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Avatar m tn If she has ever taken Boniva, she should worry. Google Osteonecrosis of the jaw, many drugs like Fosomax have bad side effects. A friend lost several teeth and parts of her jaw due to this. She eventually had to have cadaver bone to replace the bone she lost, then implants. She should take other types of calcium supplements.
Avatar f tn i was diagnose in 1987 and was a trial patient for many drugs in 2001 i finally was told that i was non-pcr. i have scarring on my liver and now have haemachromtosis. but worse i now have motor neurone disease. i believe this condition was bought on from the drug cocktail i was taking. i am interested in hearing from others suffer who may be in my predictment. i'm tring to find alink.
Avatar f tn Why is it that taking oral antibiotics (leviquin, biaxin and now Z pack) seem to give me spells of palpitations--rapid/pounding heart beat? This is listed as a side effect, but I'd like to know if there's a chemical explanation. I am a 49 year-old female runner w/ normal resting hr of about 50-55. I have a history of PAC's and PVC's but nothing serious.
Avatar m tn The best thing to do is see a psychiatrist as he is most knowledgeable when it comes to these types of medications and what would be best for you. Think about therapy as well, this can be a big help with social anxiety. Take care...
Avatar n tn s, barbiturates, and other types of sedatives (chloral hydrate, z-drugs, etc) can often be used for 2 weeks safely without need for a taper. as your doctor to be sure, but in general they are safe. however, taking them longer than 2 weeks tends to increase the risk of all sorts of nasty stuff. if you are going to need a long term sleep aid, i would seriously consider discussing other alternatives for a sleep med. xanax is usually considered a poor choice.
Avatar f tn If I could to chose between being a Zombie or having panic attacks then i know that I would chose to be a zombie any day. Having said that not all drugs turn you into a zombi perhaps you are just on ones that do not agree with you. Discuss with your doctor the possibility of changing your drugs if they are affecting you in the wrong way.
Avatar f tn Further you have tested repeatedly with a variety of tests which find no sign of infection. Even if you had acquired HIV-2 (which is rare even in the parts of Africa where it is found), it is most likely that one of these tests would have been positive. If any of the symptoms that you have described were due to HIV-2, your HIV antibody test taken after the beginning of symptoms would have been positive. As I understand it, that was not the case.
Avatar f tn How is Craig holding up? Anything new? Have you spoken to Dr. M. recently? I haven't really looked at the forum well. So tired. Went to sleep at 7:30 last night. Made dinner and went to bed. Thank goodness for older children! My evoked potentials are now scheduled for next Tuesday. The tech is going to miss half her lunch hour, because she felt badly about messing up the schedule. I hate to ask her to, I know things happen. But I am eager to get this show on the road.
5915949 tn?1396188227 And i just finished a different course of antibiotics for a uti. Both meds were class b drugs. The benefits def. outweighed the risks for me. But its up to you and whatever you decide.
Avatar f tn Everything is harmful while your pregnant ive had people tell me i shouldnt drive while pregnant because theres a chance i can get in a wreck lol people everywhere have opinions about whats right and wrong for you and your baby but i took zofran and my daughter is beautiful and healthy... This pregnancy i was prescribed promethazine so maybe you could ask you dr about that i took my zofran over promethazine because it made me go straight to sleep...
Avatar f tn It seemed to work for a couple of days then the symptoms returned. Doctor gave me another Z Pack. Same thing. It worked for a couple of days and then the mychoplasma returned. Question 1: Why did Z pack not get rid of it? Question 2: I'm on Doxycycline now. Will that get rid of it? I'm terrified to even get out of bed for fear that I will relapse again. I want my life back. Please help.
Avatar n tn Different types of drug screenings have different abbreviations though. The best way to find out is to call and ask.
Avatar n tn Hi, I was diagnosed with a sinus infection a few weeks ago and prescribed a z-pack, which I took with no issues. I am still feeling the symptoms in my sinuses so I went to the Dr last week and was prescribed Amoxicillin. About 20 mins after taking it I had this strange sensation on my lip...like a tingling/itching feeling and became itchy all over. I called the Dr and she prescribed Clarithromycin. I didn't want to take it right away, just in case I had a similar reaction.
Avatar f tn well,where do i start,i was put on azithrymicin,z pak, got bacteria vaginosis,was given a round of flagyl after 10 days after being on the z pak,developed thrush and only took 2 flagyl so i never cleared the bv. took nyastin for a week did not work,then fluconzole for a week ,1 pill 100 mg for 7 days,worked ut i think i got lichen planus in my mouth. tongue hurts and burning,now i still have o take flagyl to clear up the bv.
Avatar n tn com/a-to-z-guides/reticulocyte-count-test#1 When your numbers are high, it can mean that you have bleeding, you have certain types of anemia or you are just at a high altitude. :) Do you have any symptoms of anemia?
Avatar f tn A Z score of 3 means three standard deviations away from the normal aortic size mean. Depending on the normal population, that number would be greater than around 5 cm or so, and this is when we typically recommend aortic root surgery. In some patients with slowly progressing disease we wait even until 6 cm because at that time we may also recommend working on the bicuspid AV which ultimately is at risk for worsening and may require additional surgery in the future.
Avatar n tn Pneumonia is a very serious lung infection that is caused by several different types of bacteria or viruses. Since you got well and then got sick again, you may either have a resistant strain, or have picked up a secondary infection. Yellow phlegm with a clear x-ray sounds like bronchitis. Either way, you need to see a pulmonary doctor to prescribe a different antibiotic to treat this new infection. Be sure to get lots of rest and drink plenty of fluids.
Avatar n tn I saw my doctor today and he said that this was a common side effect from taking a z-pack but I just want this to be over. I am a Mom of two little ones and I don't have time to deal with this kind of pain. How long can I expect for these symptoms to persist? Like I said, today is day 14 since the first day I began taking the medicine. It was the 5 day plan.
615048 tn?1226186203 No we dont have a list of all of them most of the time here when people want to know how long a drug stays in your system its for a drug test and seeing as we are an addictionsite we are here to get clean. We dont give people info to help them beat a drug test .(there are times when people want to know for other reasons and if it for someing other then beating a ua we help).
Avatar m tn new brain and or spinal cord lesion develop over a period of 12 months and over that same time period after starting OCREVOUS, the number of new brain and or spinal cord lesions that developed had notably reduced down to only '1'.
Avatar m tn Im sry to me the post was a bit confusing.Sounds like ur aroumd the wrong types of people.U should explore ur hobbies?interests&find people who have similar interests&a similar kind temperment.Do people treat u a certain way that makes u feel like this or r u assuming they think this?
1627204 tn?1302012537 Once the z pac took affect, I haven't had a caugh to speak of. Since my first dose of Prednisone, and starting pro-biotics, I haven't even been "under the wheather". Just these persistent abcesses. It is really too bad the HIPPA is the way it is. I had a lump aspirated yesterday. The Radiologist said he has seen 2 other cases of GM in our area this year, and about 5 others before coming to our area. He wanted to make sure I did not let anyone talk me into surgery.
Avatar n tn Zoloft is pretty well tolerated. But you have to remember that all of those types of medications take a couple of weeks to get used to! Give them 6 weeks fair trial or else you don't know what it is like to be on them.
Avatar f tn Barb is right -something doesn't add up. Run-of-the-mill strep throat usually gets a single whopping antibiotic (e.g. Z-pac/ azithromycin) but not double antibiotics and steroids to boot. Have they perhaps mentioned a concern for MRSA (penicillin resistant staph infection)? That would make more sense... As far as they reaction goes, I think it is more likely you have a mild thyroiditis -sort of like your thyroid getting the flu. This would cause the rate increase.