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1042487 tn?1275279899 The forming of histamine, serotonin, dopamine and adrenaline are dependent on vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 is required for the production of serotonin and helps to maintain healthy immune system functions, to protect the heart from cholesterol deposits, and to prevent kidney stone formation. Vitamin B6 is indicated for the treatment of sideroblast anemia, neurologic disturbances, seborrhoeic dermatitis, and cheilosis.
Avatar f tn i've read on the internet that deficiency of vitamin B1 B3 B6 and B12 might make worse the feeling of anxiety and stress. does anyone know if these vitamins will help with this feelings of anxiety and stress?
Avatar f tn Vitamin B6 has many health benefits, but it also has some side effects. Long-term use of vitamin B6 may cause headaches, Sleepiness, Loss of appetite, and burning, tingling, or prickling sensation in the feet and hands.
Avatar m tn Hi there, Vitamin B-6 is essential for maintaining healthy nerves and muscle cells and is useful in the production of DNA and RNA. Vitamin B6 dietary allowance is 2 mg and toxicity may occur on taking 100 mg daily.Headaches, mood changes, severe fatigue, nerve damage are few common side effects reported. There is no prescribed treatment for vitamin b6 toxicity. You may limit the intake of foods and supplements rich in this vitamin to overcome the condition.
6534481 tn?1398018501 Has anyone ever tried b6 for nausea? If so, did it work and did you notice the effects immediately or did it take time to kick in?
Avatar m tn I studied B6 a bit, and found pilots used it, and a fight surgeon studied it, and determined that there was risk of nerve damage, if taking more than 100 mg. / day, but generally safe, below this. Over the years, I really did confirm that not only did my short term memory come back even with these other drugs, it also dramatically improved my long term memory as well. The dramatic dreams still continue, and often are better than watching many movies.
Avatar f tn Are you on any prescription medications? If so I would check the side effects to see if these are part of the side effects. Do you have any spinal issues? Do you get it only when you stand up or in the hands and feet. It is usually related to a nerve issue. It can be temporary like crossing your legs for too long or taking B6 and then stopping it. If there is nerve damage sometimes that can go away. Sometimes not.
Avatar n tn I take vitamin B12 Complex once a day and there are no side effects to this dietary supplement. This is actually a great source and mineral for the reduction of anxiety disorders. Of course, like any oral med/mineral, it's possible to overdose...but you'd have to take a hell of a lot to get to this point! To me, u cannot get enough of Vitamin B....
1100140 tn?1260594269 Caution with using rhodiola -- it is stimulating, so if you suffer anxiety it might not be the best adaptogen to use. Eleuthero and ashwagandha would be better. For reducing cortisol, holy basil is probably the best supplement, but it also affects blood sugar, so be careful with it. Tryptophan, as M4 points out, shouldn't be taken with Zoloft, and tryptophan is not easy to get to the brain.
Avatar f tn high dosage, slow release vitamin B3; and very high dosage vitamin B6 alone (i.e. without vitamin B complex) are sometimes associated with vitamin side effects that usually rapidly cease with supplement reduction or cessation. With few exceptions, like some vitamins from B complex, hypervitaminosis usually occurs more with fat-soluble vitamins, which are stored in the liver and fatty tissues of the body.
Avatar m tn Side-effects include hair loss, pins and needles sensation in the extremities, anxiety and psychiatric symptoms ranging from irritability to depression, and other common side-effects like headache and nausea.
Avatar n tn I was advised to supplement with an extra vitamin B and I take a Vitamin B12 sub lingual that contains b6 and folic acid. It all seems to help me. I also drink a lot of water. I am sorry for what you are experiencing. Do you have dry eyes? Essential fatty acids can help that.
Avatar f tn m concerned about possible effects a high dosage of b6 has on pregnancy and developing baby. But I also read that since b6 helps produce progesterone, if you stop taking it right after getting pregnant your progesterone levels will decrease putting the pregnancy at risk. Please advise. Thank you.
4951398 tn?1365456743 Not sure about the safety...maybe google it and read up on the side effects. I added Rhodiola at about day 25 of my ct WD from Tramadol, and it did make a big difference in my energy level, but honestly, not sure I would have ever noticed the benefits for It while I was still on Tramadol or even during the first 14 days because your mind is still so altered.
Avatar f tn I took b6 for a good six months in the form of pyridoxine while I was on isoniazid for tb.isoniazid depletes body of b6 so iam confused whether I cudve had toxicity or symptoms are similar to urs with twitches,sensations n vibratory feelings in arms and legs..
Avatar n tn I was wondering if there are other people out there who have similar symptoms from b6 and have them predominantly on one side of their body. The right side is my dominant side. Thanks so much! K.
Avatar f tn My doctor told me to take vitamin b6 to help with nausea. So I think it might help you with nausea and lessen the effects. She told me to take either 25mg 4 times a day or take 100 mg 1 time a day.
Avatar f tn Keppra has fewer side effects than many other seizure medications, but irritability and depression are definitely listed side effects. For your Dr to completely dismiss it as a side effect is rather strange to me. I would probably want a 2nd opinion.
Avatar m tn b6 can cause alot more than depression. it can cause irreversible nerve damage. from personal experience, be careful how much you take. 100mg-200mg daily for me caused some very disturbing symptoms. numbness, tingling, pricks/pins/needles, shocks, buzzing/vibrating, muscle twitches, muscle weakness, severe fatigue, diziness, lighheadedness, anxiety, irritability etc. was diagnosed with b6 toxicity recently. beware of b6. it is a dangerous "water-soluble" vitamin.
Avatar m tn The psychologist suggested me Prozac along with Alzivit(Folic acid+Vitamin B6+Vitamin B12) and Vitamin D3. I have decided to first try these multivitamins and see if the situation improves before going on to SSRIs. Also, I have heard folic acid is bad for ocd. So can I order seperate supplements for Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12 and take them?
Avatar n tn Chronic kidney disease (uremia) Vitamin deficiency (vitamin B12 and occasionally vitamin B6) Alcohol abuse Low thyroid hormone levels (hypothyroidism) Lyme disease HIV/AIDS Amyloid polyneuropathy Drug side effects, including chemotherapy drugs, vitamin B6 overdose, HIV medicines, isoniazid, amiodarone, metformin, and others Heavy metal poisoning (lead, mercury, arsenic) Vasculitis (inflammation of blood vessels) Sarcoidosis Guillain-Barre syndrome Arterial disease Edema or fluid retention Hyp
Avatar m tn after about a year the b6 injections were stopped as my b6 levels where back to normal the vitamin injections had no effect on the muscle pain and pins and needles/numbnes in my hands and forearms . i have had many tests over the years to check my nervous system is ok and everything comes back fine over the last 4 years i had had a few muscle injures in my arms and wrists which i think are connected to me taking kepra .then 2 months ago i injured my middle finger on my left hand.
Avatar f tn m too nauseous to function. My obgyn said to take half a unisom with 50mg of vitamin B6 at bedtime and in the morning and that's helped a lot.