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144100 tn?1283526167 My progesterone is fine, I got the results of that test yesterday, so I don't think progesterone cream/suppositiry will help. I read in a few places that Vitamin B6 suppliments can help this. Has anyone used it and what were the results?
Avatar f tn Start using progesterone cream 1dpo until pregnancy confirmed or period. Start using vitamin b6 and vitamin c. Take a multiple vitamin. Google all this and you'll see it totally helps and makes a huge difference in most women! You should start eating things in your diet that "boost" fertility.
Avatar f tn For improving chances of conceiving have sex during ovulation days . There are many vitamins which can help in ovulation like vitamin D, C, B6.Iron balances ovulation. Get a prenatal checkup done and ask your doctor about prenatal vitamins like folic acid. Take a healthy nutritious diet and adequate rest. Stay away from stress and exercise daily. If you fail to conceive in next few months you and your partner may need evaluation.
Avatar f tn Great, you are off to a good start! Vitex is great! I would also take macaroot (which I like to buy on since they have low prices). I found a fertility recipe on the web and I posted it in my journal early August. It includes taking vitamin b6 & b50 with vitex which helps with implantation. Check it out and see if it is something you want to do. I am doing it, and my follie growth and lining having been pretty good my last two cycles.
Avatar n tn And if after your ovulation your temps stay in higher range and don't drop which will then mean you get your period, it means your pregnant, you test every day before getting out of bed, and just chart it, it can be confusing, I'm charting now after my IUD removal and have no clue what I'm doing lol, I keep spotting and reply want to TTC ASAP, have you tried vitamin b6 it suppose to help, also green tea and vitex, maybe try holding off on size for about 3 days befor ovulation and then baby danc
Avatar f tn After doing some research about ways of lengthening my LP, I starting taking 100 mg of vitamin b6 and 10 mg of folic acid yesterday in hopes of seeing a change in my cycle length. I feel that we may have achieved pregnancy before but it never took due to the unfavorable conditions along with my low bbts. As you can tell, I don't like to run to my MD about every concern because I don't usually get much support.
Avatar f tn After doing some research about ways of lengthening my LP, I starting taking 100 mg of vitamin b6 and 10 mg of folic acid yesterday in hopes of seeing a change in my cycle length. I feel that we may have achieved pregnancy before but it never took due to the unfavorable conditions along with my low bbts. As you can tell, I don't like to run to my MD about every concern because I don't usually get much support.
Avatar f tn i don't know if you ladies might know about vitamin e & folic acid, but i've heard it really helps & works when ttc. my auntie swears that she ttc for 2 years unsuccessful until she tried vitamin e. the thing is that i am currently taking metformin & clomid on cd 2-6. my question is will it be harmful to take vitamin e & folic acid, and will it at lease help in anyway??? thanks ladies!!!!baby dust to all ttc!
689528 tn?1364139441 Anyway...was wondering if everyone takes extra vitamin B?! It's supposed to help and while TTC I started taking B50 complex and I am still continuing it. I think this may be why I don't feel sick.....LOL I'll keep ya updated though cuz I'll just be 5 weeks tomorrow!! It could be creeping up on me too!
Avatar f tn This is already eight months TTC and nothing, no baby.... Is there something more I can do? Or my husband? Overall, I am so happy with the doctor's news that all of my tests are ok and my hubby is ok. On the other hand, no baby yet. Waiting for my next period or not.........
Avatar n tn Hello- My husband and I are TTC. I was taking birth control pills for 2 years and stopped after my pills ended in October. We did not TTC in November to give my body a chance to adjust. My cycle lasted 28 days exactly. In December, I decided to use an ovulation kit. I ovulated on day 19 and then got my period on day 28. I am concerned that I have short luteal phase. I began taking a B complex vitamin during this January cycle.
Avatar f tn Not sure how long you have been trying, but you could look into something like FertilAid or natural vitamin supplements to help shorten your cycle (vitex, B6, etc). Birth control can do some pretty gnarly things to your body, which stinks because it feels like you've been punished for trying to do the right things. Since you have been pregnant before, you may want to have your doctor perform an ultrasound to make sure you don't have any scarring or blockages resulting from the procedure.
296027 tn?1287762643 I compare the ones on the shelf and purchase the ones with the most Folic Acid -----Vitamin B12 @1000mg for both myself and my dh -----Vitamin B6 -----Omega 3..
Avatar f tn I am now taking the pregnicare vitamins and 40mg of vitamin b6 (making daily b6 intake 50mg as have read this can lengthen lp) I will discuss the cramping and bbt dip at ov with my gp, it was my first month charting bbt and temps were all over the place really, until then I had been charting opk and cm but since mc cm hasnt really been prominant so have got some pre-seed sperm friendly lubricant for bd time. Thank you so much for all of your comments very kind of you all.
1034473 tn?1252659332 As I then realised I had a short LP (7/8 days) I started taking 50mg Vitamin B50 complex after reading about the benefits of B6 for LPD's. So far I am on CD32 and have had no signs of ovulation. Temps have been more erractic than last cycle, had less EWCM, no temp rise. I am wondering if it is due to the B50 but can't find any info online? Should I stop the B50 or will it improve?
1169162 tn?1331235953 My son is 23 months old and is more attached to breastfeeding than ever - and I mean ATTACHED. I am also TTC baby #2 and am not having as much luck as I did the first time around (pregnant within 3 months at age 39). I realize that a large part of my trouble conceiving is likely my age (I am now 42), but so many people are trying to convince me that the breastfeeding is the culprit and that I should wean my son.
689528 tn?1364139441 Prenatals Vitamin C Calcium B50 complex Cod liver oil Flax seed oil Prenatal Omega 3's Baby Aspirin I also have to take synthoid for an underactive thyroid. Yep...I think that's it. Some people may think it's a little over the top but I've added the vitamin c and cod liver shortly after a whole month of bronchitis!!
1201929 tn?1293711672 Vitamin B6 is used in TTC to lengthen the luteal phase. B6 is also excellent for some types of excema, and is helpful for nerve problems such as tingling or burning fingers and toes, and helps to maintain normal nerve function. B6 is required for the chemical reactions of proteins - the more protein you eat, the more B6 you need.
Avatar f tn Three months after our miscarriage, ( a pregnancy we were told would never happen in the first place), we began to ttc again. The first month of ttc, I tracked my temps and we timed bd to when I thought I was ovulating. Nothing. The second month I continued to track my temps and started using opk. Still nothing. The third month I saw a thing online about using instead soft cups after bd to hold dh "contribution" closer to the cervix for longer.
Avatar f tn And truely believe that me and my fiance have been taking folic acid, zinc,vitamin b6, and evening primrose oil for only one month and got preg straight away, worth a try girls!
1306303 tn?1315315315 Only to discover that i miscarried that following August. Took a break from ttc. Now I'm back ttc I wanted to reunite with the community and let you all know what im doing as far as medications and supplements. I'm currently taking supplements fish oil, epo, prenatal w/ dha, folic acid 800mg, B6 and B12. I will be placed back on 100 mg of clomid for cd 3-7. While I'm currently taking these supplements have you taken red clover tops and red raspberry leaf tea?
296027 tn?1287762643 I was wondering if any of you girls took any vitamins when ttc? I know my iron is really low and I just bought some multi vitamins.. Hoping that would help just in case I don't have a the nutrients I need to even get pregnant...
Avatar f tn Use the Pre-Seed during your fertile week, not the week before. Also, try taking B12 or B6 as I hear this helps with CM (someone correct me if I'm wrong, I can't remember which B vitamin it is). Also I have a neighbor who is diabetic and she got pregnant and carried her baby to term. I think the pregnancy was hard on her but worth it! Have you seen your doctor at all since TTC? It'd be a great idea to set up an appointment and have their help!
Avatar f tn Also a high complex of Vitamin B's. I take a prescription for PregVit, which is a high level Folic Acid prenatal vitamin by prescription which includes all the prenatal vitamins and the 200 times amount of Folic Acid which you need being MTHFR. These were musts for me for conception. ALSO, I was instructed to take Baby Aspirin which helped as a blood thinner and I also learned I must take this regardless of pregnancy just because of the MTHFR.
201326 tn?1234208291 for other reasons we waited till now to ttc. maybe you need a little time to grieve. really only you can decide what and when is right. im sorry i dont know anything about clotting. maybe you could ask your dr some more questions. how long should you take the aspirin before you ttc? best wishes to you.