What does baby tooth decay look like

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Avatar m tn hello im 18 years old and i have tooth decay and cavity,i have only pain near jaw teeth and head, as i see no swelling or fever i went to dentist she said that it does not look like Tooth abscess and told me to come in a week,can i ask during Tooth abscess your face always gets swollen yes?
Avatar n tn Are those his baby teeth that he got a filling on and the dentist wants to put a crown on molars because if they are he is going to lose them anyway so why put a crown on them it does not make sense at all. I can see fiing the baby tooth but when he losing that they will have to take the filing out so the tooth can come out. Please go see another dentist because that is strange especially at 5 years old.
Avatar f tn but the decay that close the the nerve... depending on hoe close the perm. tooth is to the baby tooth it could already have a bit of decay already. a root canal and a crown are very expensive to be doing on a tooth that will be falling out very soon. if you plan to get him braces have the tooth extracted to prevent any possible decay to his adult teeth if it hasnt already. and that will give the adult tooth the space it needs to come in if it is close enough any ways.
Avatar n tn No, this tooth does not have a root canal... unfortunately. That is one thing I have learned the hard way. I now always get root canals with a crown, no matter how well they are done, they always seem to hurt sooner or later if I dont't get a root canal. Thanks, I am going in tomorrow, looks like they will be cutting it off.
Avatar f tn What wrong with the roots under the decay? He can just remove the crown, take out the decay and put a new crown. There is no pain because you mostly likely had a root canal before.
Avatar n tn How long before serious decay can set in? Is there any way to rectify this. If teeth are vulnerable to decay in general, what does that mean for a tooth which now has a gap at the top near the gumline. If I run my tongue above the gumline where the procedure was done, it feels different than the other side. It caves in on the gumline as well & behind there I can feel the other two roots. PLEASE HELP? I'm 48 yrs.
Avatar f tn whats tooth decay and what can happen
Avatar f tn Not juice, only water, at night. If a baby falls asleep with formula or juice in his or her mouth, something called "baby bottle mouth" can happen, and tooth decay can happen very fast. My poor nephew had to have crowns put on several of his teeth before he was 3, because of this, and I think his parents had to pay two thousand dollars for the dental work.
Avatar m tn Removing gum is never a good idea, doing this leaves room for bacteria to get under the crown and decay the tooth and especially as you age because our gums just naturally recede. You will be able to eat as always just maintain good oral health. Brush 2-3 times a day, thoroughly but gently with a soft toothbrush. Floss thoroughly but gently every night and use a toothpaste containing fluoride and a mouthwash that helps strengthen your tooth enamel and kill bacteria.
Avatar n tn suggesting that I do not have a bleeding gums or the gums are not wounded or broken and bleeding... just a tooth decay.. did I get infected also... I have done it last Saturday evening, July 12, 2008, I do not clearly remember if I give her the oral sex longer... because the morning I have a headache and feeling not ok like I would be having a fever and cannot eat well, and so my stomach is little troubled also... should I think it is but a Hang Over?
Avatar f tn you need to go see a dentist, you could have an infection and that is what is causing the swelling.
1559578 tn?1295455644 I'm new to the site but find it very helpful so far. I'm on methadone maintenance for serious opiate addiction (70mg/day). I've been on methadone for over a year now and am about to begin the slow detox. I've been noticing serious tooth decay lately and was just wondering if it's the methadone??? Has anyone else had this problem, and what did you do about it? I brush my teeth twice a day, but still problems. I even had to have a tooth pulled last week it was so bad.
Avatar m tn Well, for the woman being positive it's just an assumption that she is. She might not be for all we know. As for sweat, I did thought that too but as I was sucking on her nipple, I strongly believe the salty discharge came from her nipples. I know there negligable to no risk but my concern is the discharge coming in contact with my decayed tooth (my tooth decay doesn't hurt too much, just a little bit).
Avatar m tn I have tooth decay on the inside of my # 10 tooth (upper) the decay is spreading towards the "bone level" according to the xrays, it is close to the root (nerve?) but not touching it and the 5 dentists i have seen all recommend extraction of the tooth with all but 1 of them recommending an Implant, the 1 lone dentist recommends a fixed bridge shaving down the 2 healthy teeth next to the bad one, i cannot afford either of these proceedures costing $3,000 & above right now.
Avatar n tn I can bite down on it without pain and it is not senstive to hot or cold. Sometimes it feels like the whole tooth is faintly aching. I have had several new xrays from a different dentist who showed it to his favorite orthodondtist and they said the root canal looks okay, but I should have the "mesial" border checked on the crown. They also suggested I may have to "live with it". Why should I get pain so long AFTER the root canal if nothing is wrong.
Avatar m tn Has the treatment failed or something, my dental surgeon said it will be extracted if it fails as there was a 50% chance of the tooth actually being saved (the other 50% chance that it would fail). Does it look like my tooth will be extracted?
Avatar n tn It means they are inexperienced. And when they write that sugar does not cause tooth decay you can know they are lacking basic knowledge of chemistry. Teeth are fantastic structures, hard organs that have grown with our body from tiny seeds. Call them glowing crystals as they are translucent and have blood vessels and nerve filaments in them. They are sensitive to temperature, vibration, and light and capable of withstanding 100 years of chewing activity.
Avatar n tn This time, third treatment, he had more tooth decay, more bone loss, and a tooth abcess due to dry mouth which led to an extraction.
Avatar n tn A related discussion, <a href="/posts/Dental-Health/Treat-decay-under-bridge-anchoring-tooth-with-removing-bridge/show/1775171">Treat decay under bridge anchoring tooth with removing bridge</a> was started.
Avatar f tn Hello, The common causes of tooth extraction are too badly damaged, from trauma or decay. If there is tooth decay or damage which extends to the pulp it might be essential to get it removed. Do not think about the number of extractions. If you need extraction get it removed as decaying tooth can cause further complications if not removed on time. Go for the treatment and follow your dentist’s advice. Stop worrying about others’ remarks.
Avatar n tn The shoddy former DDS also did a filling in tooth #25 and in 2 months time that tooth completely broke off and I look like I should be in the comics. I will have oral surgeon extract the remnants of 25. Since I am basically on my own to get my teeth in "working order" and shy of "poor dentistry" & not wanting another "heart event", can you tell me about implants. Do they work better on the top than the bottom? Can they put implants in where decay was?
600904 tn?1226321997 More than that (I have no pain) I worry about the decay bacteria entering the bloodstream and hence the placenta, and harming the baby. I have heard that dental decay can cause a miscarriage. I am 9 weeks pregnant and couldn't handle losing the baby. Any advice?
Avatar f tn html Unless your teeth are really dark, I would leave them alone. Too white does not look natural. Once they start decaying, it gets really expensive and most dentists are in it for the money. I recently ordered a HydroFloss oral irrigator to reduce and hopefully eliminate tooth decay and gum disease. I read that most people brush too hard and that causes erosion and staining results and more susceptible to decay.
Avatar f tn My two year old has had severe tooth decay since her first teeth came in. She breast feed until 14 month and then was switched to rice milk due to a dairy allergy. At 18 months I noticed decay. She had 6 caps and 4 fillings at 2 in April. She stopped using rice milk then. Just last month at a check up and cleaning she had to have another tooth filled and one of the crowns pulled.
Avatar n tn if you have serious decay in an adjacent tooth. Antibiotics and super brushing aren't going to cure it.Plus your mouth is filled with million types of organisms. You can have a tooth decay problem caused by one type of bacteria and a gum problem caused by a different bacteria. The same antibiotic will not work as effectively for one than for the other. [url=http://www.white.co.