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Avatar m tn It hasn't helped my nerve pain, I don't think, but I stay on it as my blood pressure can run high and pain makes it go higher. There are also prescription gels/creams. Some are compounded specifically for your type of pain. Others, like Voltaren gel, is like a regular prescription. There are lidoderm patches that can be applied (also prescription.) And many people underestimate the use of things like Tylenol, ibuprofen, or naproxen.
Avatar f tn I do have clonidine- should I take? Afraid cause I'm a runner and I have low pulse and blood pressure already...really afraid to go to a dr about this. If you have solid and education or experience based advice please help.
Avatar f tn What is the most important information I should know about tramadol? Physical Dependence and Abuse ULTRAM may induce psychic and physical dependence of the morphine-type (μ-opioid) (see DRUG ABUSE AND DEPENDENCE). ULTRAM should not be used in opioid-dependent patients. ULTRAM has been shown to reinitiate physical dependence in some patients that have been previously dependent on other opioids.
Avatar n tn i have several health problems that require pain medication,but got off the opiates 2 years ago and the withdrwal was hell...i now take tramadol and have tried to stop several times lately,but experience opiate like withdrawls..
Avatar n tn Then I went to a phycologist and talked to her about my eating dissorder and then told her about the tramadol and how it helpped me to curb my hunger. She said that she couldnt help me and that I need to contact a rehab center but it was so hard for me to get up enough nerve just to tell her. No one can help me. Im not the typical addict you know. Im well educated Im married with a small child and we are living in upper class america the big house and everything.
Avatar f tn My uncle has been placed on tramadol for his back, but he has high blood pressure too. Since taking this medication his blood pressure has been 93/79. Will this medication due this, and is it ok?
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Avatar f tn I'd let your provider know. Just because you're on BP meds doesn't mean it's controlled. High BP and headaches can be a warning of pre eclampsia, which you don't want to mess with. Better to get checked and make sure!
Avatar m tn Now Im no docotor but from feeling my pulse I may be experiencing high blood pressure. My wife takes high blood pressure medicine called DIOVAN which is VALSARTAN 160MG. Is it possible for me to take one of these right now and experience reliefe? I know BP medicine is dangerous to take without RX. HA HA HA HA HA HA And the friggin Pain Killers arent??? You get me idea. I just dont want to slow down my bp and drop dead. What do you guys think???
Avatar m tn The high risk of seizures is while taking tramadol. Stopping it you'll be fine unless you have underlying health issues. High blood pressure during WD can be treated with the clonidine. Do you take any other meds that might be helping the WDs and maybe don't realize it? Regardless.....just be glad it's not horrible, because it sure could be and is for most people! Me!! Congrats and best of luck!
320944 tn?1245970199 Thanks for caring, I have not had any tram since the day i posted which was 09/13/2010. I got some clonidine .02mg that i take twice a day. The clonidine is actually used for high blood pressure which i do have now from stopping the tram, but there is also some kind of chemical in the clonodine that helps you clear off your opiate receptors, therefore reducing and eliminating your craving for opiate like drugs. Best thing is a months supply only costs $11.00 without insurance.
Avatar n tn If it is stopped suddenly, withdrawal symptoms may occur, such as restlessness, anxiety, runny nose, watering eyes, yawning, sweating, chills, gooseflesh, aches and pains, nausea, diarrhea, poor appetite, high blood pressure, or fast heartbeat. Rarely, it can cause numbness or tingling, hallucinations, or panic. I have never heard of skin numbness but I researched it online and it does list it as a rare side effect if you stop the drug abruptly.
4753943 tn?1359938169 He or she would be best suited to advise you as to the exact amounts and timing should you choose the taper route. As long as you do not have any health issues such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart condition, etc., a cold turkey quit would probably be a perfectly safe option as well (check with your doctor to be sure). I quit cold from approximately 40 pills per day (from a 15 year habit).
Avatar m tn As far as the clonidine goes, it is really just a blood pressure med that is also used to relieve some of the symptoms from opiate withdrawal like pounding heart and increased blood pressure that come when our sympathetic nervous system (flight or flight) goes into overdrive during opiate withdrawal.
Avatar f tn if nothing else, at least to know he/she is aware of what you are doing and can advise you as to whether you are safe (medically - no other issues, i.e., high blood pressure, diabetes, other health risks, etc.). Can you do this? No matter what, you have come to the right place.....we will support you and help you through this. You can do it!
Avatar m tn Tramadol is an excellent way off of the hydros if you do it right, you're probably over the hump so I'd say stay away. If you take them for only three to four days however there is little to fear from it. The idea is not to take 2-3 at a time though, the idea is to use the lowest possible dose to ease your withdrawl syndrome and thats usually half of a 50mg tram three times a day for the first two-days then go down to one and then one half.
1035021 tn?1296824307 2 weeks ago I made the most stupid thing in my life by taking for the fisrt time a complete bottle of pure DEXTROMETORPHAN when I'm taking TRAMADOL daily, that day I ended in the hospital by a respiratory crisis, tachycardia and high blood pressure, after that I'm having like night panic attacks and high blood pressure moments that I control with an special med. I'm afraid everything is in my mind but I can't control it sometimes.
Avatar m tn I have read a lot on this from what I read the risk of sizure should be much lower when taking Cattpres which they say gives you more bang for the buck it lowers the WDs and your blood pressure also. Now when you say you cannot go CT what does that mean in your mind? Franky what I have read here is no one really does the tamper thing. A real tamper is a very long drawn out process that can last months. I don't think that is what you mean right?
1349329 tn?1276988802 My Dr. started me on Tramadol about 2 months ago because of Chronic Pain and Fibromyalgia. It seemed to be working really well, I felt alot better than I have in a long time. About 10 Days ago, I thought that since I was feeling so much better that I didn't need to be taking it on a regular basis so I skipped a dose one night. I've only taken this medication as prescribed, but that one night where I skipped the dose, I woke up the next morning feeling very ill.
Avatar f tn Thank you so much for your suggestions and for your time. Tomorrow is my last day of tramadol and I am praying my kratom arrives tomorrow.
Avatar f tn I told him that I did not want to use any opiod pain meds and he sd that Tramadol was different and it was not addictive. He assured me it would be ok to take for a few weeks which is what I needed Well i have been taking it for about 4 weeks and a few days ago decided to stop it cause my pain is getting better. It has been 2 days of horrible withdrawal just like with the Percocet. I am so scared because of what I went theu with stopping the Percocet CT!!!!!
Avatar n tn I have never been addicted to anything before and wasn't abusing the tramadol. It didn't make me high or anything, but it did get rid of ALL of my aches and pains and let me do everything I needed to in the day. I don't have any major pain and I know I shouldn't have been so lazy about my health. Now, I am trying to be really careful without losing myself to laying on the couch all day. My questions are: How long will the tramadol withdrawal take to be completely over?
1035021 tn?1296824307 2 weeks ago I made the most stupid thing in my life by taking for the fisrt time a complete bottle of pure DEXTROMETORPHAN when I'm taking TRAMADOL daily since 5 years ago, that day I ended in the hospital by a respiratory crisis, tachycardia and high blood pressure, after that I'm having like night panic attacks and high blood pressure moments that I "control" with an special med (CAPTROPIL AND PAROXETINE). I'm afraid everything is in my mind but I can't control it sometimes.
Avatar n tn i stumbled across this web while desperately looking for answers, i was given tramadol 7yrs ago and told i have fibromyalgia which i question....i'm now getting high blood pressure, palpations, i get short of breath, these all come after ive taken my daily intake, i now take 400mg in the morning, i use to have another 200mg in the evening but ive managed to get rid of that but going down another 200mg is impossible im so ill i'm so scared i'm stuck in nomans land..
Avatar n tn He takes Amlodipine for that, and we have been increasing the dose. His blood pressure was stable for months, so I don't know why it is going up now. Anyone have experience with that?
Avatar f tn Found your site yesterday and instead of being on the verge of giving up, I am now on my way to my doctor to ask for Tramadol (and to use every fiber of my being to try not to hit him for not telling me such things existed when he knew I was suffering terrible withdrawl from the tapering off oxycontin and oxy ir's) My question is... since I don't trust my doctor anymore... what dose should I ask for? I was on 100mg oxy twice a day and 20mg oxy ir, 4 times a day...
1035021 tn?1296824307 Last night was bad, I lower my intake to the half and even like that I'm feeling the WD rush, I couldn't sleep, I had high blood pressure and panic, sweating.... ooh man! Is so bad...
Avatar f tn I do not nor does anyone else know your body chemistry and what is best for you. Tramadol is listed as a non-narcotic and I have heard some horrible stories about the drug and it's effects. Vicodin is a narcotic and in my opinion, has better pain relief than the Tramadol. Both are addictive. Please discuss this with your Doctor when you see him in 2 weeks. He is the best qualified to make that decision. Take care and good luck in the future.