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Avatar n tn I have been advised to look out for flashing lights in my vision. recently I have experinced tiny tiny electric blue coloured specks in vision. Notice one or two specks appear for less than a second every one or two days. they literally flash once and are gone and are tiny. is this the 'flashing lights' or do they appear as something else? Sorry I know alot of questions but my optician always seems to brush off my questions with stories of people with worse eyesight!!!
Avatar m tn Ok so during the summer i started getting blue/green specks in my iris area, I didn't really think anything about it at first. Then more and more of them appeared and i assumed it was the sun or something. Because my hair, which i thought was black, is actually dark brown..and i started getting light brown, and in some places, blonde streaks in my hair because i had it pulled back most of the time.
Avatar n tn my babies eyes are changing colors at different times. One is very blue the other is blue at the bottom and hazel on part of the top - she is 2 months old. does this mean her eyes will always be different from eachother or can they still change to be the same? My eyes are a bluish green with brown specs in them and actually my husband has similar eyes as me. Just wondering if this is normal or will she always have different colored eyes?
Avatar f tn Hi I'm 20weeks today && sum times wen I get morning sickness I have specks of blood inside not all the time just once n the blue and its really not a lot should I be wirried do anybody k o where this *** from
Avatar m tn I have Morgellons disease and all the horrible skin symptoms as described, however previously, I did have black specks, was DX with IBS, Fibromyalgia, arthritis, mmigraines, mixed connective tissue disease). The common thread among Morgellons victims is white, blue, red, green fibers that can be very fine like lint that can emerge from pores after bathing, or from sores, or specks, and sand particles of white, and black, and much more. Good luck and if you don't have please pass the word.
Avatar n tn the tablets are in a baggy and are white and round with blue specks in, one side is blank the other has a line going through it. what are they ment to taste like? these taste bitter but smell of nothing, when i tryed one i chewed a bit and it made the right side of my mouth burn a bit. do you think they could be fake?
Avatar m tn I keep seeing these bright blue specks of light that flash then disappear instantly. They almost look neon or LED. They are the size of little dots or pinpricks. It’s driving me crazy! They come and go super quickly, and are almost always in my peripheral vision. I had a baby in December and am still breastfeeding. I do suffer from migraines and had migraines with aura during my pregnancy but these aren’t similar and don’t seem related to my migraines.
Avatar m tn I keep seeing these bright blue specks of light that flash then disappear instantly. They almost look neon or LED. They are the size of little dots or pinpricks. It’s driving me crazy! They come and go super quickly, and are almost always in my peripheral vision. I had a baby in December and am still breastfeeding. I do suffer from migraines and had migraines with aura during my pregnancy but these aren’t similar and don’t seem related to my migraines.
Avatar m tn can we make her wear specks with some cooling glass or something or anything..she is managing herself whole day by running here and there but in sunlight or daylight she keeps her eye lids down and same time becomes very silent also..we also want to know how will her react or see in future.will she be able to go to school and would she be comfartable in her future life..pls help us anyhow as we are very much worried about her.. tell us by anything which would help her in anyway..
Avatar m tn I got little specks of skin groth all over my left underpit, what causes this?
Avatar m tn ve been broke from vicodin i just got laidoff and this year has to be the worst every night and day i always thinking ending my misery, seriously. i had to pawn some stuff to really get something to eat and gas and vicodin i went to the doctor and he gave me 120 almost a month ago i eat 3-4 a day. I want it out of my life also It feels like everything is falling down and i'm crying so hard inside noone can hear and i hide my emotions.
Avatar n tn I was reading a closed post where someone said their doctor said it was normal and not to worry. Recently i have tons and tons of flat black specks in my bowel, yet nothing else is wrong with it or my body. I was wondering what the doctor might have said was the problem. Was it non-digested food? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/229902'>black specks in bowel</a>.
Avatar n tn What is wrong with scabs that have black specs of sand like ingrediant. when scab heals up there are black specks under scab and when opened grit falls out. I have scars all over my arms and legs only. They dont itch, just I have a picking problem anyway and it makes me want those black specs and sores to go away...
Avatar f tn I also have noticed with every bowel movement my stool has very tiny white specks. I do not eat anything with sesame seeds and I have not changed my diet in any way. These specks are actually smaller than the seeds and seem to be flat. There are a large amount uniformly throughout the stool.
Avatar n tn Recently I've noticed tiny black specks in my vision - hundreds of them - from light to very dark black. Predominently in my left eye. I had RK done in both eyes 13 years ago of which my left eye was unsuccessful after two attempts. I've had several infections in that eye as well. The black specks do not float. They stay in place and within same perspective of each other. So they appear to be a stationary phenomenom.
6156528 tn?1379422544 I am peeing black coffee specks/grains tiny specks of some sort does anyone know what this is?
Avatar m tn Clean your mushrooms before doing anything else with them they often come with specks of dirt still on them. Whatever you do, don’t soak your mushrooms! This will cause them to get mushy when you cook them, and they won’t turn a nice shade of roasted brown. Just wet a paper towel and gently wipe off the surface of each mushroom. When you thinly slice garlic, more of its flavor is released and it will get nice and crispy when it is roasted.
Avatar m tn Hey there! I was hoping to toss this issue into a post, and see if possibly, someone else may have a solution to my problem, or at the least.. a recommendation. Roughly 3-4 days ago, I woke to find (extremely itchy) small red bumps along my skin, at various places; such as my shoulders, upper back, and arms. After talking to my wife, it became apparent I was the only one with the "rash".
Avatar f tn Oycodone is in a different class of drugs than Vicodin. Vicodin is a Schedule III drug and Oxycodone is a Schedule II drug. It is stronger than Vicodin and probably the reason your doctor prescribed it rather than the hydrocodone (vicodin) is because oxycodone is available in a pure form without acetominophen in it. Hydrocodone is not.
Avatar f tn I am a 27yr old female who has gallstones. Recently I noted that I have some black specks in my stool. Sometimes they are there are more, sometimes very less and sometimes they don't exist. I am so confused right now. I also had red specks once before but it was undigested tomato. Could someone please help?
Avatar m tn I really feel uncomfortable visiting my doctor, as my doctor makes me feel stupid. I HAVE ALSO BEGAN TO NOTICE BLACK SPECKS SMALL AND LARGE IN MY STOOLS SO IM FREAKING OUT. Any advice? Recently I have had looser bowel movements, with my stools being an oranger colour with larger hard black bits that look like black paper and small black specks. There is no blood or mucus that I usually get.
Avatar n tn If you don't mind, what was the outcome or diagnosis? I have a similar problem that my urologogist has not been able to diagnose. I've had brown urine that settles out residue at the bottom with what looks like small blood clots and tiny black specks. I would be curious to find out if you got a diagnosis.
597390 tn?1219425350 Has anyone used the Phentermine with the print that says K 25 and what were the results/side effects? I just started taking Phentermine 2 weeks ago. 1st week I got some pills that worked really good and lost 6.5 pounds (white w/blue specks) I believe they were A 159, I was extremely thirsty and w/lil appetite. 2nd week I got different pills (blue w/dk blue specks) didn't read the # just figured would work ok but they didn't help much.
Avatar m tn A few months ago i had unprotected sex with someone. a couple months later i noticed my skin started getting very dry and itchy. later noticed very tiny pin prick sized scattered specks of blood on my arms that disappear and reappear with pressure. I noticed this girl has the same blood specks. another month later i noticed that during physical activity and things like sex i get extremely sweaty which is not normal for me.
Avatar f tn They also appear in those prone to migraine headaches, sometimes right before the onset of a migraine, and can also result from head trauma or by blood vessel spasms in the brain. As with floaters, flashes should be checked by an eyecare provider to ensure they’re not the early sign of a more serious problem
Avatar f tn Now I see floaters and specks of light and squiggles, etc, all the time. Wherever my eyes look, they always appear to be there, and they send me off into panic, fearing that there's something truly wrong with my eyes. They're incredibly distracting and worrying and I thought with time that they'd pass, but they've seemed to just come more frequently. The only time they don't appear, or when I don't notice them, is when I'm looking at my phone or computer.