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Avatar n tn Since it would work only to remove tartar and not infection, more has to be done to keep problems away. If we just look the info you've provided about your cat with PetzLife aside, we know there is decay and red gums. One concern you tell us is surgery. If your veterinarian is doing: pre-anesthetic bloodwork, continual anesthesia monitoring, gas anesthesia, IV fluids, nerve blocks for extractions, dental xrays and gingival flaps - then your cat is getting the best care she deserves.
1559578 tn?1295459244 I've been on methadone for over a year now and am about to begin the slow detox. I've been noticing serious tooth decay lately and was just wondering if it's the methadone??? Has anyone else had this problem, and what did you do about it? I brush my teeth twice a day, but still problems. I even had to have a tooth pulled last week it was so bad. Any info will be greatly appreciated. Please help.......
Avatar m tn Those symptoms have gone away but right now I am experiencing trouble sleeping, loss of lean muscle, have coating on my tongue with funny taste in mouth, and i believe some tooth decay. Does it look like I have HIV? I have had various symptoms since about Aug 17 I got tested at 11 weeks and 4 days (ELISA) and it was negative!
Avatar n tn Cracks can not be seen on xrays, so the specialist can use his high powered microscope to look inside the tooth and see if there is a crack that extends too far down the root to save the tooth. Ask you dentist for a referral to see the endo. right away. They will give you a percentage on if they think it can be saved, or if it would be better to do an extraction. If it was severely infected prior to your root canal, it may take longer to feel normal again. Your bite could also be off.
Avatar n tn It means they are inexperienced. And when they write that sugar does not cause tooth decay you can know they are lacking basic knowledge of chemistry. Teeth are fantastic structures, hard organs that have grown with our body from tiny seeds. Call them glowing crystals as they are translucent and have blood vessels and nerve filaments in them. They are sensitive to temperature, vibration, and light and capable of withstanding 100 years of chewing activity.
Avatar n tn I also get headaches every day - maybe from the pressure or maybe just from the stress of it all. My dentist says I shouldn't have feeling in the tooth and I agree but it is what it is - I am not imagining it. He also says the gums margins are "within normal limits" but they feel irritated all the time. I am thinking of seeing a specialist but not sure where to start or what the treatment might be.
Avatar n tn And when they write that sugar does not cause tooth decay you can know they are lacking basic knowledge of chemistry. Teeth are fantastic structures, hard organs that have grown with our body from tiny seeds. Call them glowing crystals as they are translucent and have blood vessels and nerve filaments in them. They are sensitive to temperature, vibration, and light and capable of withstanding 100 years of chewing activity.
Avatar m tn I have tooth decay on the inside of my # 10 tooth (upper) the decay is spreading towards the "bone level" according to the xrays, it is close to the root (nerve?) but not touching it and the 5 dentists i have seen all recommend extraction of the tooth with all but 1 of them recommending an Implant, the 1 lone dentist recommends a fixed bridge shaving down the 2 healthy teeth next to the bad one, i cannot afford either of these proceedures costing $3,000 & above right now.
Avatar n tn Now you are paying the price. currently, it sounds like there is infection present. The tooth should be evaluated by a root canal specialist asap. If that is not an option for you, then extracting the tooth is the only viable alternative. But now you have infection to deal with---see your dentist asap to discuss the tooth and advise you.
Avatar n tn If you are in that much pain, you should go to the doctors. If there was an infection in your tooth, it could have gotten into your ears. Oddly enough that whole area, including the nasal passages are connected some how. You could have also had an infection prior to having your wisdom teeth being pulled and it is just getting worse.
Avatar f tn Tonight, when my 4 year old cat yawned, I noticed that her gums had become inflamed and red and a back tooth looks grey. I had just taken her to the vet about a month and half ago after my other cat(who lived in another state) died from kidney failure due to bad teeth. The vet didn't say anything about her teeth then and I didn't notice it until just recently. Can something like this pop up out of nowhere or was it missed by my vet?
Avatar f tn in the front tooth and I'm not sure now if its getting ready to fall out or what cause my front tooth is like a gray color now and very little feeling in it what should I do cause I can't afford a dentist right now?!
9613600 tn?1404848879 I then, earlier today, tried to look into her mouth and see if she had any tooth decay or a tooth problem at all, she would not let me open her mouth without getting a snippy meow at me, like she was in pain. She is a 12 year old pure black mix. She has had perfect health her whole life, so much that we never had to take her to the vet. She is breathing fine, eating I am not so sure of now, but I never see her eat so I am not sure if she is having issues are not.
Avatar n tn About three weeks ago it really starting hurting right in the center of the tooth where the filling was. Yesterday, I went to the dentist. She said that I had No Tooth Decay and was preping it for a crown. I got the temp crown and I am still experiencing a great deal of pain when i eat something where I am biting down of the tooth with food. My gums feel fine.
Avatar n tn I was wondering if you could please explain what is happening with my tooth and if I'll end up having a RC whether I could save my tooth? I am young female and it upsets me alot. Thank you very much in advance.
Avatar f tn i was so frustrated i had them remove a tooth anyway. didn't help! this is what chronic pain does to the brain i guess...bad decision. yeah get your teeth looked at first. at least then a goofy neuro can't steer you into that direction wrongly.
Avatar f tn I have the same problems with rapid tooth decay from strong pa in medicine I am taking for chronic back pain.
Avatar n tn Some of the effects are, popped blood vessels, low calcium, low potassium, dehydration, possibility of vomiting blood(really bad, if it happens go to your Dr. asap) trouble concentraiting, headaches, nausea, heartburn, tooth decay, chipmunk cheeks, swollen glands in your throat, swollen joints, buring a hole in your esopogus, kidney problems. The list is quiet long.
541465 tn?1219431486 Also, it isn't just from eating sweets people, I just got diagonsed from teh dentist with some rare tooth decay thing where my tooth is like a shell, it is fine on the outside, but x-rays show it is hollow nearly all the way through, how can a tooth decay from teh inside out? It took 2 docs to come look at the xrays to say WOW, thats wierd, but i didn't tell them about the methadone. Now, once my w/d's are over and i feel okay, i have to schedule an dentist appointment.
Avatar n tn I don't think I was pg when I had a tooth pulled but I have had some filled before. If the tylenol does not work I would call the dentist back and demand you get an answer tell them this is the second time you've asked. About yesterday's post don't worry about it. If you look back on the rest of them EVERYONE was very testy yesterday. I just had to sit back and laugh. Thank God we were not all in the same room together yesterday. We probably would've killed each other.
Avatar f tn Again unfortunately, these ranges have not been adjusted like for TSH. If they were, the ranges should look more like the upper half of the current ranges. That is why so many of our members only get symptom relief when their Free T3 is adjusted into the upper third of its range and Free T4 adjusted to around the middle of its range. These points would not be of concern if the ranges were used as guidelines within which to adjust Free T3 and free T4 as necessary to relieve symptoms.
Avatar n tn I don't even know what kind of Dr to see at this point. No one seems to be helping me. Does it sound like an ear problem or something more like TMJ? I don't know if I should see a dentist, ENT, or go back to my family dr. any ideas?
Avatar f tn ve had horrible tooth and jaw pain, no pain relief, most doctors either have never heard of it or look at you like a druggie, especially when I talk. I mean my teeth look like ive done meth for years but never ever have. What on Earth can I possibly do, I'm so worried for my future and the way people will view me, I have no way to fix any of this and I'm honestly scared of being an outcast because I wanted to try to do the right thing.
535822 tn?1443980380 Numerous studies, including a 2010 study out of New Zealand, have proven that ingesting fluoride does not prevent tooth decay, and that it actually causes much harm. (http://worldental.org) Mayor Adams, Randy Leonard, and Nick Fish need to hear from you. These fluoride shills are either grossly and willfully misinformed about fluoride, or they have caved to industry pressures -- and most likely industry dollars -- to push toxic fluoride in the name of improving health.
Avatar f tn nothing will help your energy level in the following months better... look up the thomas recipe on this site, (it's all over) and take what it says or experiment like i did to find what on it works best for you.
Avatar n tn No, this tooth does not have a root canal... unfortunately. That is one thing I have learned the hard way. I now always get root canals with a crown, no matter how well they are done, they always seem to hurt sooner or later if I dont't get a root canal. Thanks, I am going in tomorrow, looks like they will be cutting it off.
Avatar f tn In ideal conditions, veneers are also lifetime permanent as they do not remove the entire outer layer of your tooth, which strengthens the veneer and resists decay just like a normal tooth. With these procedures, make sure you get your dentist to show you before and after pictures. And with any implant procedure, an oral surgeon is usually better equipt to place the implant, the general dentist plans and restores it.
Avatar n tn I would have expected a cleaning machine, autoclave, or something like that. 3. Is there something wrong with covering an infected tooth with a crown right away? My common sense tells me that things should be allowed to drain or dry out or something like that. Maybe she put in a filling, but it was not clear to me what the steps were during the procedure. 4.
Avatar n tn I would not fill the tooth until it was asymtomatic.At times it does take a while for the tooth to settle down. I can't give you an opinion on the other side.Go back to the dentist if you feel the bite has to be adjusted, it is very important.
Avatar n tn I can bite down on it without pain and it is not senstive to hot or cold. Sometimes it feels like the whole tooth is faintly aching. I have had several new xrays from a different dentist who showed it to his favorite orthodondtist and they said the root canal looks okay, but I should have the "mesial" border checked on the crown. They also suggested I may have to "live with it". Why should I get pain so long AFTER the root canal if nothing is wrong.