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Avatar n tn My doctor prescribed me various narcotics including Vicodin, which I'm taking now. I am addicted to both Tramadol and Vicodin. I know I have to get off of it, but I am scared to death that I'm going to become very depressed, and the reason being is that I had be diagnosed with depression at a very young age (I am 34 now) as well as ADD. I like how I feel when I'm taking Vicodin. I am motivated and sociable. Without it I am severly depressed and withdrawn.
1349329 tn?1276988802 Switching over to Vicodin from Tramadol and tapering off the Vicodin seems to be working, and I am getting some sleep. I'm down to 9 Vicodin today. Monday I'll go down to 7 a day, and right now the Anxiety isn't so bad. By the end of the week I should be off all Vicodin, and on the road to getting my life back. MadTram, you've been through alot, and I'm sorry to hear of your suffering with this same horrible Sleep Anxiety. The CBT has been helping me over the past few days.
Avatar n tn Now I can try to break away from this tramadol (ultram) I have a full bottle of vicodin and a bottle of valium ... and a very strong survival instinct. Every morning I just hate having to take these 2 1/2 pills to start my day. Today I cut it to 2 1/8 of a pill .... and I felt the difference by nightfall. Tommorrow I watch the kid while they are packing .... and then it begins.
Avatar n tn Then I went to a phycologist and talked to her about my eating dissorder and then told her about the tramadol and how it helpped me to curb my hunger. She said that she couldnt help me and that I need to contact a rehab center but it was so hard for me to get up enough nerve just to tell her. No one can help me. Im not the typical addict you know. Im well educated Im married with a small child and we are living in upper class america the big house and everything.
Avatar n tn but it only took 4 days before I was taking again. I am only up to 2 vicodin and 1 tramadol a day right now. I want to stop it all together but I do not know what to do. They gave me Ativan there and it seemed to work for me. All I did was sleep a lot. I did not feel the flu like symptons. I have ordered Ativan online so I can do this myself at home. What I need to know is what dose should I take. Can anyone help me out?
Avatar n tn Taking methadone and Vicodin together or taking methadone and heroin together is not "fine". Not sure where you got that information or why you're asking?
1200016 tn?1265311108 I am withdrawaling from Vicodin which is different. But from reading on here I have seen that you should not CT from Ultra/Tramadol. That can make you have seizures too. I am sure someone will be along soon with more info. Please do not just stop taking them all together just yet. Good Luck on your journey!
Avatar n tn Ggin - I once had a Dr Rx me Lexapro for 'generalized anxiety disorder' (which I don't think I have -- I may get anxiety attacks every once in awhile, but it doesn't happen daily) -- this, not 5 minutes after I told them I was WD'ing from Vicodin, and using Tramadol to help with my pain, and reduce WDs. I probably found 5 websites ( - webmd - etc...
Avatar m tn and I really don't have any advice because I am also doing a taper off tramadol and i'm at 7 pills a day. Good job getting down that low, though! I know its hard. I read someplace where u cam mix a half a pillwith water in a water bottle in order to get smaller doses...or mix with some liquid u get at the pharmacy to make it liquid. then u just drink some throughout the day. I can try to find the link if ur interested. also a lot of ppl haved jumped off at that doseage and higher.
Avatar m tn keep up with the vitamins, B-6 complex, potassium ( eat bananas) and a really good multi-vitamin. Lots and lots of liquids. You will pull your life together. You are strong and you've already made it to day 3. One day at a time is all anyone can do. Good luck and god bless you and your family.
Avatar m tn If you have been taking oxycontin, vicodin, ETC, and then run out of them, will tramadol help with the withdrawls, or keep them from happening? For example, I dont get high off tylenol3's or darvocet, but if i run out of the Stronger narcotics then if I can get those I would because they help keep the withdrawl away. So will Tramadol do the same thing? Or is it a non-narcotic that would be just about the same as popping Motrin? Any help on this would be great...
1116472 tn?1260078652 he will abuse bubblegum if he can, lol, so i dont know if even to get the tramadol and darvocet, as he taken that in excess. Wondering what to take, and do....
Avatar f tn I was on a morphine pump for 8 days and then Dilaudid and morphine pills, tapering down to Percocet 10 mg, Vicodin 10 mg, Darvocet, and then Tylenol #3 for a total of 4 months without stopping at all in between, and I never had a problem at all when I stopped taking them. I stopped them because I didn't need then any more. That was in March 1994. I didn't have a single withdrawal symptom.
Avatar f tn Does anyone have any experience with this recipe and tramadol detox? I have seen plenty from people on vicodin or heroin but not much from people on tramadol. Just looking for help/support. I need to get clean, I want to get clean! It's just sooo hard!!! Thanks to everyone!
Avatar m tn Tramadol is an excellent way off of the hydros if you do it right, you're probably over the hump so I'd say stay away. If you take them for only three to four days however there is little to fear from it. The idea is not to take 2-3 at a time though, the idea is to use the lowest possible dose to ease your withdrawl syndrome and thats usually half of a 50mg tram three times a day for the first two-days then go down to one and then one half.
15290316 tn?1447026708 The most I took in one day in the past week was three. That's when the headache got worse and I put two and two together and realized that the Tramadol and migraine seemed to be related.
Avatar n tn I would just like to share my story to hopefully help someone, last year i got pregnant around june i was taking vicodin and tramadol not together but depending on the pain if it was really bad i would take 2 vics if not too bad i would take 2 tramadols. I found out i was preg.
Avatar n tn I was taking 5-6 vicodin per day and just done with it...tapered to 2 a day within a week and now trying 5/mg am 5/mg pm but I havent felt much of the physical symptoms...a little sneezing, jaw cramping, I just avoiding the real discomfort still coming??? Or do you thik I have made it over the hump.
639872 tn?1223338275 HI, I have been on Tramadol for 5 years. I had severe pain before I got a hip operation and kept on tramadol after it. I tried to quit a few times and the pain came back and I started up again. Three days ago I decided to quit for good. I was getting bloated, could not loose weight. I was getting depressed, anxiety, tired etc. I kept working out and excercising. No results on the weight loss. This time I started getting severe pain in my hip, drop leg, tingling in the leg.
Avatar m tn My names is Brian and I need a forum for my tramadol addiction. I have taken tramadol for 4 years now and I have finally decided it's time to move on. I am slowly trying to kick it. I'm about four days in (since I made the decision) and I am down to taking 2 to 3 a day (up from about 8 to 10 a day). I'm starting to get jitters and I am having difficulty trying to focus. I also feel like my head is spinning. I'm really looking for a community of people that can help me get through this.
Avatar f tn Well 5 days ago I decided this is not the lifestyle I wanted for my children.Oh and my husband was doing the same thing asme and we decided together this is not what we want!! I still do not feel 1&2 I had diarrhea...stomach pains..depression(which I started to take celexa for) Now I am experiencing severe insomnia....last night I only slept 4 hours with 10 mg of melatonin.......On day 1$2 I took some of my moms tramadol to help with withdraw symptoms....
Avatar n tn I used tramadol to get off vicodin/norco..........seemed great and pretty much took away withdrawal symtoms. Then I quickly tapered off tramadol and got sick, tight feeling in chest, runny nose, sneezing, lethargic. I was surprised since it doesn't get me high. I only took tramadol for about ten days or a little less than ten days. I took two to three hundred mg a day. Either it just postponed my withdrawals from vicodin or created its own withdrawals. So frustrating..............
Avatar n tn I have been on that for over a year. I was on vicodin for 3 years before that. I usually take 3-4 tramadol aday. I am disabled and on ssdi, but I am trying to figure out why im experiencing chest pain when I stop taking it. I can only figure out after hours of recounting what I did before the pain started, and my husband and I both think it is w/d. BUT this is no normal pain. Its so bad that I scream and cry and freak out because it hurts so bad. Im used to alot of pain.
Avatar n tn I am hoping the Doc or others might have further info for me on what to expect now that I've officially left detox from Vicodin and have 7 days under my belt. Today my nerves were wrecked and was so jittery and antsy. I finally asked the nurse for clonopine so i took one a couple hours ago and that seems to have helped. Will this go on for some time or will I start to notice a difference in a week or so?
Avatar f tn I have been having stomach problems for months. I have taken these meds for five years (except when pregnant). Daypro for two months. I had a two level cervical fusion almost 2 years ago. My neck is a lot better, but I still have a lot of problems. My stomach was getting so bad that I just stopped everything. Now my stomach is getting worse. The cramping is aweful. I had a whole GI work up this week.
Avatar n tn I stopped taking it about a week ago and almost immediatley I was hit with the withdrawl. I've been through vicodin withdrawl before, and was able to handle the shaking, chills, and sweats...but the depression and crying is unbearable. All of a sudden I'm involuntarily thinking about horrible things, such as death and pain and losing loved ones, and I can't seem to make it stop. I'm already on cymblata for depression.
Avatar f tn I told him that I did not want to use any opiod pain meds and he sd that Tramadol was different and it was not addictive. He assured me it would be ok to take for a few weeks which is what I needed Well i have been taking it for about 4 weeks and a few days ago decided to stop it cause my pain is getting better. It has been 2 days of horrible withdrawal just like with the Percocet. I am so scared because of what I went theu with stopping the Percocet CT!!!!!
Avatar n tn My injury and subsequent problems brought on depression and low self esteem as well as weight gain and I found the Vicodin gave me a "euphoric feeling" and I could get through the day. What I found amazing is that my doctor kept okaying my prescriptions. I have tried many times to quit - sometimes as long as two weeks but the utter exhaustion and depression made it hard to keep going. Through this I have managed a full time job and taking care of a teenager.
Avatar n tn The way I see it for now - I need to get through the next week with just a little vicodin and the tramadol to help with the withdrawal side effects. It's a very low dose of Tramadol so my pharmacist let me know that it would only help a little and I'm ok with that.