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429949 tn?1224695179 You said that you had a damaged tear bed, what is the name they gave you for the damage. Is it some kind of tear gland disorder? I have Meibomaian Gland dysfunction and Blepharitis, both of which I never had until this all started, and guess what, they are on the rare side effects list for Paroxetine too! Just coinsidence? Who knows? Has the Restasis helped with the dry eye? What differences have you noticed so far? I read that it may take up to six months to see the most results.
Avatar n tn I was given every possible prescription drop (steroids) including Restasis. Restasis did absolutely nothing for, as a matter of fact I think Restasis made matters worse. In any event after six months of PAIN things finally got better. About six weeks ago my doctor asked me to stop putting prescription drops in my eyes and use only over the counter drops, take flag seed oil gels and use goggles as needed. What a difference!!! My eyes are much better, not there yet, but almost there.
Avatar n tn I used to be an addict user of vasoconstrictors for about 3 years, but have been off them for almost 2.5 months now and my eyes are still red. I went to an eye doctor a few days ago and he gave me a tear time break up test. My results were only 2 seconds when normal break up time is around 7 seconds. Does the fact that my eyes are indeed dry have any effect on the persistent redness that I still have? My doctor gave me temporary lower punctal plugs, but they fell out after a few hours.
429949 tn?1224695179 They also contain a very small amount of a chemical that is used in organ transplantation to keep the immune system from rejecting the donor organ. But since the chemical is used in such a small amount in Restasis that it does not cause any side effects when used as a topical eye drop treatment. Now, I am wondering if my immune system could be what has been attacking my eyes and tear producing glands.
429949 tn?1224695179 I have not had any pain since I started the Restasis! I don't know what it is doing but I hope it keeps on doing it! Eye Pain Stinks!!!!!! I just got through reading an article on Restasis and it's use in other conditions of the eye besides dry eye. And guess what? Meibomian gland dysfunction and blepharitis are two of the conditions that opthomologist have started to treat with Restasis. It has shown to be effective in this disorder and others too.
Avatar m tn My dry eye is quite serious and it did cause a lot of pain. The artificial drop can only stay in the eye for less than 20 minutes.
Avatar m tn Initially ophthamologist told me my symptoms are from dry eyes, I have used, systane, refresh, restasis, steroids, dry eye multivitamins, fish oil, and now I have punctal plugs. I have tried antiglare coating for glasses, nothing takes the glare, starburst and halos away. Symtpoms are worse at night. I never had any kind of eye surgery done, used to wear contacts, but discontinued contacts 6-7 years ago. I do not know if any one has any clue, regarding what could be the potential diagnosis.
Avatar n tn I don't believe minor trauma is a trigger for orbital myositis. Has your pcp done a thorough work up for the many causes like thyroid disease, autoimmune diseases, infections both viral and bacterial and the main cause "idiopathic" of unknown " (out of the blue) origin, or the idiots don't know the pathology, lol. Beyond recommending this I don't know anything about the illness.
Avatar f tn The compound is 1% cyclosporine with corn oil. I get from my vet it's $39.00 for 10 ml. 1 drop in each eye every 12 hours (twice a day). It also comes in a 2% strength. It's not called optimmune, it's a compounded medicine from a company called Wedgewood. My vet said they have used this drug for animals for years, and just recently made "restasis" for humans. Restasis is way more expensive and not the proper strength for dogs. My vet advised against it.
19931670 tn?1486848753 There are a who bunch of other things that can be used short term if the eye is uncomfortable such as steroids, allergy drops like pataday, etc but the contacts must be stopped. With ceasing contacts is is very rare for the bumps not to go away. If they persist its unusual which is why you find them written up in medical journals. There is a grading system for GPC. A few bumps may persist indefinitely but if they don't cause irritation they don't need to be treated.
Avatar n tn Gritty, burning, painful. Dr used the plug. Have tried systane, refresh, with ointment at night and restasis. Warm cloths. Can you help?
Avatar f tn unfortunately, I know this relative relief is very brief.. What is your advice for me, doctors? What should I do after all has failed? Am I really what I think to be an exceptional case, or is this as common as the disease itself? I can't wait to hear your respected response. Thank you.
Avatar m tn 5) Allegra and atharax were also prescribed 6) Also taken ayurvedic treatment for 1 year there is still no relief 7) Also taken homeopathic treatment for 3 years there is still no relief I have attached the complete treatment history in the next file.
Avatar f tn I used Restasis (which is prescription) because the over the counter Systane was not working all by itself. I used the Restasis when I got up in the am and before bed. In between I used Systane. This worked well and I had no trouble with my eyes during treatment (before starting on Restasis it felt like I had sand in my eyes all of the time.
200220 tn?1361955154 Thank you for answering. Did you have your entire thyroid out. I feel as though that is what they will eventually have to do. I have been told this is strictly physical and not mental from the psychiartrist that I had to go to and that when it was straightened out I would be. I am better and no longer take the prozac that I took for 3 months and do not need the lorazapam for anxiety that I took during that time but I am not able to function as I need to and that is making me feel concerned.
Avatar n tn e they can make the corneal opacites go away and lessen other symptoms, but does this only supress the EKC for them to come back after? (This is argument my doc is advocating). b) And the other argument is that he said prolonged steroid use can cause glaucoma or worse and as such I'm better to let EKC run its course. Any views on that?
Avatar m tn There is no relief after the treatment as all the symptoms is the same. He GAVE THE TREATMENT FOR SCABIES. And Kaisoragulgulu vatika Mix all taken after food i.e after breakfast and dinner Dimesaelaadi coconut oil to be applied and taken bath after 30 to 1 hr No soap to be applied No relief No Solution Nov 2009 till date Consulted a Cornea surgean in Mumbai Dr Nikhil Goklahe.
Avatar n tn You may have dry eyes. You could have thyroid eye disease. I suggest a consult with a Eye MD that specializes in corneal and external eye disease. Be sure the doctor looks at you before the techs put in eye drops. Ask for a Schirmer tear test. Ask the Eye MD if you should have blood work to see if you are hyper/hypo thyroid. JCH III MD General Information on Dry Eyes a Schirmer test of zero indicates that you have severe dry eyes.
Avatar f tn I went to my dermatologist today and she is testing it for Lupus rash. I am unsure if this is what i have but I have many symptoms of it. I pray you get some answers and get to feeling better!
Avatar n tn Be sure you used Restasis twice/day for a minimum of 10 weeks. Anything less is not a long enough trial. 4. Have plugs put in both your lower tear ducts. Don't use the type that disolve or the type that are completely in the tear duct and hard to remove (I've seen several complications with that type). You want the umbrella or parasol shaped ones that are easy to put in and easy to take out. 5. Eat a fatty fish meal 2-4 times/week salmon, sardine, anchove, cod, salmon, salmon. 6.
Avatar f tn My surgeon suggests that I have my bottom tear ducts blocked. He says is a simple procedure with good results for people with dry eye. Can you give me any advice in this area ? Also, I am told that my cataract is growing again and I need a laser procedure to clear it up. Once again, he says its not unusual. I just have to come up with the money for these procedures. I'd appreciate your opinion. Thank you for your time.
382218 tn?1341185087 I can tell by how much more of field of vision that I can now see, but looking at it on the test confirmed what I already Knew in my own mind. I hope that for both of us and anyone else who is going through this that the slow improvements don't stop until we are back to normal or at least as close as we can get! You were so right about this testing your patients!!!
Avatar f tn sort_by=date Both my wife and I have moderately severe dry eyes. Both of us are on restasis with complete success. She for 6-7 years and me for one and a half year. IT WILL TAKE 6 MONTHS BEFORE YOU SEE THE FULL BENEFITS OF RESTASIS SO DON'T STOP THEM. Restasis eye drops does not cause cancer if it did neither my wife or I would be taking them. I personally would not have plugs put in. they fall out, they can scratch the eye. If you're not on Omega 3 I would start them.
Avatar f tn Well, you're awfully young to have this problem! I do, but I'm a lot older. Tears are a bit complicated: there's a watery component, and there's an oily component that helps keep the tears from evaporating too fast. My eye doc says that In one form, people just don't make enough of the watery portion. For them, Restasis is the answer.
Avatar n tn but once you're red, patanol is like a drop in the bucket IMO. you could likely be on alrex for long term therapy... thats what its designed for, anyway.
Avatar f tn What is new for dry eyes? I have a friend who is just about done in by sundown with his dry eyes. He can't live a normal life anymore. Yes, he has been to many doctors. It is sad and painful Can you think of any help?
233488 tn?1310696703 If often stings or burns when first starting and many ophthalmologists use a mild steroid eye drop for a couple of weeks to reduce swelling. Restasis is not an artificial tear but is cyclosporin. Over 4-6 months Restasis reduces inflammation on the surface of the eye and improves the quality and quantity of the tear (which has a protein, a fat (lipid) and a watery (aqueous) component. Also recent research has documented the effect of omega 3 fatty acids taken orally 2 or 3/day.
Avatar f tn I know it's easy to go into denial, but if I have any kind of advice to give, it's try just taking each day as it comes and enjoy every minute. It's clear that Duke is so well cared for and so much loved. What dog could ask for more. Have a great weekend.
Avatar f tn I never went to see an ophthamologist but just saw my optometrist, who only used the dye drops in my eyes and did no other tests. She did find dry spots on my eyes. I have been on Restasis for 2 weeks.. WILL the Restasis help with the sensitivity to the lighting and computers? I have heard of Melanin tint glasses. Do those help or will the Restasis "eventually" take care of this? Thank you.