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Avatar n tn I was given every possible prescription drop (steroids) including Restasis. Restasis did absolutely nothing for, as a matter of fact I think Restasis made matters worse. In any event after six months of PAIN things finally got better. About six weeks ago my doctor asked me to stop putting prescription drops in my eyes and use only over the counter drops, take flag seed oil gels and use goggles as needed. What a difference!!! My eyes are much better, not there yet, but almost there.
Avatar f tn The doctor I saw today said that before the surgeon can do relaxing limbal incisions for the astigmatism, I need to go on Restasis for a period of time so that they can get better measurements on my eyes. Now I thought Restasis was for "dry eye" and I don't have any of those symptoms. She also said that he would likely do the YAG laser on that eye first because I have some scar tissue there.
429949 tn?1224695179 Finally my optho, after seeing that I was having to use too much of the artificial tears to control the symptoms,decided to put me on Restasis. I am already seeing the swelling going down in the eyelash margins of both eyes. Looks kind of like poison Ivy when it starts to dry up some. Also I am seeing more liquid in my eyes, not a lot, but some! And so far I have not had any of the painful attacks with my eyes thumping out of my head from the clogged glands and swelling.
Avatar n tn So, I gave up on my Ophthalmologist and came to this forum and got the Restasis recommendation which solved the problem in 2007 but it seems to have come back now. I am desperately seeking help. Much appreciate any advice.
Avatar n tn I've changed out contacts a few times but that had no effect or even aggravated the condition worse.. My doctor had me try Restasis for dry eye for a month but no change (that just seemed to sting). I know it has to be an allergy related issue since I do have sinus problems but I'd welcome anyone else's comments on why my eyes/ contacts won't clear up.. thx..
Avatar f tn It's very nice to have a website/forum with actually answers from an ophthalmologist. If after 2 months the Restasis seems to not be working, I may request the plugs. I have been using the TheraTears nutrition capsules for about 2 weeks now.I have to agree with another poster that ANXIETY is a BIG problem with me right now. I have read other message boards and some of the depressing stories.
Avatar n tn yes. i tell patients not to judge restasis at all either way until they've been on it for *3* months. heavy computer users are notorious for having drier eyes b/c they dont blink as much. i personally kind of doubt that is what is making you "take a long time" to respond to restasis. no relation at all bewteen dry eyes and floaters. the machine that shot air into your eyes was unrelated to either dry eyes or floaters.
Avatar n tn Eye pain, photosensitivity, and redness can all occur due to dry eye. There is a ton of info. regarding dry eye treatment on this forum you can access thru a search. Treatment can include punctal plugs, restasis, artificial tears (without preservatives), increase humidified air, moisture goggles, fish/flaxseed oil (2000 mg/daily).
Avatar n tn A great therapy to try is "thera tears nutrition", an omega-3 oral capsule (pill). Also try SOOTHE brand emulsion eyedrops instead of theratears eyedrops. Both theratears nutrition capsules & soothe brand eyedrops are available over the counter. if you get no relief from that, there are prescription medications you could be on like Restasis that could also help.
Avatar n tn I had five cysts removed under the eyelid. The problem is a film remains over the eye and alot of redness. Restasis and everything else has not resolved this heavy film and redness and the eye gets so dry the eye lid will not move. Could this situation be related to a heart problem?
Avatar n tn Hi Thanks for writing to the forum! There is a chance that your father suffers from both insomnia and oversleeping. The first night he has a disturbed sleep , hence he sleeps over the next day. The other possibility is that he is depressed. You can go over this link for signs of depression in elderly: Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar n tn Your were told the same thing about your problem as we told you here on this forum. I disagree about the Restasis. I see it as your best hope. It is a safe medication with few side effects. if often stings mild to moderate when you start it and for a few weeks but almost always stops. It takes 3 MONTHS FOR A MINIMAL TRIAL AND THE GOOD EFFECTS CAN CONTINUE TO GET BETTER FOR UP TO A HALF YEAR. So you should stay on the Restasis for 6 months. Nothing else offers as much hope for you as ReStasis.
Avatar f tn My wife and I are both on Restasis with fabulous success and I use it extensively in my practice and have recommended it many times her at the Eye Forum. I think your experience is atypical as Restasis is the most widely prescribed prescription eye drop in the USA. A tear duct plug would not cause blurred vision nor ringing in your ear (tinnitus). If the ringing is new you need to see an ENT physician for an audiogram and evaluation of the ringing.
1533563 tn?1292288907 This questions is answered by me on the other forum. Pred forte would not cause this. You may need restasis. You need to be sure that your glasses RX is right especially that the reading segment is strong enough. When you read put drops like BLINK artifical tears in before you read, each 10 minutes look up from your reading, focus on something very far away like down the hall or out a window and make 5-6 very hard, strong blinks.
Avatar n tn I am not sure if you have already figured this out but you may want to try the Eye Care forum to get a better response as this forum you posted in is related to heart rhythm issues. I do hope you can get your issue corrected so you can feel better soon.
Avatar n tn I have tried so many different treatments. Plugs, Restasis, etc, but nothing has helped. My eye lids stay swollen and the eye itself has dry pits all over them. I have had the Shermer test and it's at a "0" tear production. I've had my thyroid tested, and it's normal. I'm 43. I would love to hear from someone that may have some information on this. Thank you.
Avatar m tn First off, I'd like to say this is my first post to this forum, and I think the reason my prior post was removed was that I didn't post it in the "ask a doctor" section but rather in the general community section. Also, I mentioned the names of specific dr doing these procedures and I realize that may violate this forum policies. I apologize for this and flagged my own post, so please don't consider this a duplicate.
Avatar m tn Welcome to the forum. Thanks for your question. For sure your cyclosporin eyedrops had no effect on your test result. You can rely on the engative results. In theory, immunosuppressive drugs might delay positive HIV test results. However, I stress "in theory": there are no reports that it actually happens. And if it does, it would require far higher doses than the amount absorbed into the system from eyedroops.
Avatar f tn I have been struggling with sjogrens syndrome for years. Very dry eyes. I did restasis for a long time and I never did notice any help. I also have a few food sensitivities, soy being one of them. Soy is in alot of things, when I eat soy even in a piece of gum my eyes flare up. I have also finally noticed that whenever I go shopping to the mall or any store my eyes start to flare up quickly. They get very red, burn and sting.
Avatar f tn And since I am trying to get pregnant restasis is not safe. The plugs from what I've been told tend to fall out alot. Thank you for your input. Is the fish oil supplement okay to take? will it help?
Avatar n tn I seem to be suffering from some temporary blisters in the corner of one eye, but they come with a lot of burning in that area, especially after using Restasis. I was prescribed restasis after I underwent surgery for conjuntivo Chalasis in 2003, which brought with it great discomfort and redness due to dry eyes and other symptoms. After testing every possible drop plus flax seed, and tear duct plugs, my doctors have given up on me and told me there is nothing else in the market for my condition.
Avatar f tn most ophthalmologists including myself when we start patients on restasis (cyclosporin) use a steroid for 2-3 weeks because more people have trouble with stinging burning and pain than don't. Some become discouraged and stop the medicine. I have said this before on this forum but my wife has been on restasis for about 4 years and it has made a world of difference in her tears dysfunction syndrome (formerly dry eyes).
Avatar f tn Restasis stings most people when you first start. Lasts several weeks then stops. Can be eliminated by using steroid drops for 2-3 weeks when you first start them. That's what my wife and I did.
Avatar n tn This is from a recent post on the Eye Care Forum regarding dry eyes. JCH III MD a Schirmer test of zero indicates that you have severe dry eyes. I'm assuming from your posting that you have tried both preserved and unpreserved artifical tears, gels or lubricating ointments at bedtime, environmental modification, etc. Don't discount eye drops. There are over a 100 different brands of artificial tears and they can't all be lumped together. Sometimes one will find the perfect drop.
Avatar n tn this is always so tough. silver nitrate is usually what i suggest, but when it doesnt work there are limited options. i usually put patients like these on longer term lower dose steroids like alrex. you could also try restasis, but you cant do both. restasis is specifically contraindicated with concurrent steroid use. you may have already tried restasis...that may be what you mean by 'antibiotics'...
Avatar n tn This is my first time on the forum, but I am so tired of struggling to see. I have Graves and TED, which I know are from a different antibody, but still attacking. I had RAI in year 2000. About a year after, I developed severe pain in my eye (which I NEVER had trouble with my eyes before, didn't even wear glasses). I then had ringing in my ears and lost my hearing in left ear and had severe double vision, eyes floating all over the place.
Avatar n tn Hello, I had posted a question on this forum a few months back about the redness and swelling in the eyes. It all started happening after my eyes were dialated when I went for eye exam last December. The problem still persists, even though it went away for a couple of months, and reflaired a few weeks back. I have gotten ANA (auto-immune disorder test) for Sjourn Syndrome and it was negative. The eye specialist that I went to also adminstered the Schimers test for tears and it was 5.
Avatar n tn He put me on flax seed oil, allegra, restasis, sterilid and qtips, moisturizing eyedrops and tobradex. At one point he did tell me to slow down on the tobradex but I couldn't handle having such bloodshot eyes so he's allowed me to continue usage for the past year and a half while monitoring my IOP levels. I decided to try to wean myself off of tobradex again, but despite my bloodshot eyes he said that he didn't think I was experiencing rebound symptoms from the steroids.
Avatar n tn I've tried everything including having plugs put in and Restasis. I've had my thyroid tested, and it comes back normal. I would like to find an answer to the problem. I get swollen eye lids and the eye itself has what looks like dry pits in them. It is painful. I would love to hear from someone that may have a solution.