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Avatar f tn If it is a small yellow oval pill and is scored in the middle so it can be broken in half it could be Norco or Hydrocodone 10mg with Acetaminophen 325mg. Hydrocodone with Acet. is also known as Vicodin. That is what I take and I usually tell others it is Vicodin because most do not know what Norco is. It's just easier to say that instead of explaining all the different brand names of the products with Hydrocodone and Acet.
Avatar m tn i have been on vicodin since april 2008.i was given it by my family doctor for back issues.i do construction and my back takes a pounding on a daily september of 08 i broke my leg.i was given perks from the after a rough 5 months of leg issues the vike abuse started.i went from taking two a day to taking 2/5 years(and 25lbs lighter) later i am at around 8-16 a day.i'm aware that the tylenol is ******* me up but i can't stop.
Avatar m tn Did not even know what a w/d was about, even after all my years of using street drugs. BUT I did go back on both hydo/oxys for pain and off went my Addiction for about 12-16 years and up to higher meds..So Be Safe and I think you will be OK!!
Avatar n tn I have been hooked on vicodin for a little over a year starting legitimately with a script and now buying off the street. For the longest time I was at about 15-20 750's a day then in Oct, after a death in the family, it shot up to 70-75 a day. At almost 300 dollars a day, that didn't last long and I am now back down to about 20-25 a day. I have it set up to buy my last 40 today and then I will have completely exhausted all my resources.
Avatar n tn ve had twice in the last week could possibly be related to my Vicodin. Long story short: my leg was run over by my van 5 weeks ago today (I know it's insane!), and amazingly no bones were broken. There was, obviously, LOTS of bruising, swelling, PAIN, nerve damage, and I was off work for 3 weeks with my leg elevated. The first 2 weeks I took Percocet pretty much every 4-6 hours, then after that have been taking 2 Vicodin 5/500 about 3 times a day. I found that 1 wasn't enough.
Avatar f tn I’m in the UK and a number of times when reading posts have wondered what certain drugs are in the US as they are all called different things in the UK. What exactly is Vicodin, Percocet etc? We have codeine phosphate here which contain 30mg of codeine each. When I see people talk about 5’s and 10’s etc, are they talking about pills with 5mg or 10mg of codeine in or is it completely different?
Avatar f tn Will a urine test know what class 2 schedule drugs are being taken whether an oxy or vicodin? I have a script for 10 mg vicodin but ran out and friend let ke take a 5mg oxy for my pain till script coupd be refilled...i then took a urine test..both meds re a class 2 schedule so will the urine test know the difference?
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Avatar f tn I've had 3 knee surgeries and each time I've been prescribed vicodin. I love vic and it's like whenever I'm on it I get a high. My family started noticing I was asking for more Vic pretty frequently so they cut me off. Now, I'm having my 4th surgery and I'll be on vic again and the only thing I can seem to think about is I can't wait to be on vicodin again. Does this make me an addict even though I get cut off (usually) ?
Avatar m tn It is a controlled prescription substance, but is also found on the street and is illegal in that form. Street names are meth, crank, crystal. If this was also found in your urine along with the clonazepam, and you did not take either, then it would be good to see if you can retake the urine test.
Avatar f tn I've been taking Xanax .5 mg 1 a day for 4 to 5 months now. I was getting them off the street for my anxiety. I also was snorting vicodin 7.5 mg for 6 to 7 months 1 to 3 a day. I've been off the vicodin for 3 days now. And this is my 1st day not taking the Xanax. I don't want to get a seizure bc of not taking the Xanax. But I want to quit these pills bc I feel they r controlling me. The withdrawals suck on the vicodin. But I hope I can beat this.
Avatar m tn I was taking up to 4 or 5 pills a day and not really for pain. In fact, these we being bought off of the street. I have since moved a couple hundred miles away from my THREE dealers, and back in with my mother so that I may properly heal. I've been drained of so much money, haven't gotten into an incredibly bad financial bind because drugs were before everything: car payment (it got reposessed, sigh, i miss my dodge caliber), energy bill, phone bill, etc.
Avatar m tn I"ve been taking vicodin and 10 mg norcos on and off mostly on for the last 3-4 years, up to 15 of the 10 mg norcos daily. I am able to go through the withdrawals each time I quit although obviously I fricking hate it but what has happened every time is that at some point I start again. I'm not in any kind of pain and I get them on the street which is fairly expensive. I can quit but I havent been able to stay quit.
Avatar f tn I have been taking at least two to three vicodin a night and need to get off them because of the street cost and work is now randomly drug testing. I take them because they give me energy. What is the best way to stay away from without bad side effects.
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Avatar m tn Good for you, Just dont go overboard. It might come and go a bit. Your doing great!
Avatar m tn I have been treated w/Vicodin for awhile now for chronic pain. I have now moved from the US to India, where it is not available. Any recommendation for alternatives? I can't take codeine long term, and take Effexor, neurontin and metformin daily, w/Soma PRN as well. I can have scripts shipped here if need be, but wold prefer to avoid the hassle/expense.
2105893 tn?1333884839 My husband and I both take vicodin. I took his prescription to a Rite Aid one night and they said they couldn't fill it. So I just took it across the street and they did. Well about a month later we took another prescription of his to Rite Aid and they took forever to fill it but when we got it, we were schocked to see it was the same Dr. they would not fill a month ago. So at this point we had 2 vicodin scripts at Rite Aid so we knew we would have to transfer one somewhere else!
Avatar n tn when taking vicodin and ambien should you take them at the same time at bed time?
Avatar f tn This is our third daughter the first two kids their middle names are after my side of the family. this one I wanted that too of course my husband teases me that its always my family but he doesnt push me to do his family. So i want elayne after my gma. He wants to change it to Layne to be prettier but it clashes w the first name and is it still after my gma if changed ???
1181036 tn?1367368640 but my husband changed his mind. He says he is still open to it for sure but wants to explore other options.
Avatar m tn No, sorry, this doesn't sound at all right to me. I could understand snorting oxy or street dope but not vicodin. You are putting a ton of tylenol up your nose and only a little dope. It's also bad because it perpetuates the "junky thing' by snorting or shooting up i.e., using junkie modes of injestion to detox. I once commented on a post here where this guy was detoxing on sub and snorting it. What's wrong with this picture?
Avatar f tn I've been taking Xanax .5 mg 1 a day for 4 to 5 months now. I was getting them off the street for my anxiety. I also was snorting vicodin 7.5 mg for 6 to 7 months 1 to 3 a day. I've been off the vicodin for 3 days now. And this is my 1st day not taking the Xanax. I don't want to get a seizure bc of not taking the Xanax. But I want to quit these pills bc I feel they r controlling me. The withdrawals suck on the vicodin. But I hope I can beat this.
Avatar f tn Over a year ago, my son was addicted to heroin. He got in some trouble and spent a yr in a correctional facility. He has done well since he's been home until about a month ago. Then, he started taking vicoden...not prescribed, but off the street. He's been taking it pretty much daily for around a month. His fiance, her parents, and my husband and I found out and are trying to help him get off of these pills.
Avatar f tn The word "Lortab, Vicodin" are just trademarked names for the generics (hydrocodone and oxycodone)...also, those opiates can be combined with other analgesics instead of tylenol....example, "Percodan" is oxycodone with aspirin. Sorry...hope I didn't confuse you...but while the drugs are very similar, and both strong opiates, there are a lot of differences, which people do not always realize.