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Avatar m tn Has anyone here with kidney stones tried vitamin B6 and magnesium to prevent new stones from forming? I read a study that concluded that taking 50 mg of B6 daily with 300 mg of magnesium oxide (one of the least absorbable forms of magnesium) will prevent future kidney stones. I also read that potassium and B6 does the same. Perhaps the magnesium works because potassium is better absorbed if there is sufficient magnesium.
1381186 tn?1280202029 As for the Bs, the most important for mood are B6 and B12, with folate another player and thiamine and niacinamide and niacin being involved as well with some of the symptoms. The best complex would be what's called a stress B -- it's a B complex focusing on the Bs most involved in the nervous system plus Vitamin C. Some stress Bs also contain relaxant herbs and some also contain adrenal regulating herbs.
12618772 tn?1445214532 I'm usually extremely sick while pregnant I did some research and found that taking magnesium and b6 supplements will help me with this.So I started taking them and I haven't been sick at all only once before I started taking them.What do you ladies think about this and have u every tried or heard of this?
Avatar f tn The most commonly observed vitamin and mineral deficiencies in patients with RA, are folic acid, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin E, folic acid, calcium, magnesium, zinc and selenium.
Avatar n tn vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamins C, vitamin D, vitamin E, copper, iron, selenium, and zinc. Magnesium is needed for vitamin D absorption. Vitamin D deficiency is correlated with a higher susceptibility to infections.
Avatar n tn “The finding of high vitamin B6 levels is consistent with recent reports of low levels of [Vitamin B6]. Because of this, the solution to Vitamin B6 Toxicity in those who are taking no or little Vitamin B6 is to get tested for the MTHFR gene, and if positive, they will need to actually supplement with high doses of B Vitamins, despite having high levels, but in the proper forms that can be processed by the body.
Avatar f tn In most cases magnesium works best in combination with vitamin B6 and zinc. In sufficient concentrations, magnesium inhibits convulsions by limiting or slowing the spread of the electric discharge from an isolated group of brain cells to the rest of the brain. Animal studies show that even the initial burst of firing nerve cells that starts an epileptic attack can be suppressed with magnesium." MAGNESIUM CHLORIDE for Health & Rejuvenation by Walter Last http://www.
Avatar m tn I did not notice any signficant improvement after several weeks, and decided to add a vitamin B-6 supplement as I had read that B-6 helps with magnesium absorption. I felt completely cured the first day after starting the B-6. I had been waking up two hours early with severe anxiety every morning for months. The first morning after starting the B-6 I was able to sleep in, wake up feeling calm and relaxed and felt completely normal.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed in Nov 2009 with B6 toxicity. I have been off all supplements with B6 since that time except for about one month when I took a supplement containing high levels of B6. However, I am still having a great deal of pain, numbness, burning, headaches, ringing in ear, cracking of joints, fatigue etc. (I was toxic for four years before getting a diagnosis. Just recently I began working with a Dr of homeopathy ( licensed and an MD as well) who is treating my symptoms with Pyrodoxine 30.
Avatar m tn Harvard researchers found that taking magnesium along with vitamin B6 can reduce calcium oxalate stone formation. Try to increase Your fiber in your diet, such as root vegetables, and to cut back on how much meat you eat. Sugar and salt can also increase the excretion of both calcium and oxalate in the urine, since you seem to form kidney stones, you should limit, or try completely eliminate, sugar and refined carbohydrates from your diet, and cut back a on salt.
Avatar m tn There were a bunch of things but the culprit was a b6 supplement of about 70 per day. This was below the limit of of 100 but I still ended up with this high amount of b6 in my blood and certainly have toxicity symptoms. My doc says it is not the B6 supplement but cannot come up with another reason for the symptoms. Here's my guess: while the b6 supplement was not ridiculous it was still at a level that has been shown at times to be toxic over a long period.
564169 tn?1216326177 I recently discovered that 2 of my medications causes low potassium, plus another one deplets vitamin b6, which affected adversely my already precarious breathing capabilities. If I would have known this, I could have change my eating habits to a high potassium, magnesium and b6 diet, but I did not know that the very medications I was taking for my asthma were causing me to have mineral defficiencies that impaired my breathing causing a vicious cicle.
Avatar f tn You may need to take vitamin b6 and magnesium to help the progesterone synthesize...? I heard progesterone supplements have trouble working if your vitamin b levels are low. Vitamin b6 especially goes hand in hand with progesterone. And for vitamin b6 to work, you have to take it with other vitamin b's, like a prenatal or b complex. I'm taking vitamin b6 along with my prenatal.
1065007 tn?1255540445 It says the B6 helps with absorbtion, so maybe best to make sure to take the L-Tyrosine with b6 at least? Whats the purpose of taking the mineral supplements of zinc, phosphorus, copper & magnesium?? just a money factor & trying to minimalize this if i can for my own purpose... so could i just take L-Tyrosine & B6?
Avatar f tn Is there a commonality between all the high vitamin B6 sufferers (especially the ones who don’t have a high vitamin B6 intake) ? I hope you can respond and share your insights or experiences. • Connection to stress, viral infection or burn-out? What happened 1-6 months prior the onset of your problems. I believe that the flu and 2 intercontinental flights fired up my condition of which I believe it was already building up in the months before.
Avatar f tn Vitamin D co factors are magnesium, vitamin K2, zinc, boron, vitamin A. Vitamin D supplements, particularly large doses, can cause or worsen an existing magnesium deficiency state. I had vitamin D resistance from magnesium deficiency and I was taking high doses up to 10 000 IU to try and increase my vitamin D levels not knowing I had magnesium deficiency and in turn worsened my existing magnesium deficiency. I have a calcified mitral heart valve (that I know about) from magnesium deficiency.
Avatar f tn I have been diagnosed with B6 toxicity and toxic neuropathy. I also tested positive for half of the MTHFR gene mutation. I have cut out B6 foods in my diet and within a month, returned to a normal level. However, I still have the same symptoms. Tingly feet, legs and hands, unbalanced and lightheaded and have passed out a few times. Now, with my new bloodwork my Vitamin K is elevated at 1453. I have no idea what this means.
874521 tn?1424116797 Vitamin D will help the absorption of both calcium and phosphorus while vitamin B6 will increase magnesium retention. What i suggest to you is the Ester-C vitamin C which contain calcium and a vitamin B complex both bought from a food supplement store and a vitamin D as well.
Avatar m tn Decades ago, Harvard researchers found that taking magnesium along with vitamin B6 can reduce calcium oxalate stone formation dramatically. Vegetarians actually tend to form significantly fewer calcium oxalate kidney stones than meat eaters. There are a couple of obvious reasons. Vegetarian diets include more bulk and fiber, which lowers calcium output. And, vegetable protein contains fewer sulfur-rich amino acids than animal protein, and those amino acids promote calcium excretions.
592774 tn?1325393742 * Beelith Tablets With Magnesium And Pyridoxine HCL As a dietary supplement for patients with magnesium and/or Vitamin B 6 deficiencies resulting from malnutrition, alcoholism, magnesium depleting drugs, chemotherapy, and inadequate nutritional intake or absorption. * Also, increases urinary magnesium levels. INGREDIENTS: Active Ingredients: Magnesium Supplement with Pyridoxine HCL. Each tablet supplies 362mg of magnesium Magnesium 362mg. Inactive Ingredients: D&C yellow No.
Avatar f tn So I started taking my liquid calcium with vitamin d and magnesium again. I remembered feeling better on it. I take high blood pressure meds and I found out on line they can cause a magnesium deficiency and magnesium is very important for b6 to work in your body. I thought maybe that is why b6 is building up and causing this toxicity; also b6 needs certain enzymes and that is why this is helping too!Let me know what you think? I know everyone's situation is different.