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Avatar n tn Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone can tell me if you do have ms and it is the type that causes nerve pain and muscle spasms when you start taking the drugs they put you on do you get relief from the pain?
Avatar f tn Try to stay away from the Vicodin... It causes muscle spasms which will make your cramping worse when it wears off. Heating pad and relaxing helps a lot too.
1139726 tn?1260901878 Hi, I'm really not sure where to post my question. I had back surgery in 2003. Microdissection of L3-5. It stopped the numbness in my left leg, but I was left with much pain. I also have anxiety/panic disorder. For the last year or so, just now and then, I get twitching in my muscles. My legs, arms, shoulders, everywhere. Only after I start to relax while going to sleep. A soon as I start to fall asleep, something twitches. Almost like a tiny convultion.
Avatar m tn anyways, i am quitting cold turkey, (today as day one, hour 12) anyways, i have been taking about 10-15 10mg norcos daily for the past year or so, mixed with OC every once and awhile, the past 2 days i have tapered my doses down to about 4 a day, and i already am feeling a lot of muscle tension, when i flex anything on my forearm it spasms, and my bicep twitches a bit, is that normal? i also have a lot of pain basically everywhere..
Avatar m tn I am also experiencing these spams whenever I take deep breaths. The spasms are not painful, as I am taking Vicodin for pain due to the surgery. However, I am concerned because I thought that the whole point of the sphincterotomy was to relax the sphincter muscle so as to prevent these spasms from occurring. My question is simple: Is it normal to be experiencing these symptoms shortly after a sphincterotomy (i.e.
408979 tn?1203424670 I was prescribed Robaxin 750 for muscle spasms. Upon my first follow up vist to my neurosurgeon on 2/7/08, he, at that time also prescribed 800mg Motrin 3x per day. I have read EVERYWHERE on the web that NSAID's prevent fusion. Will this happen to me? I am a 43 yr old female and before this accident happened (6/20/07) that caused the injury, I was an extremely healthy individual.
Avatar n tn ve had SPMS for 9 years. The past year has been bad - spending more time in bed as spasms are so bad and I feel uneasy in the wheelchair now. Does anyone know of any possible treatments to help manade this?
1478560 tn?1314628853 This sounds more like the spasticity I get than simple muscle spasms. It is commonly treated with Baclofen or Zanaflex. I have been forced to use Vicodin on top of the antispasmodic if the pain gets too ridiculous. When that happens, I'm curled up in bed anyhow, so it's not like the narcotics are any danger at that point.
Avatar f tn Marissa, while that may work for you and for that I am glad, you need to do your research before making such a recommendation. Neurontin withdrawal can cause seizures, and on that alone it can be a dangerous medication. Please be a little more cautious and considerate as to what you tell members who are suffering and looking for (just about anything) relief in the future. I wish you the best.
Avatar f tn I take Baclophen for muscle spasms. At first when I changed over from Trazadone, the Baclophen made me a little sleepy. But after about a week I am fine with it during the day.
Avatar m tn Last night I tried without one and the muscle spasms were worse. Does anyone know if the Flexeril is actually causing these to last longer than they normally would? I'm afraid it's keeping my nerves from healing up. Everyone else I've heard from here say that this usually stops by week 3.
Avatar f tn Could anyone tell me if having muscle spasms are part of Fibromyalgia? I have several a month in my back. They are not painful, but just jolt me for a few minutes. There is no rhyme or reason for them they come whenever they want to. Because of these I do not drive as they take away my concentration for a few moments while I am having one. Please if anyone has any idea what these are could they please help me. I have been to every kind of Dr.
Avatar n tn have you tried taking xanax or anything else for anxiety? I have muscle spasms now due to an injury and take robaxin for it now. It works really good. I don't think it would be a bad idea to takl to your doc about it. I wouldn't mention the weed though.. He might not give you the meds you need if he knows you smoke... That is IF you need meds. Also Muscle spasms in the shoulders,neck and upper back are most common places in people with anxiety.
Avatar m tn I sustained a compression fracure on L1-T11 and i still have severe muscle spasms on my left side lower back muscle. I tried pretty much everything as far as painmeds. and muscle relaxers but no luck. I'm getting to used to the Norco's i take and get depressed when on Percocet so i dont know where to go from here. I see a Pain specialst but have not had any luck with him. They tell me that my back is crocked and that the muscles are doing what the spine is suppose to be doing.
4461995 tn?1357955108 Greetings all! I had horrendous back spasms for about a month. Truly agonizing. Couldn't move or barely breathe. I didn't think this could possibly related to my MS, until my Aunt asked me today and I just started wondering...... I know some people get muscle spasticity and pain. I hope this is not MS related. It was awful and I don't want it back. The acute pain has stopped but my muscles are still stiff and sore. Think they are in shock. Any ideas? THANKS. Aaak.
Avatar f tn Count me in, too. Doc took me off Plaquinel to see if they'd stop but they didn't. It has been going on for over a year now, maybe two. The muscle spasms are called Benign Fasciculation Syndrome or BFS, benign being the operative word. Still, it can result in atrophy of the muscle group so I started doing strength training to counter-act that when I started losing sensation in my left leg. It was my own idea but it seems to be working better then I had even hoped for.
Avatar f tn Neurontin, Lyrica for the nerve pain, and Baclophen or Flexeril for the muscle spasms. Hope this helps.
Avatar f tn I am still in limbo land but my neurologist didn't answer my question at my last appointment about my muscle spasms (even though I'm mid-testing I feel like I'm going to change, he doesn't listen or answer my questions well). Anyways. It's all so confusing and I would like to understand a little bit more. The ones I'm specifically asking about are the big thigh muscles on the front of my legs and my groin muscles.
20467483 tn?1498598254 I have been taking the occasional Xanax that was prescribed by my doctor when it gets really bad, but other than that I am drug free for now. Waiting for an appointment for a psychologist in august. It's been hard because I obsess about my heart and it scares me that I could just drop dead. But yeah i've had tests like an EKG and they said my heart was fine but I can't shake the scary feeling you know?
1396846 tn?1332459510 t seem to help with spasms at all. Sorry for not being helpful, other than to say, yes, I know what you are going through, and am sorry that your are experiencing it.
Avatar n tn My boyfriend is type 1 diabetic and has been since he was 6. He is now 32. Unfortunately he consistently has lows and does not have the warning signs anymore. Lately he is having muscle spasms in his arms and legs when his sugars are extremely low. I don't believe it to be seizures for he is still conscious and remembers it happening. However at the time when this is happening he isn't withit enough to be able to help himself with his sugars.
Avatar n tn The most alarming thing now are these muscle spasms. I was taking lorazepam for anxiety for around 10 months, a very low dosage maybe two or three times a week to help me sleep, and I went off them a couple of months ago because I found out they can be addictive. I read muscle spasms were a side effect and a withdrawal symptom of this type of medication, but I expected to be completely beyond any further problems two months later! Does anyone have any suggestions or comments?
787406 tn?1339203183 Thanks for your answer. Mainly I wanted to get a metabolic reason out of the way for the spasms. With regard for the norepinephrine - have they also ruled out Pheochromocytoma - an adrenal tumor that produces too much norepinephrine? It is very true that one can be so unlucky as to have both diseases at once, but it would be quite rare for them to present at the same time.
Avatar f tn i have been getting muscle spasms (is what it feels like) under my right rib cage for about two weeks now. it's not painful, and it's not constant. it mostly happens at night or after i eat something (usually after i eat junk..) and it lasts a few minutes and goes away. any ideas on what it could be?