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Avatar f tn The vast majority of patients say that the worst part is either (1) the i.v., or (2) the numbing gargle medicine (viscous lidocaine). In the past year, I've only had 2 patients say that the TEE itself was worse than the gargle. As far as the patient is concerned, this test is basically the same as an EGD (a scope to look at the stomach). Many more people have this test than a TEE, and it too is a quite safe test. I bring it up because you may have a friend who has had one.
1264863 tn?1391121793 Most everything is a prescription and doesn't always help. Ask your pharmacist if he'll give you some viscous lidocaine to swish around. He may have other suggestions of new stuff I don't know about ... stick with bland foods and liquids; drink through a straw. I feel badly for you...
5432782 tn?1368810556 equal parts Mylanta, children's Benadryl and viscous lidocaine. The lidocaine can be purchased without a prescription (it's kept behind the counter). Keep in a clean bottle in the fridge, shake well before using as needed. This will tide you over until Tuesday. Your Dr may want to add an antifungal if thrush is part of your problem. This is the ONLY thing that's helped me over the last 36 weeks. Good luck to you!
Avatar n tn the outbreaks are so severe he can't swallow at all and has to use viscous lidocaine to gargle with in order to function.
Avatar m tn In many cases of tonsillitis, the pain caused by the inflamed tonsils warrants the prescription of topical anesthetics for temporary relief. Viscous lidocaine solutions are often prescribed for this purpose. Ibuprofen or other analgesics can help to decrease the edema and inflammation, which will ease the pain and allow the patient to swallow liquids sooner. Continue with gargling with a solution of warm water and salt to reduce pain and swelling.
320078 tn?1278348320 Magic mouthwash can also be used for pharyngitis, canker sores, and cold sores. One common formulation of the mouthwash contains one part each of viscous lidocaine, Maalox and Benadryl. To use, swish and spit 5 ml every four hours. Another combination contains 12.5 mg Benadryl, 60 ml Maalox, 4 grams Carafate, and xylocaine. Swish, gargle and spit 5-10 ml of this formulation every six hours as needed.
488823 tn?1218374167 •80 ml viscous lidocaine 2% •80 ml Mylanta •80 ml diphenhydramine 12.5 mg per 5 ml elixir •80 ml nystatin 100,000U suspension •80 ml prednisolone 15mg per 5ml solution •80 ml distilled water Sig: Swish, gargle, and spit one to two teaspoonfuls every six hours as needed. May be swallowed if esophageal involvement.