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Avatar f tn ) We are both very happy but i am a bit concerned. Obviously my issues cause me a great deal of pain and i have been on pain meds and muscle relaxers for over 3 yrs. Every doc i have seen thus far says i need to come off my meds....and i am very scared. I am scared of the pain i will be in for the next 7 months. I've asked to be put into an induced coma, but thats not an option either. I have already cut down my pain meds from 5 norco a day to 3.
660007 tn?1234065741 Also, because of my back pain, i occasionally take muscle relaxers and things like that. Part of my goal is to see how these medicines can effect my mood. Is there a way to manually input these medications?
Avatar m tn My doctor recently suggested that I try Amrix as a muscle relaxer, and commented that Valium is addictive (and Amrix not), and that a side benefit of Amrix was that it would help with sleep. I tried it for about ten days, and found that it resulted in an increase in daytime sleepiness. This I can ill afford, as, like most commuters, I`m reasonably sleep deprived anyway, at least during the week. I also couldn't detect much impact on muscle relaxation, and so I stopped.
233622 tn?1279334905 I notice that I went so easy on muscle relaxers! It was such a wonderful feeling! I am on Flexeril, no Dx but it did the same great and awsome thing! I would cath and it would be way less left in! Yippee!! I sure hope your fatigue goes away. I don't take mine every day, only when needed, but I am very groggy for days after! Good luck on your fatigue!!!!
402205 tn?1230481005 Hi everyone, I have a question. I am 13 days clean from hydrocodones (about 4-8 a day for 4 months). I just had a car accident and don't want to take anything for the pain. I was wondering about muscle relaxers. I've never had a problem taking them before. Should I take them? Will it make me relapse? Any help would be appreciated!
Avatar m tn soma is not for most people but it can be a problem for some...zanaflex, flexeril, baclofen are some muscle relaxers that could help with cramping and is important to get ur sleep to make it thru the physical part of wd...good luck to u..there r also supps etc that can thru the health pages..there is also an article in my journal about rls..
Avatar f tn I was wondering if I should be taking a muscle relaxers instead when this happens. I will be in Pt in a week, but for now i need something.
Avatar f tn my cousin gave me his left over muscle relaxers, they are 10mg cybol something but anyway i took two when he first gave them to me and it wasnt what i wanted all i remember is passing out sleep. so my question is if i take one do you think it will relax me at night not like im havin a hard time sleeping cuz i do smoke weed but im curios to see if it willrelax my muscles im not looking for the oxy high i just want to relax any advice anybody knw anything about muscle relaxers?
Avatar f tn Ive taken it for a little while now with no issues i was on soma before i found out i was pregnant they had to switch me bc somas can cause problems. Flexeril just makes you really sleepy!
Avatar n tn t try the lyrica because I was on that before for muscle aches and it gave me bad side effects. I only have 2 muscle relaxers so maybe I will cut them in half and take half a day to get me through. Thanks for your support!
Avatar m tn t sleep because of these constant muscle contractions in my legs and back. Last week the dr. gave me Flexeril, the muscle relaxer to help sleep. It works well but leaves me so groggy the next day. the last few days I have only been taking 1/2 or even 1/3 pill, it takes longer to sleep, but still works. Last night I tried without one and the muscle spasms were worse. Does anyone know if the Flexeril is actually causing these to last longer than they normally would?
Avatar f tn I have not slept, or eaten in three days. I am about to give up. I am looking at a full bottle of muscle relaxers and they are looking pretty good right now. I I just cannot do this. Help???
Avatar f tn I know I am hooked, but I am in so much pain I can not stand it. I do not sleep without muscle relaxers and pain meds or I am up after 1-2 hrs sleep. My pharmacist even said to me, yes you are addicted, but you are in so much pain that I would have to take the chance and continue the pills. I would like to take the Sub, but what I read here scares me to death. I thought it would be a painless way to get off. Cold turkey will not work, I have tried.
137307 tn?1330973997 They called the therapy doctor (not and NL or NS) and he has prescribed a muscle relaxer starting tomorrow called Soma. Has anyone ever had this problem or taken muscle relaxers and got relief. Is there anything else to relieve the spams (that is what they called it, I don't know what it was. It was just to the right of my incision).
Avatar f tn I'm just getting to 3 months after mine and I feel pretty good, except I realize half of my problem was in my back, but the fusion got rid of alot of pain. I ate solid food afterwords, but you have to be careful cause you can choke on it. It only lasts for a few days. There's really not much pain especially if he gives you vicodin and muscle relaxers.
1407445 tn?1281318016 I think Shelli pretty much summed it all up in her answer and better I think, than I could have. lol I also take Klonopin and have muscle relaxers and I took them both. That helped tremendously with the restlessness, (mine was my whole body, not just my legs). I have a small child so bed wasn't an option for me but that is exactly where I would have been if I could have.
Avatar n tn the methadone is a poor choice for you I would think...Doc my want to try nuerontin for that nerve first ...many other muscle relaxers that dont have the baggage that methadone does. Wait as long as you possibly can before you resort to that.....Good luck to you..
Avatar n tn I was not aware I was pregnant and had an xray of my neck. I was also on muscle relaxers for about a month. I stopped eveything the day I found out I was expected. The guilt is overwhelming. Would the xray and muscle relaxers cause mild mr?
Avatar f tn I told them before surgery. At pre-op I told surgeon about previous reaction and he agreed to no muscle relaxers. They gave it to me anyway. Anyone else have a similar experience?
597547 tn?1251036764 t know if the muscle relaxers will do much to help.Yes, there are physical symptoms with withdrawal, and you can ease the suffering- but I tried many different methods(including muscle relaxers) to kick successfully, and none of them worked.The only success I have had is with professional treatment.
Avatar f tn how do you detox at home without having seizures, getting sleep, bad moods, skin crawling, muscle tone is not there,body looks terrible,skin, hair, muscles, stomach bloated and draggy....please help with ideans, can't afford treatment....
Avatar f tn Plus I have this aching/burning pain in both my upper legs and hips. I am taking muscle relaxers and ibruprofen and nothing is helping. The doctor mentioned an MRI after the weekend if I'm no better. The aching across my legs is driving me nuts, I can't sit still. I feel like a little kid with "growing Pains" I'm really only comfortable standing or walking. Ideas, suggestions?
Avatar f tn my problem is alot of really muscle relaxers help me more but i work and they make me feel very neck has alot pain but the shoulder issue is more mother had a frozen shoulder and they had to break it loose...not pleasant but then she healed...they have to break the adhesions so your shoulder will be free-ed up to move as adhesions are wrapped around your scapula and other bones and ligaments..I would aks them to go ahead and do mother was awake!
1285274 tn?1271699037 I take similar meds (advil pepcid and was on a muscle relaxer as well) and I never suffered any problems with diarreah
Avatar m tn Hi Stevie, I am so sorry that you are having so many painful shoulder issues. Has your PCP ordered muscle relaxers to relieve those spasms? If not I would request one. It took me several tries with different muscle relaxers before I found an effective one... so don't be discouraged if the first one or two are not effective. Another thought is severe inflammation in both areas. I recall having a surgery when no amount of pain meds or muscle relaxers were beneficial.
9264354 tn?1408743148 Yes stress and lack of sleep can cause problems. Do you have muscle relaxers? I can't live with out mine. I take them when I go to bed.