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Avatar n tn if he IS on heroin i'm afraid so is the whole town we live in because a lot of kids act like it... i moved from the city where my circle of friends was hit really hard by drugs and so i feel like i am a positive role model but i guess no one cares to look up to anything anymore, their life is too empty... there aren't good jobs to be had and nothing to do unless you're a MAGICIAN who can create their own reality without drugs and hardly anybody's that anymore!
Avatar n tn Let me begin fast forwarding the little things and tell you about the results of my 2 year use of crack. I ended up losing 2 of the best jobs I ever dreamed of, losing 2 cars and getting my 2nd DUI which costed me 10,000 dollars. The crack costed me alittle bit over 10,000 dollars as well over a 2 year time. Let me just say that I thought I would never sell my car or my trade in my 2,000.00 dollar keyboard piano for crack.
116701 tn?1210262764 You asked me why I PERSONALLY waited that long, and I tried to explain it was a combination of factors, including older treating drugs ten years with lower SVR rates. These are NOT the same drugs we have today plus I wasn't a F3 ten years ago. That combined with another year or so delay due to an acute flare-up from herbs caused me to wait until I did.
Avatar n tn AFTER A NUMBER OF YEARS USEING DRUGS BECAME LESS AND LESS OF AN ESCAPE, it was no longer about getting high but about just getting ok ,so i could make through the day or the job. the more i used the more i hated my self, it was a vicious cycle. the only way out was totol abstinence,andto learn how to grow up, i think most addicts stay at the age of 16 untill they make a concience effort to change.
Avatar f tn Please someone tell me what the physical signs of opiate abuse or use is? I really need to know! I am going crazy trying to figure it out myself! I have seen so many signs, but want to hear from others to see if what I believe is true. thanks!
Avatar f tn Hi I am in the testing phase right now, so I don't know what my hormone levels are or FSH level. But just wondering what types of fertility drugs people are using and what they are for.
Avatar m tn Spice is one of the newer designer drugs it is ileagle in many states and is a dangerous drug it is not like pot although it looks lke it somewhat it is a synthetic substitute please encourage your friends to get help b/4 something bad happens......
Avatar n tn I also have had trouble sleeping for YEARS. I use a half of robaxin to help me(sometimes I have to take the other half). I'm not sure if it is very addictive(comments anyone?)but it helps me. My therory (am I putting my neck on the chopping block?) it's the lessor of two evil's.
Avatar f tn so I thought/trusted. I have been on all types of pills for almost 15 years. Oxy was the miracle drug some seven years ago. Doctors said it was made exactly for people like me. I am now taking 80mg 3 to 4 times a day and have been for years but have never felt that "high" sensation from this drug but it took most the pain away.
Avatar f tn " as a 3/4 it should not be a reason to avoid treatment in itself. Especially, if tx withhold further liver damage. Uncontrolled diabetes with blood sugars of 350 is certainly a good reason not to treat since the tx can make it go even higher. (and if you add the fact that he's using crack cocaine and drinking, I would say he doesn't have much chance of SVR). A fasting blood sugar of >100 decreases SVR....and Insulin resistance results in HYPERINSULINEMIA.....
Avatar f tn I was at a work event with a wide variety of people. My circle of close friends don't use drugs and didn't know I did-- when i did. I have had bad days since stopping using drugs and even had to attend a funeral. my new drug is not being on drugs. oh question about the methadone and subtext... those are to help people stop taking drugs, no? they don't get you high do they? I was confused why you would want to take them after being clean for 120 days.
402892 tn?1202010864 It makes me pretty angry when I was born with heart problems, had heart surgery when I was 4, I watch everything I eat and drink, I am extremely anxious over my heart and I hear of people who just completely disregard any of this and use drugs. I am also upset that I have to pay for these types of things through high taxes and insanely high health insurance costs.
Avatar n tn My husband uncovered his addiction to me of use of Seed type pills OTC, by making unethical decisions concerning his job, losing his job, thankfully not going to prison or facing other charges by the state, had the police and the drug dogs search our home while telling me it was to train the dogs, having 2 of our grown sons buy the otc drugs because his purchases were too frequent and it was turned in to our local police, we lost our home due to no income and now he has depleated what little he
Avatar n tn hello, i see your point, and it is not the nicest smell, i know i would be worried if i brought my newborn home and it smelled like pot in the house, we have a 6 year old a 4 year old and a 10 week old (all boys) i was over at my friends last week and her uncle lives downstairs, all of the sudden the whole house smelled like pot, i pretty much packed up the kids and left, i don't like the idea of my kids having to be around that stuff, any kid for that matter, if you have complained and nothing
Avatar m tn I guess that I can ask the doc about Clonidine, but he doesn't seem too keen on prescribing those types of drugs... No problem for him apparently prescribing the addicitve meds tho... I'm not blaming him, he knew I needed help and I needed pain pills to function. I tried everything else too: months of PT, deep tissue massage, ESIs (not fun), etc and thee only thing that assisted was the pain meds... that's my next predicament surviving the daily pain without pain meds...
Avatar n tn i was given different types of narcotic pain killers in the hospital, and it did not seem to matter then. now i am home with a prescription filled for percocet and vikadin, (doesn't matter which i take) and have been taking 2 pills at night when the pain really gets bad. this has only been since april 11th, and i just went off the pain killer this morning, april 30th. i did not think i was going to suffer such side effects after using this drug not even 1 month!
Avatar n tn She is worried about her child and if the situation was different she would of never used any drugs at all. I know her better then myself. She would never put any of her kids in harms way.
Avatar m tn My name is Angela, and I am an addict. I messed around with various types of drugs as a teenager and young adult, but everything was always recreational. Everything except alcohol. I am a recovering alcoholic who has not had a drink in 3 1/2 years. It took me multiple attempts to quit, going through horrific DT's each time. I also had a physical dependence to Vicodin that I developed after a car accident and severe back injury.
Avatar n tn I used to use the Nuva Ring prior to the switch. Also, for those of you who have been using this type of bc for awhile, how do you like it? I'm still trying to get used to taking a pill daily, I've only had to double up twice so far. Thanks in advance for your feed back.
Avatar f tn I'm an adult and can ultimately make my own assessments of these types of things. And I'd really like to see Jim stick around, though I can understand why he'd bail once he's through with treatment, I can fully understand why anybody would bail under the same circumstances. The Hep C world would lose it's charms for me after having endured years of it. But while he wants to be here I would hate for him to leave because of some other member on this board.
1896537 tn?1381903609 I'm going off the point here though.... IMO the UK are wary of giving anyone a dx of MS because of the cost of the drugs, and that just stinks! AND they ALWAYS say it's benign so you don't have to use any of the DMD's. When I was dx the internet was just up and running and so you couldn't do any real research,,,,,,,,,but now we can. And knowledge is power! My Neuro here in France does not like me at all!! As I ask too many questions........
401095 tn?1351395370 and looking at me u would never guess i was in those types of places..my mama would kill me! I do feel that doctor shopping or blowing up a complaint in order to get more pills is wrong as well..but alot safer..altho doctor shopping is a dangerous occupation and can land ur fanny in ail just as quick as buying on the streets/if not quicker...i was surprised to c how many here used without going to the streets..more than i woulda thought...oh well..
598237 tn?1225647072 Without the right medication in the right dose some ADHD/ADD children are socially isolated at school and underachieve academically. A few of these kids will self medicate with alcohol or other drugs. A few of the most impulsive will end up in jail. It's really just a simple as that.
364326 tn?1222663473 there are many more vitamins and supplements you can use. A lot of people have said that this works for them... THOMAS RECIPE If you can't take time off to detox, I recommend you follow a taper regimen using your drug of choice or suitable alternate -- the slower the taper, the better. For the Recipe, You'll need: 1. Valium (or another benzodiazepine such as Klonopin, Librium, Ativan or Xanax). Of these, Valium and Klonopin are best suited for tapering since they come in tablet form.
Avatar n tn sadgirl, nothing new happens in the world of drugs - except for getting off them. i've heard all of the tired old excuses for using come out of my own mouth!! 5 days is a real good toe-hold, so dig in and make a stand for yourself! get on the l-tyrosine, zink, magnesium, and manganese. i was amazed how much of a difference they make! keep posting and keep an angel on your shoulder!
Avatar m tn Vertex Edges Merck In First Round of Hepatitis C Fight By ROBERT LANGRETH New details of studies of rival hepatitis C drugs from Merck and Vertex Pharmaceuticals were released today in advance of a crucial upcoming meeting of liver specialists at the end of the month in Boston. The drugs, so-called hepatitis C protease inhibitors, represent the first class of agents that directly target the hepatitis C virus.
Avatar f tn Hello I had some depression in childhood and a milder dose at age 19 that lasted a year. 6 years ago I fell very ill with severe depression at age 41. I have been on two different types of anti psychotic (very low dose) along with with effexor or Cymbalta I just want to tell everyone that you can recover. I stopped my final medication during the 2nd week of September. At that stage I was only taking a fraction of a pill every second day.
4059843 tn?1541422896 To be honest, I never thought the me- the girl who worked her *** off for an A grade in school- would every stop studying and suddenly not be bothered anymore. I don't see how I have any chance of getting anywhere in school. I don't have any goals, so there is really no point, is there? I want to motivate myself, but I can't, no matter how hard I try. And I honestly hate myself for it, for letting myself get to here, but all I want to do is be locked up in my room and waste my time.
5111430 tn?1377666821 Lol no I don't smoke anymore and my hubby always has the room we'll ventilated lol we have 3 fans going all day all the time haha but I'm always hungry all the time but dcfs is a place tht deals with children tht have been abuse raped parents that are on hardcore drugs such as crack coke and bigger drugs there's alot of different types of situation that they deal with but like I said it rare that people get involved with them an doctor don't drugs test .
Avatar f tn It makes sense once we understand the differences between the two types of twins. Identical twins come from the same fertilized egg and are sometimes called monozygotic. What this means is that they share all the same genes and DNA. The frequency of identical twins is the same everywhere, about four in every 1000 births. How can they come from the same egg? Sometime before the 8th day after the egg and sperm meet, the fertilized egg splits into two.