related reason. well the symptoms almost completely subsided for about two weeks. Then the other day the tingling came back, almost worse. Now im truly concerned I have MS. however, i dont have weakness or clumsiness along with the tingling. just super annoying tingles. I becoming very depressed because I should be focusing on my new baby but im over consumed with ideas of having MS.
382163 tn?1204602660 I really feel for you. Lack of sleep only makes the pain worse. Please keep up posted about your progress with your doctor. Big ((((HUG)))) but gentle hugs, so I don't hurt you anymore than you already are........
Avatar n tn Hi Howie, I'm going to 1st apologize to you for not being able to answer your questions. There are just so many variations of MS symptoms. You probably know yourself pretty good and if this is new and different, it's time to talk to the Dr about it. Maybe there are some residual issues w/stopping that med you mention. With most meds there are side affects of stopping, just like there are when starting. But did this start after stopping? Or before?
Avatar m tn Keep in mind there are a lot of diseases of the nerves, and many are way worse than MS. I just thank the Lord that my MS is not as bad as some peoples are, and I am not wheel chair bound. Sorry to go on and on, and also sorry about the run on sentences, and hope this may have helped you some.
Avatar n tn I have spent the last few days reading everything I could about MS on the net. After familiarizing myself with the symptoms of MS I have two questions. First, what percent of MS patients initially exhibit urinary problems as the first sign or one of the first signs of MS? I ask this because, with two possible exceptions, I don't seem to exhbit any of the typical MS onset symptoms (at least the ones I as a layperson can determine). A quick run down of what I have: 1.
523927 tn?1257022304 So along with the bunch of symptoms that MS can cause, is neck pain/discomfort one of them? This week for me has been some neck pain, not excrutiating, just mild to maybe moderate at worst. Along with the discomfort is the sensation of a throbbing vein in the side of the neck. This has been more on my right side, but sometimes on the left. And with the neck pain, the other main symptom this week has been the constant numbness/tingling in my right foot and a little bit on the left side.
333056 tn?1195143188 I still haven't been diagnosed with MS. Still a possiblitly. My symptoms are worsening and thought I would ask you guys about it. My LF eye has a spot in my field of vision. One OPT. said Macular Edima, one said it wasn't. Horrible eye pain also. My heels keep going numb and my LT arm, last 2 fingers on LT hand and feet keep getting the tingles. It is pretty bad today. My dizziness is coming just about everyday now. Use to it was only in my "episodes." Horrible headaches again....
Avatar n tn Are is no known etiology with alcohol as an inducer of MS. The allergic reaction to anything does not induce MS. It can make the symptoms of MS worse though.
Avatar n tn In fact, sometimes it makes the pain worse. Nothing triggers the burning sensations in my head. They just happen randomly throughout the day. I guess my question is, could this be MS even though my MRI came back normal? Anything else I ahould check for? So far we have eliminated: arthritis HIV b-12 deficiency magnesium deficiency thyroid I have had: brain MRI (w and w/o contrast) - normal cervical spine (w/o contrast) - normal CT scan - normal I would appreciate any advice.
Avatar f tn I still have muscle tremors, achiness, tingling and some fatigue although much milder. Can anyone shed some light on my symptoms...I was convinced I had ms ( also had a great aunt with ms) but with my MRI's normal I am not sure now.
Avatar f tn Clear MRIs and abnormal Nerve conduction studies makes me think that something is going on with you peripheral nervous system. This would exclude MS, as MS attacks the central nervous system. When are you seeing the neurologist again?
Avatar m tn There are symptoms here that don't lean towards MS......
Avatar f tn Im sure anxiety increases when you experience it --- and perhaps makes matters worse...but what were you doing before the symptoms started? Was anything happening in your life that caused stress? Etc? I do wish you the best and let us know how you're doing.
Avatar f tn This helps but not when I'm still, wish it helped when I get up from sitting, the stiffness could be worse but my god I can't imagine what oeople think while I take my first 5 steps. Any way when he prescribed he set me up with a new neuro. I go Friday. The anticipation of this appt has me wondering if these events coincide and all fit in one picture and I'm wondering what you all think..
Avatar n tn I didn't need that Therapist! MS is being used frequently as dx. Stress makes every illness worse. Meds. for anxiety help sometimes. I hope my story helps. Doing something lessons frustration. Find a listener or move on. My Dr. retired & my name is out there. No one wants me. I have to go back to passive for awhile. Good luck!
Avatar n tn He examined me and noted that siffness in my legs was becoming worse along with my symptoms over the past few years and now with my vison jumping and odd sensations and since I'm the right age, he thought we might be dealing with MS! He ordered an MRI with Gadolinim and lots of blood work. I should mention that last year he checked my thyroid, which was normal. He's done lots of blood tests over the last two or three years and everything has been normal.
Avatar f tn Hi deannie185, I'm Clay aka Thyroid Hunter, and there are a lot of people on this site who have similar sounding problems. First off, you have a pro-active doctor in having an early ultrasound. The "nice size lump on my neck", isn't a lump on your neck, it's a lump on your thyroid gland, it's called a goiter, and almost 9% of the people in this nation have it in some form or another. Only about 15% of those have one large enough to be noticeable.
Avatar f tn As you can guess the weather here in not great for anyone with MS, if that is in fact what my symptoms qualify. We have been in a drought this year which only made things even hotter, 95-105 degrees daily. Started getting a little rain last week, but only adds to the humidity. I've been avoiding it as much as possible by staying inside!!! Boy, I'm such a wimp!!!! I know exactly how you felt about getting a diagnosis.
Avatar f tn Since I had always had MS symptoms I did not know there was any other way to be. I have now had MS 48 years. My life has changed very little since diagnosis really. I now have an explanation for my weird symptoms. Today I rode a horse. I train dogs. I go camping. I also have stage 4 Cancer and I have learned how to deal with the medical symptoms. I have learned Doctors really know very little. I have learned not to worry about tests. I have learned to compartmentalized my life as a patient.
Avatar n tn If you have a degenerative process it will tell you at some point and it will be much more than a tingling on the cheek. If someone presents to a neurologist with minor symptoms suggestive of MS and the first MRI is clear, usually another is scheduled for 3 to 6 months. Then, possibly one year later. If there are no further symptoms the plan is wait and see. You had exams separated by 3 years. I would take that and try to relax. Anxiety magnifies all of our sensations and our worries.
Avatar f tn We can't diagnose anything online, but I can talk about what you have told us in the context of MS. First I have to agree with the assessment that MS is in the picture. Now, let's look at the rest. It sounds like you had this first bout of pressure and numbness in the right side of your face about a year ago -->?sinus infxn w/antibiotics --> no help --> yada yada. When you say numbness, do you mean really numb when you touch it on the outside or a numb, pins&needles feeling?
Avatar n tn I haven't had the visual provoked potential yet but without that test can I be diagnosed with MS? My symptoms are- right leg weakness, tingling, hyperreflexia. All my lab tests are negative for any other diseases.
Avatar n tn This is consistent with something like hyperventilation, but not much like MS. Because MS shows its symptoms due to actual nerve damage, the symptoms last much longer than an hour. In order to "qualify for MS" a symptom must last a minimum of 24 hours OR be repeatedly present in the same spot during a 24 hour period. Now, since the two episodes in early July, you have had pain, throbbing, pins and needles, have been constant.
Avatar f tn or a nl that says chiari is not the cause should at least be able to tell u then what is causing ur symptoms right!!! Why dont they start to listen to their patients and measure the stmproms instead of hernia.damn seems u really need a specialist. I share a lot of ur symptoms and i am 2years older.i can feel how desperate u r.get an expert asap and keep us updated.
Avatar f tn In January I started pt for neck and hip pain and also I started training for my first marathon.My body crashed at the end of Feb. I seem to have a lot of the symptoms of MS but I have the added tics, involuntary sounds, sometimes it is like I keep coughing, involuntary jerks. My last check up with my neuro he detected more weakness and more balance problems. He finally recommended pt which I had my first evaluation Monday. 20 years ago the neuro wanted to label me with conversion reaction.
Avatar n tn I did the best I could and It's a familiar nightmare now. That being said ....... please contact the MS Society (even if what you have does not wind up being MS). They are WONDERFUL and will help steer you in the right direction with so many things. Many years after my diagnosis I found the following article: It FINALLY put into words what MS feels like. Take it with you to any doctor appointments ... at least it will show them what you "FEEL".
1744910 tn?1314203285 The worse time of day for me is sleeping time. I am to the point I hate it. Period. I wish we could skip it. In fact, I often fall asleep at our table or my desk rather than put myself though the pain. It just isn't worth the spasms and burning that I don't feel during the day because I have other thing to occupy my mind. And I have MS is you are taking an informal poll.