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Avatar f tn Hi everyone, I'm 6+ weeks & I've been suffering with shoulder strain for days now!!! My own fault for refusing to put my heavy shopping bags on the floor of the train during rush hour.. Next day left shoulder was killing me and now virtually no lateral movement, doctor recommended shoulder exercises which have helped but I can barely use my left arm, wrist feels numb and tingly, left shoulder stiff..
Avatar m tn I do know of people with low level gallbladder issues who have watched their diet for years (low fat) and have done very well, except for a few twinges. But if you're having problems with exercise and movement it's possible that you have a low-grade inflammatory reaction going on and you're feeling it because of the way the organs are packed together.
Avatar f tn I have been taking vicodin and valium for over a year now and I really want to get off of it and for the pain to just go away. My pain is a result of weak hip flexors and a weak core. I have been trying to strengthen these muscles but the pain is still there (I do light workouts 3 to 4 times a week and stretch several times a day). I am considering approaching my doctor about some form of steroids to aid in the muscle growth process. Does anyone have experience or thoughts on my situation?
Avatar m tn I was wondering if you could actually pull or strain a throat muscle through getting choked like how you would get a dead leg when struck or pulling your hamstring running too hard.
Avatar m tn The person having both face, having muscle strain, especially when we are smile. Circumstances : When we meet new person try to smile, very difficult. That time face is more strain and smile will not come. Face shape is become more bored. Now he is hiding from friends,relatives and group function. Last 3 years gradually it is going more. Please can you give the solutions. He is having B.P last 5 years and it is in controlled.
1446980 tn?1286838538 hi selma, i am in the same position as you, foam rolling causes me neck strain. it is very hard for me to do but it does help. i mainly foam roll my back. i use tennis balls to roll my butt, legs, and neck. i find that the more i loosen my butt, back and legs the less pain in my neck. for the neck i would suggest standing up against the wall using the tennis balls. roll the area around your neck (or whatever is easiest to get to) and hopefully the muscles will at least loosen for you.
1139726 tn?1260901878 Hi, I'm really not sure where to post my question. I had back surgery in 2003. Microdissection of L3-5. It stopped the numbness in my left leg, but I was left with much pain. I also have anxiety/panic disorder. For the last year or so, just now and then, I get twitching in my muscles. My legs, arms, shoulders, everywhere. Only after I start to relax while going to sleep. A soon as I start to fall asleep, something twitches. Almost like a tiny convultion.
Avatar m tn There are almost 6 months I have muscle Strain as described below and I can not do physical activity normally and I can not strech easily that muscle. The diagnos is: 'Strain ranks 1-2 of the myotendinous confluence of m. dexter rectus, with distorcion, edema / hemorrhage intra / peritendinous at this level.No evidence of muscle indrawing / tendin or collection / hematoma at this level'. What to do to retrieve back in order to do physical activity?
Avatar n tn He ruled out urinary problems and also hernia. He suspected a muscle strain and prescribed me alleve for next 2 weeks. After this the discomfort had been intermitent for following 6 weeks. The symptoms did also change. In this period I started to feel the discomfort get into the left inner thigh. I would call these discomforts (rather than pain) pulling sensations. But I had these once in every 2 to 3 days.
Avatar n tn Doctors have tested me on this and I have passed all the strength and muscle tests. There is nothing cutting off the circulation. This pain has been going on for seven months now and only recently have the headaches overlaped. Oh and I have this annoying metallyc taste in my mouth. I did have two head traumas in June and July and had just moved to the area, so i did not have a set Dr yet. The one I had an appointment with did not encourage any treatment at the time.
Avatar f tn s an intercostal muscle strain. Hurts to move certain ways and with deep breaths... on top of all my other pregnancy pains!!! Anyone else experience any of this?
Avatar m tn Yes it's most likely to be a muscle strain of some kind and NOT appendix problems. But there's also the possibility of anxiety believe-me. The fact that you are anxious about this might indicate that you worry too much or actually have worries and concerns right now that are causing you to have what is known as a 'gut reaction' comforted if that's the will pass....
Avatar f tn My sister abused Vicodin for many years and is now on a methadon program. She has to strain very hard to pee, She panics if she gets into a car because she cannot hardly have a bowel movement either. She is at the point of abusing stool softeners and other medicines to make her go. Has told her counselors of the issue and cannot get any answers. Cannot get good medical treatment due to being Medi-Cal. Do you have any idea of what is going on. I'm afraid she will end up on dialysis (sp?
Avatar m tn Similar pain returns again when I become extremely erect, but only when extremely erect - not just partly erect or not erect at all. The pain is internal like a muscle strain or damage and not a skin irritation in any way, which would explain why this only happens when I become very erect. This happened about 2 weeks ago and is still occuring when I become fully erect, although the pain seems less (although still there.) Is this muscle strain or damage? What should I do about this?
Avatar n tn Now is you consider it to be a strain like staining a calf muscle or something like that, then I suppose it would be very difficult to (by yourself) "strain" the eye in that manner in which actual physical harm was done.
Avatar f tn Try to stay away from the Vicodin... It causes muscle spasms which will make your cramping worse when it wears off. Heating pad and relaxing helps a lot too.
1232362 tn?1333135406 I do have a herniated disc at c6 which I had a cervical epidural for almost a year ago. Could this be acting up again? I haven't done anything active to aggravate it so I'm at a loss for why it's so incredibly painful. I have an appt at my primary tomorrow afternoon but wondered if anyone had any insight in the interim. I've tried prescription strength naproxen (600 mg) and arthrotec(yuck-stomach pain!!) neither of which help at all.
Avatar n tn The amount of discoloration will be a good indication of the severity of the strain. Also, for a severe strain you will be able to feel the gap in the muscle where it tore. A visit to a doctor to get a referral for physical therapy would be helpful for getting going as quickly as possible. Until then, continue RICE, massage it to work the junk out of the area, wiggle your foot in circles of all sizes and directions without causing pain. Add strengthening and stretching very cautiously.
Avatar m tn An ophthalmologist prescribed lacrigel and tears plus, and it gave a lot of relief, but even after using those, the eye strain would be there if I worked for more than 30 min on the computer. I could no longer wear spectacles of the correct power (-4.75 [right] and -4.5 [left]). Ophthalmologists prescribed lenses with -0.25 astigmatism, but my eyes would burn when I wore them for just 10 minutes. I switched to power -4 and was able to manage with it by taking rest with palming, every 30 min.
Avatar f tn I agree with using the menthol. I used to think that BenGay was just a gimmick, but it turns out to be real medicine. "The anti-inflammatory activity of the monoterpene l-menthol... significantly reduced the production of LTB4... and PGE2" I'd think that any generic version would do. Plus they have the aspirin-like salicylate, and camphor. There are also creams with the capsaicin from hot peppers.
Avatar m tn Hi. I am a female so symptoms are obviously different, but I healed the tear in my anal wall with prescription Anusol with hydrocortisone. Ask your Doc for a script. Also, get rid of the Neurontin, it's a seizure med that Drs prescribe for pain because they claim it helped people with seizures by lessening pain as well but Duh. You don't need it if you don't have seizures, ask for a muscle relaxer. Take a stool softener with Vicodin.
Avatar f tn She had me running all over town, doing physically therapy, pilates, acupuncture etc because she thought it was just a muscle strain and she was starting to tell me that she wasn't going to prescribe anymore vicodin. I kept insisting that the pain was real and interestingly enough, it was the acupuncturist who upon examining me was insistent that I had "something wrong with my kidneys.
Avatar n tn , whom I saw last night, prescribed me 15 Vicodin (which I had to ask for, and told me to rest it, which I have been for weeks now.