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Avatar m tn I got little specks of skin groth all over my left underpit, what causes this?
Avatar n tn I was reading a closed post where someone said their doctor said it was normal and not to worry. Recently i have tons and tons of flat black specks in my bowel, yet nothing else is wrong with it or my body. I was wondering what the doctor might have said was the problem. Was it non-digested food? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/229902'>black specks in bowel</a>.
Avatar n tn What is wrong with scabs that have black specs of sand like ingrediant. when scab heals up there are black specks under scab and when opened grit falls out. I have scars all over my arms and legs only. They dont itch, just I have a picking problem anyway and it makes me want those black specs and sores to go away...
Avatar f tn I also have noticed with every bowel movement my stool has very tiny white specks. I do not eat anything with sesame seeds and I have not changed my diet in any way. These specks are actually smaller than the seeds and seem to be flat. There are a large amount uniformly throughout the stool.
Avatar n tn Recently I've noticed tiny black specks in my vision - hundreds of them - from light to very dark black. Predominently in my left eye. I had RK done in both eyes 13 years ago of which my left eye was unsuccessful after two attempts. I've had several infections in that eye as well. The black specks do not float. They stay in place and within same perspective of each other. So they appear to be a stationary phenomenom.
6156528 tn?1379422544 I am peeing black coffee specks/grains tiny specks of some sort does anyone know what this is?
Avatar f tn I am a 27yr old female who has gallstones. Recently I noted that I have some black specks in my stool. Sometimes they are there are more, sometimes very less and sometimes they don't exist. I am so confused right now. I also had red specks once before but it was undigested tomato. Could someone please help?
Avatar m tn I really feel uncomfortable visiting my doctor, as my doctor makes me feel stupid. I HAVE ALSO BEGAN TO NOTICE BLACK SPECKS SMALL AND LARGE IN MY STOOLS SO IM FREAKING OUT. Any advice? Recently I have had looser bowel movements, with my stools being an oranger colour with larger hard black bits that look like black paper and small black specks. There is no blood or mucus that I usually get.
Avatar n tn If you don't mind, what was the outcome or diagnosis? I have a similar problem that my urologogist has not been able to diagnose. I've had brown urine that settles out residue at the bottom with what looks like small blood clots and tiny black specks. I would be curious to find out if you got a diagnosis.
Avatar m tn I have Morgellons disease and all the horrible skin symptoms as described, however previously, I did have black specks, was DX with IBS, Fibromyalgia, arthritis, mmigraines, mixed connective tissue disease). The common thread among Morgellons victims is white, blue, red, green fibers that can be very fine like lint that can emerge from pores after bathing, or from sores, or specks, and sand particles of white, and black, and much more. Good luck and if you don't have please pass the word.
Avatar m tn A few months ago i had unprotected sex with someone. a couple months later i noticed my skin started getting very dry and itchy. later noticed very tiny pin prick sized scattered specks of blood on my arms that disappear and reappear with pressure. I noticed this girl has the same blood specks. another month later i noticed that during physical activity and things like sex i get extremely sweaty which is not normal for me.
Avatar f tn They also appear in those prone to migraine headaches, sometimes right before the onset of a migraine, and can also result from head trauma or by blood vessel spasms in the brain. As with floaters, flashes should be checked by an eyecare provider to ensure they’re not the early sign of a more serious problem
Avatar f tn Now I see floaters and specks of light and squiggles, etc, all the time. Wherever my eyes look, they always appear to be there, and they send me off into panic, fearing that there's something truly wrong with my eyes. They're incredibly distracting and worrying and I thought with time that they'd pass, but they've seemed to just come more frequently. The only time they don't appear, or when I don't notice them, is when I'm looking at my phone or computer.
Avatar f tn Looks clotted but small amount stirred with a bit of warmed water looks ok except for tiny specks of formula. Is it now dangerous to use?
Avatar m tn t know if this is something I should be concerned about but my legs have been a bit itchy from time to time and I examined them and it appears as though some small white specks are attached to the base of quite a few of my leg hairs. As well, my legs have also developed quite a few small, red, pimple-like spots with a white spot on the middle (However, I do not believe this to be folliculitis). Any ideas?
Avatar n tn HOwever, there were black specks in my BM. BM was normal in color and texture however, black specks in stool and on toilet tissue? Is this the IBS adn result of constipation and omeprazole?
Avatar m tn Since June 2016 I've had problems with my eyes. It started off with visual snow, then little specks of light but that's since gone, i have visual floaters present outside daily and during the day for say example i'm talking to someone who is against a window, i'd see more almost a silhouette and if I cover the light around them i can see them perfectly fine.
20853006 tn?1547666489 I puked purple (I was drinking grape juice) right before I coughed up the sputum. The sputum was clear with black/gray specks. I have never coughed anything up like that before.
Avatar f tn will this resolve itself with time, or am I stuck with it?
Avatar f tn What causes black 'pepper' sized dots in bm's? I separated a few of the specks on the toilet paper and they are not 'mushy' but more like grains of sand. I have just noticed this the last two days but have eaten one meal with lots of spices and had at least one banana every day for about a week. I take one dose of aspirin daily, Centrum Silver Ultra for Women, Vit. D3, Calcium and a .25 mg Xanax once or twice daily.
Avatar n tn ve been having thick, white discharge (the cottage cheese kind that usually comes with yeast infections), but with small specks/particles of blood in it. I've read that it's normal to occasionally see blood during yeast infections, especially if it's not your first time having one. Just wanted to check here and see if anyone else has experienced it/can affirm it's normal! Thanks!
Avatar n tn hi, i have these small tiny shiny smooth white specks on my penis shaft their about 20 of them they barely rasied about the skin you can only feel a few of them with you finger when you strech out the skin. their all on my penis shaft only on one side none are touching all spread out. you can see them good when my penis is erect, otherwise all you see is a few shiny specks barely visiable. they are about the size of grain of sugar/salt. they do not itch or cause any discomfort at all.
Avatar n tn I have a wish of becoming a pilot, but i have negative thoughts in my mind that i do sit on computer and study due to which i would get specks . How to cure Mentally and get rid of this negative feeling.... it gives me depression.
4430758 tn?1354482428 But my tonsils are swollen, with specks of puss on it. I went to the ER the day before thanksgiving and the doctor ran a test and said that I have Acute Pharyngitis. Is that a bad thing? Anyway, he gave me some steroids to take for three days. It stopped it from getting worse but it didn't help it go away. The whole time it was completely painless, but it was annoying. I think it has something to do with my allergies. But I also gave a guy oral sex.
Avatar f tn In February I went to the doctor with painful urination and discharge after oral sex. I was given bactrim and azithromycyn at this time. I was also teste dfor various things, which came back gonnorhea. Byt he time the tests came back i was given Ceftriaxone injection which apparently cures gonnorhea. I have 4 lots of tests since all come back negative for any STDs.