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Avatar f tn Hi has anyone have experience in taking magnesium & B6 for hyer-auditory issues with austistic child.Whats the safe & effective dosage for a 6 yr old boy? Require advice urgently! Thank you!
Avatar f tn Dear Doctors What is the safe & effective dosage of magnesium & vitamin B6 for a 6yr old austistic boy with hyper-auditory issues.The local doctor did not give prescription though stated its safe to consume. Enquiring this for a friend who is seeking help urgently for her son. Please advice. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you!
12618772 tn?1445218132 I'm usually extremely sick while pregnant I did some research and found that taking magnesium and b6 supplements will help me with this.So I started taking them and I haven't been sick at all only once before I started taking them.What do you ladies think about this and have u every tried or heard of this?
Avatar m tn Has anyone here with kidney stones tried vitamin B6 and magnesium to prevent new stones from forming? I read a study that concluded that taking 50 mg of B6 daily with 300 mg of magnesium oxide (one of the least absorbable forms of magnesium) will prevent future kidney stones. I also read that potassium and B6 does the same. Perhaps the magnesium works because potassium is better absorbed if there is sufficient magnesium.
171867 tn?1271047748 I am 38 and trying to conceive... can anyone tell me should I be taking vitamin b6 or b12 ??? I had heard that with all women especially over 35 we should.. but I dont remember which? please help if you know the answer!
Avatar f tn Hello, I've been doing research on the many conditions magnesium helps, and I came across this: "As I increased my magnesium intake, my agoraphobia left over a period of a month or so. Brown rice bread, broccoli, salmon, designer whey protein (30% DV magnesium & zinc, 100% vitamin B6 per scoop). Magnesium, Zinc, and B6 all needed to help with production of dopamine and GABA, two important neurotransmitters for social anxiety.
Avatar f tn I do have a history of headaches, but since I started taking it, I am waking up with severe headaches which seem to last 3 to 4 hours. The only other thing I take is a B6 vitamin. I take no prescription medication, so I know it is not an interaction. Everything I read says magnesium is good for headaches. Any thoughts?
Avatar f tn There are many reported causes of epilepsy greatly improving or disappearing with magnesium supplementation. In a trial with 30 epileptics 450 mg of magnesium supplied daily successfully controlled seizures. Another study found that the lower the magnesium blood levels the more severe was the epilepsy. In most cases magnesium works best in combination with vitamin B6 and zinc.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed in Nov 2009 with B6 toxicity. I have been off all supplements with B6 since that time except for about one month when I took a supplement containing high levels of B6. However, I am still having a great deal of pain, numbness, burning, headaches, ringing in ear, cracking of joints, fatigue etc. (I was toxic for four years before getting a diagnosis. Just recently I began working with a Dr of homeopathy ( licensed and an MD as well) who is treating my symptoms with Pyrodoxine 30.
Avatar n tn “The finding of high vitamin B6 levels is consistent with recent reports of low levels of [Vitamin B6]. Because of this, the solution to Vitamin B6 Toxicity in those who are taking no or little Vitamin B6 is to get tested for the MTHFR gene, and if positive, they will need to actually supplement with high doses of B Vitamins, despite having high levels, but in the proper forms that can be processed by the body.
Avatar f tn Test for hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), After allergy/sensitivity screening and hypoglycemia test, After screening the following for allergies and sensitivity, use these supplements (for now) magnesium citrate, 200 mg twice daily, vitamin B6, 200 mg twice daily feverfew capsules, three, twice daily, a hypoallergenic multiple vitamin-mineral. Research shows that the addition of one single vitamin can reduce headache frequency and severity even more.
Avatar f tn the thing is i have read the regular dosis is 600 mg of magnesium... the product i bought has 530 mg of citrate magnesium with Vitamin B6 125 mg. in the prospect it says you can take up to three capsules a day... What confuses me is that 530 mg of magnesium citrates is equivalent of 47,6 mg of "elemental magnesium". i have read that regular dosis of elemntal magnesuim is approximately 200 mg.. sooo... what should i pay attention to the citrate dosis or elemental magnesium dosis???
8976007 tn?1413334250 is B6 the only B vitamin you have to worry about toxicity?? I am so glad i found the post in here about that . The symptoms i have are that of adrenal insufficiency (also seen that on this site) and that can be caused from opiate use. 2 months (about) after i started on this fentanyl patch, i started to get the exact symptoms of that and i am desperate to make it stop.
Avatar n tn I have two year old son that weighs under forty pounds and I am giving 1 tablet of Supra Nu Thera which states that in 2 tablets there is 40mg of Magnesium and 4mg of B6. I am only giving him half the dosage thusfar. What is considered a safe level of these vitamins in a child of two under forty pounds?
Avatar n tn I'm quite the anxious type too, have always been. Maybe I'm suffering from Mg deficiency for a very long time only never this explicit. I'm kind of stressful too lately, I've caught myself more than once with "jumpy" (my English knowledge is failing here ;)) legs. I've read the articles and am more convinced than ever that Mg has got something to do with my symptoms.
Avatar m tn More importantly, he also had me on a 5000 units of Vit. D, but no magnesium. From what I have read, Vit D and Vit B6 both need magnesium to get converted into a usable form. (Basically, they chew it up.) Without enough magnesium, and the increased levels of D and B6 I was taking in, the B6 built up and, presto, neuropathy. I have stopped all supplements. I am drinking water like mad. I have been at this for three weeks and feel a bit better but I know it is a long haul.
874521 tn?1424120397 Vitamin D will help the absorption of both calcium and phosphorus while vitamin B6 will increase magnesium retention. What i suggest to you is the Ester-C vitamin C which contain calcium and a vitamin B complex both bought from a food supplement store and a vitamin D as well.
Avatar n tn The body's production of it is dependent on Vitamin B6 and the mineral Sulfur. If your diet is deficint in this vitamin and/or mineral it impacts the amount of L-Taurine that is made. It's beneficial properties are as an osmoregulator(fluid balance)and an inhibitory nueromodulatory substance(Modulates the body's nervous/nerve activity.). The best source is diet; and if you need to supplement make sure you also take B6 and Sulfur.
Avatar f tn These are some wonderful testimonials on magnesium, found on posts online: "Help for your ANXIETY?? First of all, I'm not staying that all those treatments before mentioned don't work, but for me, I stumbled across something I'd like to share with you all who are suffering from anxiety. Thank God for this mineral!! I have suffered with severe anxiety symptoms for about 20 years.
Avatar f tn Magnesium oxide is the cheapest form of magnesium (and no wonder it's easy to find lol) and has been shown to have as low as a 4% absorption rate in one study. Also, vitamin B6 has been shown to increase intracellular uptake of magnesium. Sounds like you have a malabsorption problem. This could be anything from low stomach acid to an injured intestinal lining. One home test you can try out is the baking soda test to see if you are producing enough stomach acid. The baking soda test.
393419 tn?1228450993 Hi all. I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. Here's my question. . . I'm trying to improve my health overall, and am taking vitamin supplements & just want to check in with those of you here who are supplement takers. . .
Avatar f tn I have been diagnosed with B6 toxicity and toxic neuropathy. I also tested positive for half of the MTHFR gene mutation. I have cut out B6 foods in my diet and within a month, returned to a normal level. However, I still have the same symptoms. Tingly feet, legs and hands, unbalanced and lightheaded and have passed out a few times. Now, with my new bloodwork my Vitamin K is elevated at 1453. I have no idea what this means.
1617164 tn?1308282863 Hello! I was taking a handful of vitamins everymorning with 3 cups of a mixture of aloe vera, fat-free or low-fat "random flavor" yogurt, blueberries, blackberries and other "random fruit" smoothie. I still am, just not everymorning. Recently I was watching Tv and someone mentioned that magnesium bonds with "random vitamin" so it doesn't get absorbed into the body. I take magnesium, and the supplement mentioned was one of mine.
393419 tn?1228450993 Hi all. I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. Here's my question. . . I'm trying to improve my health overall, and am taking vitamin supplements & just want to check in with those of you here who are supplement takers. . .
1285110 tn?1420150978 pork, chicken, turkey, cod, bread, whole cereals (such as oatmeal, wheatgerm and rice), eggs, vegetables, soya beans, peanuts, milk, potatoes and some fortified breakfast cereals. Vitamin B12: meat, salmon, cod, milk, cheese, eggs, yeast extract, and some fortified breakfast cereals. Vitamin C:peppers, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, oranges and kiwi fruit. Vitamn D: oily fish, eggs, margarine, breakfast cereals and powdered milk.
Avatar f tn For this reason, it is generally important to take a B complex vitamin with any single B vitamin. Possible Interactions If you are currently being treated with any of the following medications, you should not use vitamin B12 supplements without first talking to your healthcare provider. Antibiotics, Tetracycline Vitamin B12 should not be taken at the same time as the antibiotic tetracycline because it interferes with the absorption and effectiveness of this medication.
Avatar f tn I'm looking for a good vitamin to take for the "Thomas recipe". Which multi-vitamin has all fo the above? Also, how much B6 should be taking with the "Thomas recipe"? I just want to make sure I do this right, and that I don't over-do-it. Thanks!
Avatar n tn in addition to the l-tyrosine/B6 i would add zink, magnesium, man- ganese, copper and vitamen A.
1381186 tn?1280205629 As for the Bs, the most important for mood are B6 and B12, with folate another player and thiamine and niacinamide and niacin being involved as well with some of the symptoms. The best complex would be what's called a stress B -- it's a B complex focusing on the Bs most involved in the nervous system plus Vitamin C. Some stress Bs also contain relaxant herbs and some also contain adrenal regulating herbs.
Avatar f tn I stopped taking the Calcium and magnesium vitamin that did have 5mg of B6 per pill. I will be retaking the blood test again in couple of months. If it doesn't go down it means that it was not related to vitamin I was taking. I will keep you posted.