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Avatar n tn I had a hysterectomy 4 months ago and I understand what you are going through. I immediately start having hot flashes and night sweats and it was absolutly horrible. I spoke with my doctor and he put me on Venlafaxine HCL ER TSBS he said to make sure they don't give me the generic because if it is not the Venlafaxine HCL ER (extended release) it will make me sick ( throw up). I have been on it for two weeks now and it really works for me.
929549 tn?1266444620 My withdrawal symptoms include - night sweats, nausea, dizziness, bad concentration, forgetfullness, mood swings and irritability. Some days i cant get up in the morning because i feel so weak. any surgestions?
Avatar f tn I was recently withdrawn from Venlafaxine 300mgs. bd and had a rough time with sweats and feeling freezing along with nervous system side effects. My GP prescribed me Duloxitine 20mgs. a couple of weeks ago but they didn't appear to be making any difference so I stopped them a week ago. My sister has depression and takes Amitriptylline with good effect. Do you think I ought to request the same from my GP?
Avatar n tn i wonder why they still give this medication out as well. It has been messing with my sleeping. i take it once in the morning and 2 at night and I can't sleep at all. This is what my doctor has told me to do and I'm getting tired of the less then 20 hrs a sleep a week. Alot of people are experiancing the same as I am. I take the Venlafaxine caps 75mg ER and it hasen't done nothing for me besides make me less energized and gain weight...
Avatar n tn I went to my doctor and ordered a TB and HIV test, and that's because when you google night sweats everything that is fatal comes up first.LOL. And that freaked me out. Thank GOD that the test were negative. Then I started to wonder if it was premenapause. I just dont know, I guess this is more common then I thought.I hope we all find out why we got the sweaties!
Avatar f tn Just comparing notes on symptoms of withdrawal from venlafaxine (Effexor), I am a male and I experience night sweats. And I'm too young to go through menopause! But seriousely, I am including the following direct coat from the Physician Prescribing Information regarding sudden discontinuation of venlafaxine. The symptoms depend on how much of this medication you have been taking and for how long.
Avatar n tn I actually thought I might have been suffering from serotonin syndrome, my eyes kept wanting to shut and getting slight REM feelings when I did so, with no physical tiredness alongside, I got chills and flushes and sweats pupil dilation, dry mouth, chewing and grinding like you do on class-a. Feeling obsessed with getting in touch with people, doing chors. It wasn't nice. Not nice at all. Even if it sounds it, I thought I could possibly be dying.
Avatar n tn said that the Effexor had been proven to help with night sweats and hot flashes. That is not my main problem right now. The unexplained weight gain is. If anyone can shed any light on any of this please do.
437280 tn?1225521403 I have been on Tamoxifen 20 mg since July. I have the usual intense hot flashes, night sweats,moodiness depression, inability to concentrate, memory changes,insomnia etc associated with menopause but which can also be attributed to Tamoxifen. My concern at the moment is with vulvular itching and labial and perianal tearing. The itching is especially bad at night and I tear even with gentle wiping or looking to see what hurts.
1168938 tn?1327157832 , invade nerves and cause pain and transmission problems, including peripheral neuropathy, shots of pain in extremities and in the spinal cord, skin sensations, such as itiching, sunburn feeling and rashes, bowel problems, chronic fatigue, arthritis symptoms, night sweats and intermitent fevers, vision problems, hearing problems (tinnitis), memory loss, headaches, etc.
Avatar n tn I know it's horrible...first it was leukemia because I was having night sweats, headache, fever, etc. and then I thought I had colon cancer...etc. Now, I think I'm freaking out with this pain thinking it is related to cancer somehow probably making it worse. I saw many posts saying it is from stress and I hope that is it and not cancer. BTW, I'm 25.
Avatar f tn I'm trying to detox from effexor after being on it for several years with the last 7 months at 150 mg. After getting down to 37.5 every other day and feeling okay I stopped and started my new prescription, Wellbutrin-- well, for two days now I'm nauseous, shaky, hot/cold sweats, feel like my eyes are vibrating somewhat when I make too fast of motion with my head. It's as if I have symptoms of Vertigo and can't fix it.
1622335 tn?1299123985 NIGHT SWEATS, MILD WEAKNESS, FEELING HOT, GENERALLY FATIGUED AND LASTING UNWELL FEELING. I'm interested in hearing what you have to say.
1436182 tn?1283685313 I'm sorry your night sweats are so disruptive. I take tamoxifen and have only 1-2 night sweats per night, not as severe as yours. (I wake up and think the bed is on fire, but find it's only a hot flash.) I have a friend who takes tamoxifen and has had many hot flashes that she says are helped by drinking green tea. SurYoung55 has good advice about talking to your doctors.
Avatar f tn I was on Effexor XR then started using generics Venlafaxine 100mg and Citalopram 20mg. I thought I had the flu after stopping the drugs. Until I read the posts I didn't know what I was experiencing. My withdrawl symptoms have been getting sweats, chills, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, dizziness, vivid dreams, overall feeling awful, anxiety, .... How long does this last?
Avatar m tn Began dosuliphin 25 daily and will combine with the prozac (60mg) and gradually increase and decrease as directed and agreed. Bit worried about the side effects -weight gain, excessive yawning as well as weaning myself off the prozac as had bad experience with ssri in the past, but only really 3rd Ad used since 1992, as previously built up dosage on seroxat and prozac.
Avatar n tn ive missed doses before and gone 2 or 3 days without taking it and experienced severe nausea, feelings of intense hunger, night sweats, and intense vivid dreams. to tell you the truth i'm really scared about what these next couple of months are going to be like for me. i havnt had any withdrawal symptoms yet but expet them to begin by tomarrow and am not looking forward to it.
Avatar f tn At the time of the latest incident, I was on amoxicillin but no other meds continuously, although I have been taking lansoprazole at night only, for a week and a half to two weeks.
2102085 tn?1350870245 My psychiatrist got me in and prescribed me Clonazepam twice a day (one .5mg in the morning and another at night). I only take one .5mg at night though. I take it and am able to sleep, but my nauseua and weird brain feeling persists. I don't want to take it during the day, I have school and do not want to be sedated. I also am terrified to take Clonazepam, I know it's addictive and the withdrawls are terrible, not to mention it should only be used short term.
Avatar m tn Monday Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday nights all had some night sweats, vivid dreaming and a general feeling of low mood... Friday everything exploded... my girlfriend and my cousin had a huge argument that ended with no more friendship and my girlfriend leaving me - I tried a lot of damage control but to no avail. Saturday I felt anxious and went to talk to my girlfriend to end things the right way - very odd since I had nothing to do with the breakup as such...
Avatar n tn I have tried to get off the meds before and started having migranes every few days, nights sweats, I sleep at least 12 hours a night (still), and cannot lose weight. I am a neuro psych student and wanted to learn as much as I can about the brain and why we have these problems. Knowing what I know now, I want to get off the meds permanently. Diet and excercise is the only way to naturally regulate your brain chemistry.
Avatar n tn If Pristiq is like Effexor, I'd avoid it. I had the night sweats and soon, apathy. When I tried to get off Effexor, I had the worst brain zaps I've ever had. I'm sorry to hear that Lexapro didn't work for you. I haven't tried that one yet. I am very interested in Valdoxan since it sounds so different.
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Avatar f tn I have never written in a forum before, but have been reading these for awhile now, especially since trying to get off Effexor XR. I have been on Effexor XR 225 milligrams for about 6 years after an extremely difficult 6 months at the time resulting in major depression and anxiety with panic attacks. To me, Effexor XR with an occasional alprazolam 0.25 milligrams (Xanax) had been the miracle drugs and saved my life. I take my medication every morning anywhere between 8 and 10 a.m.
6744073 tn?1384774750 I couldn't say what it was that hit me first anyway, getting the shakes and sweats and vomiting etc I thought it might be to much serotine floating around and treading very carefully around the 5HTP now, actually only took 3 in about a week and stop now, no need to mess me around even more didn't know that Tramadol has anti-d in it too and am shocked at what I read so far stopped Tramadol now too, hence no idea which day I am but am rubbish therefore must stil be in days 1 to 4 ish sorry
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476246 tn?1418874514 Menopause may place women at an increased risk for both osteoporotic fractures and cardiovascular disease. Because of rapidly declining estrogen levels, the hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness and atrophy caused by chemotherapy-induced menopause may be more severe than the symptoms with natural menopause. As with natural menopause, the vaginal symptoms can lead to difficult or painful intercourse and sexual dysfunction.
Avatar f tn Sorry to be so annoying but I have one more question -- Can night sweats be attributed to anxiety? Never had I experienced them until the last few nights. It's odd because I've certainly went through times, in the last few months, when I was more anxious than I am currently. Wondering why this would just start happening all the sudden? Also, what about hiccups? Anyway, hope to hear from you again. Thanks for all your help!
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