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Avatar f tn Yes it usually gets better with time. Cause is usually irregular astigmatism of the cornea. Generally glasses will also help.
Avatar m tn but if they are paying, long-term wouldnt they be ahead, assuming lasik surgery, rather than the monthly $$ for contacts? is his vision post lasik as good as currently using the contacts. or is there some vision loss, offset by the conveniene of not contacts/glasses.
Avatar m tn Most eyes that have had macular hole surgery do not recover perfect 20/20 vision so it might be that the difference in IOL power will not be enough to consider IOL exchange. Generally insurance is NOT going to cover IOL exchange if glasses will correct the problem.
280369 tn?1316702041 I had Lasik in 1994 and was, and still am, very pleased with the results. However, I do still wear glasses. Getting Lasik is not a "sure thing" that your vision will be 20/20 for the rest of your life. I understand about the price of glasses and realistically having Lasik was a cost savings for me. While I wear glasses, I do not have the ridiculously expensive lenses that eye places had trouble making for me due to my degree of refraction. I would make sure to get 2 opinions.
Avatar n tn I had lasik surgery twice 8 years ago and now the cataract surgery. My vision is as bad or worse than before I had the lasik. My doctor said my insurance might not cover replacing the wrong lens he put in so he is looking at either doing lasik again or laser surgery to correct the nearsightedness. Is this a good procedure to do? My eye is still flickering also.
Avatar n tn I'll throw in some other things you might want to consider. There has been a new Crystalens model introduced every year or two, and my impression is that the newer model is always a big improvement over what used to be. It seems likely that there will continue to be major improvements in the technology of accommodating IOLs (what your doctor suggested using for your "clear" option).
Avatar f tn The Pentacam is good insurance in this situation since it can give very accurate readings despite previous LASIK - but I still tell my patients that there is a significant chance they will have to wear reading and distance glasses after surgery and also about a 1 in 10 chance of having to change out the IOL due to a problem with proper lens calcuation and a resultant unexpected refractive result.
Avatar n tn Are you saying that the light show in my eye, the loss of my night vision, the cloudiness and the halos might be fixable with PRK/LASIK or LRIs? Pardon my redundancy but I am really scared. I would gladly come to California for treatment.
Avatar m tn I am about 6 weeks out from my second lasik touchup both eye were done not a great outcome left eye had a touchup all was great next morning went for my right eye touchup and this eye is a mess, I have found out that its cystoid macular edema which is very rare after lasik is this true, can lasik cause this can't seem to get a straight answer on this, I did not have anything like this before the surgery, my vision is like being under water I was told to take ketoralac as a substitute for a
Avatar n tn Yes lasik on the reading eye is one option. Waiting 3 months is not likely to be a problem and will give you longer to see if you can adjust.
Avatar f tn I live in Texas & just qualified for Medicaid for Pregnant Women since I have a deductable with my insurance & it won't cover my appts. I was just wondering if it covers dentist visits & vision & stuff or do I have to have full medicaid for that? Anybody know?
Avatar f tn s so weird that the vision was perfect on Thursday and then Friday morning not. Any clue why that could happen? Any chance it would return to the 'perfect' vision?
Avatar f tn however DDH is a disease of eye alignment so lasik will not help it either. Even if you had insurance it would not pay for lasik.
13008581 tn?1432432810 within the last week my vision has became very blurry . has anyone tried Lasik surgery and if so what was the outcome?
Avatar m tn What is lasik surgery and does it effectively help vision correction?
Avatar m tn My husband, in his mid-40's, has been told by two different ophthalmologists that he has early cataracts. This has been going on for more than two years. He has a lot of trouble seeing from one eye, and overall he says everything is out of focus. His doctor told him that even with a new prescription his vision cannot be corrected (in the bad eye) to better than 20-50.
Avatar m tn I just had lasik a week ago. My left eye is healing well, but I have some problems with my right eye. First, I had bacterias growing in my rt eye, so my doctor removed my cornea and manually cleaned it. Then now my vision is blurry & cloudy. My doc told me that my cornea piece had slid off, so now I am wearing a contact in my rt eye in order to hold the cornea in place and let it heal. Currently, I am using 3 different eyedrops everyday.
Avatar m tn In my opinion that is the best way to determine IOL powers in post lasik eyes. Yes, it is highly probably that you will need glasses unless very careful measurements and calculations are done according to protocol, and even then the chances of needing glasses for distance and or reading are significant.
Avatar n tn I have worked with an Eye MD that did lasik (paid for by insurance) on the -10 eye hoping to cut it down to say -3 to -4 where glasses would work. Bottom line she cannot wear glasses that are -3 and -10 and when you stop patching the vision will fall off unless she wears contacts and glasses.
Avatar f tn My orignial surgeon who I will see soon, wants to do YAG and lasik (at his expense) to repair the limited vision I have with the crystalens implanted almost 3 months ago - he admits his measurements were off and the power is too strong ( I can only see my fingertips clearly - no halos or other problems though) He wants to do crystalens in the other eye . I do not want lasik nor do I want a crystalens in other eye - I would like monofocal lenses after my experience with crystalens.
Avatar m tn Is Lasik done 1 1/2 years following Crystalens surgery to improve near vision usually successful or would it be better to wear glasses or contacts to be able to read? What is the success rate of Lasik following Crystalens?
Avatar n tn 00 on each eye to have cataracts removed-- my eye sight is not much better.There is a film like substance that covers both eyes when trying to read or drive.It has been well over nine months now having surgery. and my Doctor is ,like "what can I tell you? Come back in six months and "WE" will check it out ! ! ! What do you think??
Avatar n tn Hmmm... wondering if I should just wait to see if the technology of Premium IOLs improve or I get closer to Medicare age??? At $10k, it's a ton of money and don't want to take a gamble on vision is critical for my profession. Also, how high is the risk for dry eyes after having 3 surgeries per eye? (IOL, then YAG, Lasik)??? I'm very confused & concerned about getting eye surgery...
Avatar m tn The typical side effects from lasik are dry eyes (you should count on that) and improved vision. Read more posts and visit with an EyeMD.
Avatar n tn I'm 28 years old, I wear corrective contact lenses with -6.5 diopters in my left eye and -6 in my right. After researching lasik being familiar with the negative outcome an Uncle of mine had with the surgery I felt that surgical vision correction wasn't something I wanted to do. My ophthalmologist mentioned IOL surgery to me. I liked the procedure better because of how long its been around for treating cataracts, but still feel like I don't know much about it.
Avatar n tn Since the 2nd day after my operation, I have been having double vision from my left eye. Why is that so? is it a side effect from LASIK? How can I gain back a sharp vision from my left eye again? I am very worried. Will wearing spectacles help?